Somewhere in America
Missing Photo
When America entered World War II, thousands of young men left their homes and farms for active duty. Families, at this time, tended to be large and close knit, and many of these young men had never traveled further from home than the next town. They were young and often scared. They missed their mom and dad, girlfriends, and friends. They craved word from home, and when they got letters, thought they were often old, the news was still welcome. Even young men in training were cheered to receive a letter from home and hear all the news, good or bad. In the Army Air Corps these young men trained first at a series of bases in the United States before going overseas. During the months they spent at these various bases, the men battled not only long hours of training, the fatigue that came from not only training, but also the looming unknown combat they would soon face. When this accompanied by unaccustomed feelings of homesickness, then the letters and postcards and from home became a vital link for morale. This section will highlight this unique period of service.