High Noon Over Haseluenne: The 100th Bombardment Group over Berlin, March 6, 1944

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High Noon over Haseluenne 

 The 100th Bombardment Group over Berlin, March 6, 1944

Author: Michael P. Faley & Luc Dewez  

Signed By;  Michael P.Faley  

Hardcover: 320 pages with photos

Dimensions:11.0 x 8.5 x 1 inches 

On March 6, 1944 the Eighth Air Force would launch a full scale assault on the German capital of Berlin. High Noon over Haseluenne is a microcosm look at one bomb group that flew the mission and the catastrophic results that ensued. The book deals with the 100th Bomb Group, The Bloody Hundredth and the mission that solidified that moniker. The concentrated attacks by the Luftwaffe would destroy sixty-nine American bombers that day, the single highest loss for any mission by the 8th Air Force, and fifteen of those losses would come from the 100th Bomb Group. We take you inside the men and machines that had to brave one of the deadliest air battles of World War II and let them tell the story. High Noon over Haseluenne is filled with firsthand accounts, personal diaries, letters home, news clippings,and illustrated with over 200 photos.