Squawkin Hawk Departing Thorpe Abbotts Limited Print by Mark Poole

$65.00 each




100th Bombardment Group – Thorpe Abbotts, England
by Marc Poole, Artist

"Squawkin Hawk Departing Thorpe Abbotts" depicts B-17F-85-BO 42-30088 of the 349th Bomb Squadron, 100th Bomb Group, as it would have appeared in July, 1943. Squawkin' Hawk was an original ship of the 100th Bomb Group, and was assigned to the Sumner H. Reeder crew.  The Reeder crew flew Squawkin' Hawk on 12 missions between June 29 and September 3, 1943. Squawkin' Hawk was the first ship in the 100th BG to complete 50 missions, and was then returned to the US to participate in a War Bonds tour. 

The original crew:

1LT Sumner H. Reeder (Pilot), F/O Harry Edeburn (Co-Pilot), 2LT Russell W. Engel (Navigator), 2LT Peter F. Delano (Bombardier),  SSGT Harold L. Pope (Top Turret/Engineer). TSGT Connor D. Brewster (Radio Operator), SSGT Francis G. Dolsen (Ball Turret), PVT OrrinW. Furlong (Waist Gunner), SSGT Robert M. Lovin (Waist Gunner), James Marasco (Tail Gunner)

All prints are signed by Russell Engel, Navigator of Squawkin' Hawk and signed and numbered by the Artist, Marc Poole.

Artist: Mark Poole

Print Edition: 100 signed and numbered prints
Price: $65.00
Print Size: 20“ high x 26” wide