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MACR: 10831 CR: 10831

Comments1: 30 NOV 44 MERSEBURG (FF)




2nd Lt Vermont O.Anderson        P    KIA    30/l11/44 Merseburg
 2nd Lt William G.Sherling           CP   POW  30/l11/44 Merseburg
 F/O Norman Klasner                NAV  KIA     30/l11/44 Merseburg
2nd Lt Herbert D.Olsen           BOM  POW    30/l11/44 Merseburg
   Cpl Dudley C.Runnels,Jr.       TTE   POW    30/l11/44 Merseburg
   Cpl Stanley W.Labuz            ROG   KIA      30/l11/44 Merseburg
   Cpl Nathan L.Sanderson       BTG    KIA     30/l11/44 Merseburg
   Cpl Frank Lusenko                WG    KIA     30/l11/44 Merseburg
   Cpl Bert E.Lickliter                 TG   KIA      30/l11/44 Merseburg

349th Sqdn. Crew,as above, joined 100th Group on 20 Oct 1944 and was on it's fourth mission.

 'MACR #10831 (micro fiche # 3984 ). Flying A/C #43 38211. 

 EYEWITNESS:  "A/C #43-38211 was hit just after bombs away.  The right wing burst into flames and the aircraft fell off on it's right side, spinning down into the ground.  This aircraft was almost competely in flames when it fell from the formation.  Two (2) chutes were observered."  The aircraft received a direct flak burst and went down in a tight spin at 1320 hours, 26,625 ft in the Merseburg area. It was seen to crash and explode among a group of large smoke stacks.


1. 16/11/44 AACHEN
2. 26/11/44 HAMM
3. 29/11/44 HAMM
4. 30/11/44 MERSEBURG (FLAK)


Vermont Ole Anderson was born on January 16, 1918 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. His mother's name was Hilma Anderson. The US Census 1920 lists her as living in Minneapolis Ward 4, Minnetonka Beach, Minnesota as a widow with her family.

No records have been located as to Anderson's early life, or entry into the military. But judging from rank, assignments, and training, he must have enlisted in 1942. He was accepted for pilot training. After completing this program, he transitioned to multi-engine aircraft. He was given a crew for crew training purposes. This crew went overseas to England in October, 1944. They flew 4 missions, including the fatal one. Records also show he married Betty Helene Bayer in Hennipin County on August 23, 1941.

On November 30, 1944, the crew was tasked to bomb the oil refinery located at Merseberg, Germany. Over the target area, the aircraft was hit by flak.  The right wing caught fire. The aircraft fell from formation to the right side, and entered a spin. It then crashed into an area of tall smokestacks. Three of the crew survived to become POWs. The dead were buried locally, and retrieved at war's end, then moved to other cemeteries. At present, Lt Anderson lies in the Ardennes American Cemetery in Belgium in Plot C, Row 6, Grave 53.

Lt Vermont O. Anderson was performing duty as First Pilot on B-17G # 43-38211, unnamed, assigned to the 349th Bomb Squadron.

Missing Air Crew Report 10831 was issued, and covers this loss. Crew rosters show the crew consisted of:

2 Lt Vermont O. Anderson  p
2 Lt William G. Sherling  c-p
F/O Norman Klasner  nav
2 Lt Herbert D. Olsen  bomb
Cpl  Dudley C. Runnels, Jr.  eng/tt gun
Cpl  Stanley W. Labuz  r/o
Cpl  Nathan L. Sanderson  btg
Cpl  Frank Lusenko  wg
Cpl  Bert E. Lickliter  tail gun

Lts. Sherling and Olsen plus Cpl Runnels survived.


TARGET: Merseburg DATE: 1944-11-30  
AIRCRAFT: (43-38211) CAUSE: FLAK & Explosion  


PLOT: C ROW: 6  
GRAVE: 53 CEMETERY: Ardennes, Neuville-en-Cond, Belgium  


 Vermont O. Anderson left and Wilford B. Murray - Anderson was later KIA. Anderson - Detailed Information Murray - Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

Vermont O. Anderson   349th   P   Indiana   KIA   30 Nov 44   Merseburg   Vermont O. Anderson Crew   (100th Photo Archives)

Vermont O. Anderson (article courtesy of Laura Shivers)

Vermont O. Anderson (article courtesy of Laura Shivers)



Crew 1

ID: 91