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S/SGT  Douglas N. WRIGHT


Comments1: 8 APR 45 EGER shot down ME 262 MAR 18, 1945 BERLIN




2nd Lt Ernest T. Gilbert P CPT 14/4/45 ROYAN, GROUND DEFENSES
2nd Lt Walter G. Scott  CP CPT 14/4/45 ROYAN, GROUND DEFENSES
2nd Lt Paul F. Julian  NAV CPT 8/4/45 EGER, MY (CZECH)
2nd Lt John R. Frascatore BOM CPT 8/4/45 EGER, MY (CZECH)
   Cpl Donald V. Gloege  ROG RFS 29/1/45 KASSEL (DUE TO MEDICAL REASONS)
    Cpl Kenneth L. Morphew TTE CPT 8/4/45 EGER, MY (CZECH)
    Cpl George G. Elliott  BTG CPT 8/4/45 EGER, MY (CZECH)
    Cpl William G. Tunnessen WG CPT 8/4/45 EGER, MY (CZECH)
    Cpl Douglas N. Wright TG CPT 8/4/45 EGER, MY (CZECH)

351st Sqdn.  Crew, as above, joined the 100th  Group on 24/12/44
Crew flew a/c 42-31530 EP-X "Quittin Time"  Reason for name, last three digits"530" signified qitting time.
Cpl Doug Wright shot down a ME 262 Jet on March 18, 1945 over BERLIN, story below.
After a few missions Cpl Donald V. Gloege was replaced by T/Sgt George W. Runge.  Sgt Runge transferred to the 100th from the 385th BG.  Check note below for info
According to Lt Walter Scott,  Cpl Gloege was so shaken up after the Kassel Mission on Jan 1, 1945 that he refused to fly anymore and was replaced on the Crew by T/Sgt George W. Runge.

List of Missions for 2nd Lt John R. Frascatore sn# 12093106

1. 14/1/45  DERBEN
2. 17/1/45  HAMBURG
3. 20/1/45  HEIBRON
4. 21/1/45  MANNHEIM
5. 28/1/45  DUISBURG
6. 29/1/45  KASSEL
7.   3/2/45  BERLIN (T/Sgt George W. Runge replaced Cpl Gloege on crew as TTE )
8.   6/2/45  BOHLEN
9. 15/2/45  COTTBUS
10. 17/2/45  GIESSEN
11. 19/2/45  MUNSTER
12. 21/2/45  NURNBURG
13. 22/2/45  WEHINGER
14. 23/2/45  TREUCHTLINGEN
15. 25/2/45  MUNICH
16. 10/3/45  DORTMUND
17. 11/3/45  HAMBURG
18. 12/3/45  SWINEMUNDE
19. 15/3/45  ORANIENBURG
20. 18/3/45  BERLIN 
21. 21/3/45  PLAUEN
22. 22/3/45  ALHORN
23. 23/3/45  UNNA
24. 24/3/45  STEENWIJK
25. 24/3/45  ZIEGENHAIN
26. 28/3/45  HANOVER
27. 30/3/45  HAMBURG
28. 31/3/45  ZEITZ
29.   3/4/45  KIEL
30.   4/4/45  KIEL
31.   5/4/45  NURNBURG
32.   6/4/45  LEIPZIG
33.   7/4/45  BUCHEN
34.   8/4/45  EGER

Mission Notes from Lt Frascatore: March 12, 1944, Target: Swinemunde

"We had mechanical difficulties with our plane "Quittin Time", so at the very last minute we were switched to another plane.  Over the target, we were hit by a flak shell (we think an 88MM) which tore into the radio room, thru the ship and out the right gunners position before exploding outside the ship.  It left behind a gunner who had just started to move to the other side when he felt the rush of air on his face as the shell tore through.  It also took with it the entire right gunners position.  All that was left was a batch of exposed hanging control cables etc.  After landing, we counted over 250 holes in the plane before we got tired of counting.  The miracle was that no one was injured."

March 18, 1944, Target: BERLIN
"We were flying auxillary lead below and behind the lead ship in the low squad.  We were suddenly jumped by enemy planes -four or more jets included.  In no time at alll, we lost our leader as well as 3 other planes (Swain, Jensen, King, Gwin). A jet was on our tail trying to finish us off but fortunately our Tail Gunner, Doug Wright shot him down instead.  Naturally, our low formation as well as a good part of the group had scattered badly.  At that point, our pilot Tracey Gilbert assumed leadership and flew straight & level premitting the others to form on our plane.  The planes soon re-grouped and no further losses were experienced.
That evening Col. Harry Cruver recommended Gilbert for a promotion to Captain.  We officers had just been 1st Lt's for 2 weeks so Tracey was a 1st Lt for a very short time.  He later became Engineering officer for the 351st after the War in Europe ended.  Because of clerical error, Doug was not credited with his jet kill at that time.  He was given belated credit (due to the efforts of Col Cruver) at a group reunion, I believe in 1996.  The German pilot who was shot down backed Doug's claim."
        (mpf nov, 2000 from Lt Frascatore questionaire)

The following form contents were entered on 21st Nov 1Date = 21 Nov 1 21:03:49subject = 100thBG Error Reportmessages = 279email = samuel_a_runge@raytheon.comuname = sam rungecomments = On The man stnading 4th from left without a hat was my father George William Runge. You list him as "Gloege". Also there is no mention of my father in your web site. He won the Air Medal, DFC, and Purple Heart. Maybe you can correct this gross mistake.Sam Runge11221 N. Twin Spur Ct.Tucson, AZ 85737

Hi Sam,After receiving your telephone call and also calling both Jan Riddling and David Julian (Dad flew on Lt Gilbert Crew as NAV) I think we have this figured out. Your Dad was originally assigned to the 385th Bomb Group (H) based at Great Ashfield in England. On August 6, 1944, while flying in AC 337528 named "Lady Luck," they were hit by flak. With a damaged aircraft the pilot Lt Donald J. Noe was able to nurse the plane back to England and crash landed the plane at Thelentham UK. Records say the Crew returned to duty and the B-17 was salvaged. Sam, based on your story about your Dad, this is what we feel happened. The August 6th 1944 mission must be the one where your Father bailed out low to the ground after pushing the two injured WG's out (I will check 385th Bomb Group unit history for more info). He broke both legs upon landing and would have been laid up for a very long time. His position on Lt Noe's crew would have been taken by a replacement ROG. Your Dad would have been sent to another hospital in England to recover and upon full recovery, was reassigned to the 100th BG as a replacement ROG. The 100th BG had just lost 12 Crews on December 31, 1944 so hopefully your Dad's paperwork will confirm my theory that he was sent to the 100th as a replacement for these losses. It is around this time that T/Sgt George W. Runge would have been assigned to Lt Gilbert's Crew because Cpl. Donald Gloege was the original ROG on the Gilbert crew but was taken off the Crew after a few missions (reason unknown). That is why we had no records of your Father in our database, he did not come into the 100th with a Crew and was a replacement ROG. We still need from you when your Father was assigned to the 100th BG (and the 385th BG) and if you know how many missions he flew in the 385th before the Aug 6, 1944 mission. You should call David Julian, he can put you in touch with members of your Dad's 100th BG crew. We hope this sheds some light on your Dad's service. We look forward to what you uncover in your Fathers paperwork. Thanks Jan and David for the help piecing this together. Regards,Michael Faley100th Bomb Group Photo Archives







Ernest T. Gilbert Crew (left to right)
Kneeling: Kenneth Morphew, Mechanic, Walter G.Scott, Paul F.Julian,George G. Elliott, Crew Chief
Standing: Douglas Wright, John Frascatore, Ernest Gilbert, George W.Runge, William G.Tunnessen, Mechanic ("Tiny")
Photo courtesy of David Julian (206) 364-9077 

 Aircraft EP-X (231530)
Assigned Jan 16, 1944
Last Mission Apr 8, 1945 (Eger, Czech.)
Scrapped May 31, 1945  



Crew 1

ID: 5663