Lucky Lee
Missing Photo
"First Strike On Berlin" By Nicolas Trudgian relives the fearsome aerial combat on March 6, 1944, as B-17 Flying Fortresses are attacked en-route for Berlin. Screaming in head-on, Fw190s of II./JG I based at Stormede, charge into the bomber stream. With throttles wide open, 56th Fighter Group P-47 Thunderbolts come hurtling down to intercept. B-17 gunners are working overtime; the air is full of cordite, smoke, jagged pieces of flying metal and hot lead. We are in the midst of one of the fiercest aerial battles of the war. In the foreground Lucky Lee survives the first onslaught, but her luck won't hold today. Our Girl Sal to the right of the picture will fare better - she will be the only 100th BG aircraft to make it back to her home base from this epic raid.