Missing Photo
EYEWITNESS REPORT SEPTEMBER 11, 1944: "The group in which A/C 42-102657 was flying was attacked by from 50 to 70 E/A. The attack caused at least three of our A/C to explode on the first pass and most of the others appeared to be damaged. Many of them were attacked again as stragglers. In a few moments all but one disappeared into the under cast. Two chutes were seen before the A/C disappeared. A/C #42-102657 was flying #2 position in the lead element of the 100th Group C Squadron which was flying as the low squadron of the Group. At 1205 hours at 5035N - 1310E at 26,000 feet the 100th C Squadron was attacked by approximately 40 e/a, FW-190s and ME 109s. The e/a came in a "swarm" from 6 o'clock opening fire with 20 mm from 400 yards. After this one mass attack, a few single e/a broke away from the "swarm" and made a 360 degree turn and again attacked crippled air-craft in the 100th C Squadron from 6 o'clock low In a few moments all but one of our A/C disappeared beneath the under cast about half of them appearing to be under control. Since none of the A/C from the 100th C squadron returned from this mission. (100th Photo Archives)