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SERIAL #: 17157831 STATUS: POW
MACR: 11360 CR: 11360

Comments1: 31 DEC 44 HAMBURG




2nd Lt Leo D.Ross                  P      POW         31/12/44  HAMBURG sn#: 0-768685
2nd Lt Raigh Mason              CP      POW/WIA  31/12/44  HAMBURG SN# 0-765410
2nd Lt William T.Burruss       NAV    POW        31/12/44  HAMBURG SN# 0-2060931
2nd Lt Russell A.Koechel       BOM    POW       31/12/44  HAMBURG  SN# 0-723984
   Sgt Carl C. "Cliff" Andersen ROG    POW       31/12/44  HAMBURG SN# 17157831 
   Cpl Jerry J.Angelotos         TTE    POW       31/12/44  HAMBURG SN# 19181921 
   Cpl Alfred L.Wenzel          WG     CPT         17/03/45  PLAUEN
   Cpl John W.Affleck           WG      POW       31/12/44  HAMBURG SN# 33538431
   Cpl Oscar K.Johnson         BTG    POW        31/12/44  HAMBURG SN# 14185089
   Cpl James R.Wynne          TG      POW        31/12/44  HAMBURG SN# 35228761

350th Sqdn. Crew,as above,joined the 100th Group on 15/9/44. A/C #43 38408  "Faithful Forever" 
MACR #11360, Micro fiche #4180  
Cpl Wenzel was put in Spare Gunners pool when reduced to 9 men crews.  Flew some missions with Lt Stanton Lawrence Crew

"On 31 Dec 44 the target was Hamburg.  The 100th Bomb Group would lose 12 a/c on this mission.  Flying in "C Squadron" of the 100th BG, Lt Leo D. Ross was in the Low Squadron, Low flight.  They were in the "Tail End Charlie" postion along with Lt Macnab, Lt Webster, and Lt Rojohn.  All 4 crews in the low flight were lost this day.  At 12:30pm, B-17G "Faithful Forever" piloted by Lt Leo Ross was attacked by German fighters.  Lt Ross dove down , leveled off, then went into a tight spin at 5000 ft.  Two chutes were seen.  The aircraft crashed at Bartelsdorf near Rotenberg (30km east of Bremen) Germany. " … from MACR report mpf 2001 

Crew #26, 100th Bomb Group/350th Sqdn.--joined 100th on September 15, 1944

Pilot:Leo"Buck" Ross 
Co-Pilot: Lt. Reigh Mason 
Navigator-Lt. William Burruss 
Bomb.-Lt. Russell Koechel 
Eng.-T/Sgt. Jerry Angolotus 
Radio-T/Sgt Carl Clifford "Cliff" Andersen 
Ball-S/Sgt. Oscar Johnson 
Tail-S/Sgt. James Wynne 
Waist- S/Sgt. John Affleck
(2nd Waist who was not still with crew during bail-out: Alfred L. Wenzel)

Mission Date Target  Time 
Oct. 7, 1944 Hamlin  8hr30min 
Oct. 9, 1944 Mainz  6hr20min 
Oct. 17, 1944 Cologne 6hr20min 
Oct. 18, 1944 Kassel  8hr30min 
Oct. 19, 1944 Ludwigshafen 7hr 
Oct. 26, 1944 Hanover 7hr 
Nov. 2, 1944 Merseburg 7hr45min 
Nov. 9, 1944 Saarbrucken 7hr 
Nov. 10, 1944 Wiesbaden 7hr 
Nov. 16, 1944 Aachin  6hr30min 
Nov. 21, 1944 Osnabruck 6hr30min 
Nov. 29, 1944 Hamm  6hr15min 
Nov. 30, 1944 Merseburg 8hr 
Dec. 2, 1944 Koblenz 6hr  
Dec. 4, 1944 Giessen  7hr30min 
Dec. 5, 1944 Berlin  8hr30min 
Dec. 24, 1944 Biblis  9hr 
Dec. 25, 1944 Kaiserslautern 7hr10min--forced down in Brussels, Belgium--back to base on 27th 
Dec. 28, 1944 Lunebach 7hr15min 
Dec. 29, 1944 Frankfort 7hr 
Dec. 30, 1944 Kassel  7hr 
Dec. 31, 1944 Hamburg 6hr--shot down by fighters about noon 

Beth Waller (John Affleck relative)
103 Smith Run Road 
Browntown, VA 22610 
phone/fax: (540) 636-4970 
cell: (540) 671-6145

From: United Methodist Church [] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 2:33 PM
Subject: 100th BG Webmaster

On the web site:
350th BS
2nd Lt. Leo D. Ross my father-in-law is listed with the crew.  Please make the following correction: Carl C. Andersen NOT Carl C. Anderson. 
Thank you,
Sandy Andersen
1406 N Prairie Ave.
Fairmont, MN 56031

SUBMITTER: Greg Burkhart
PURPOSE: Report a death (TAPS)
INTEREST: I am the veteran's relative
DATE OF DEATH: 05/03/2007 
FAMILY CONTACT: Cliff passed away Thursday evening, May 3, 2007 at St. Luke’s Lutheran Care Center in Blue Earth. Carl Clifford Andersen was born on May 8, 1923 in Delavan, MN, the son of Otto and Elnora (Johnson) Andersen. He attended school in Delavan and graduated from Delavan High School in 1942. On December 11, 1942 he joined the Army - Air Force and was a member of the 100th Bomber Group. He was a radio operator and gunner on a B-17 Bomber. The plane was shot down on its 23rd mission over Hamburg, Germany on December 31, 1944. He was a prisoner of war for four months. He was liberated on April 29, 1945 by the US 3rd Army Division. He married Helen Wallace on August 20, 1952 in Delavan. Cliff worked for J.F. Andersen Lumber in Delavan, Granada and Fairmont. In 1961, he started working for Christianson’s Lumber. He then worked as an Auditor for the State of Minnesota Agricultural Department for seventeen years, retiring in 1991. During his retirement Cliff enjoyed being a crossing guard for twelve years for the Fairmont Schools and volunteered at the Salvation Army. Helen passed away on May 1, 1997. Cliff was a member of the United Methodist Church, Disabled American Veterans where he was a past commander, Lee C. Prentice American Legion Post 36, Post 322 Veterans of Foreign Wars and POW/MIA.


Crew was on 22nd Mission


TARGET: Hamburg DATE: 1944-12-31  
AIRCRAFT: "Faithful Forever" (43-38408) CAUSE: EAC  


ID: 78