It Seems Like Another Life - Dedicated to the Crew of B-17G 42-102624

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It Seems Like Another Life 

Dedicated to the Crew of B-17G 42-102624

Jim Arnold / Robert L. Black Sr.  (Author) 

Paperback: 270 pages with photos 

Dimensions:   8.5 x 0.6 x 11 inches


Robert Black was a happy person by choice, for many years not speaking of his wartime experiences beyond his love of flying as a B-17 crew member in the 100th BG. Shot down on the harrowing May 24, 1944 Berlin mission, the crew's first foray into air combat, seven of ten crew were KIA including Black's best friend, Brooks. Why some survived and others did not is the age-old burden carried by survivors. "Just too painful to recall," Bob Black would say when asked, "It all just seems like another life now, and that it happened to somebody else and not to me."  Then one day, after years of silence regarding this chapter of his life, he asked his son-in-law Jim Arnold if he'd be interested in looking at "some of his papers"? The "papers" were in fact boxes full of information about Bobby's wartime service as B-17 Radio Operator Gunner and POW - letters, photos, emails, military records, books and more.  The result of these "papers" is this book, one man's personal journey to a difficult place and back.