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S/SGT  William G. WEEKS


 William G. Weeks - 351st BTG with the Sidney C. Johnson Crew. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 


Comments1: 15 MAR 45 ORANIENBURG




2nd Lt Sidney C. Johnson           P    CPT      15/3/45  ORANIENBURG
2nd Lt Williarn J. Duggan          CP    CPT     15/3/45   ORANIENBURG
    F/O Harry M. Thompson      BOM   CPT      21/3/45   RUHLAND
    Cpl Charles M. Beck, Jr.       ROG   CPT      15/3/45    ORANIENBURG
    Cpl Harry E. Menter            TTE   CPT      15/3/45    ORANIENBURG
    Cpl William G. Weeks          BTG    CPT      15/3/45   ORANIENBURG
    Cpl Edwin R. Hodgson         WG    CPT      15/3/45   ORANIENBURG
    Cpl Francis W. Manser          TG    CPT      15/3/45   ORANIENBURG

351st Sqdn.  Crew, as above, joined the 100th Bomb Group on 28 OCT 44.

This crew flew the Dec 31, 1944 Mission to Hamburg which resulted in the loss of 12 a/c from the 100th Bomb Group.  This crew flew in the lead flight, low squadron, position #2.

Hi Paul (West),
It says that the sidney Johnson crew flew the Hamburg mission on Dec 31,1944 but in Charlie Becks listing of missions, Hamburg is not listed?  Do you know
why?  Was Charlie sick that day, or on leave?  just wondering.  I know That sidney flew that day in Mason and Dixon.

From Paul West:
Mike, They lost an engine at takeoff and returned and landed on three engines. There was not a spare aircraft and they were told to stand down.
This from Charlie, Weeks, and Manser.. Paul

A/C #43 38124                 MACR #11363,Fiche #4182

Lt Clifton M.Williams              P   KIA   31/12/44 HAMBURG
Lt Kenneth W.Newkirk         CP  KIA "
Lt Richard F.Williams           NAV  KIA "                                      
Lt Lawrence W.Ward         BOM  POW  "                                   
T/S/Sgt Charles J.McGinley  ROG  KIA " 
T/Sgt .Alvin H.Petteys        TTE  KIA "
S/Sgt Lee F.Carpenter        BTG  KIA "
S/Sgt  James H.Murphy        WG  POW  "  TAPS: 1973
  Cpl  Gordon R.Sinclair          TG  CPT  15 /3/45 ORANIENBURG /WITH THE S. JOHNSON CREW AS NAV (see note)

351st Sqdn. Sqdn Diary of Sept.1944 notes this crew as joining the 100th Group in Sept. A Cpl.Harvey J.Lehman was 
on the crew at that time but no further record of him has turned up.

On 31/12/44, S/Sgt Roland L.Douglas,from the crew of Gerald Brown,was flying in place of Gordon Sinclair and was 
made a POW.

Gordon Sinclair was removed from Navigator's school one day short of graduation for some unknown infraction, proably the Training Command acted  a bit over zealous in view of the need for trained Navigators.  The 351st Sqdn. Commander (Harry Cruver, a man known to have had some disagreement with training command personnel during his cadet days) corrected this bit of over zealousness by immediately promoting Sinclair to M/Sgt and  making him the Navigator for the Sidney Johnson crew, where he completed a tour.  This from Charles M. Beck, of the Sidney Johnson

Mission Log ; Charles M. Beck                                Clm      A/C Lost    Crew Lost        Results              Mission #

1. 16 NOV 44 AACHEN AREA, GROUND SUPPORT         0         0              0                 GOOD                 223
2. 26 NOV 44 HAMM, MY                                           0         0              0                 MISSED               225
3. 29 NOV 44 HAMM, MY                                           0         0              0                 MISSED               226
4. 30 NOV 44 MERSEBURG, OIL REFINERY                   0         1             10                POOR                  227
5. 02 DEC 44 KOBLENZ (Recalled with mission credit awarded)
6. 04 DEC 44 GIESSEN, FRIEDBERG                             0         0              0                 POOR                  229
7. 05 DEC 44 BERLIN, TANK WORKS                           0         0              0                  UNK                    230
8. 11 DEC 44 GIESSEN, KOBLENZ                               0         0              0                  FAIR                    231
9. 12 DEC 44 DARMSTADT, MY                                  0         0              0                 HIT TARGET         232
10. 24 DEC 44 BABENHAUSEN,KAISERLAUNTERN         0          0             0                  EXCELLENT          234
11. 25 DEC 44 KAISERLAUTERN, MY                           0         0             0                  EXCELLENT           235
12. 27 DEC 44 FULDA, MY                                         0         0             0                  VERY GOOD          236
13. 28 DEC 44 KOBLENZ                                            0         0              0                  VERY GOOD         237
14. 29 DEC 44 FRANKFURT, MY                                 0          0             1                  VERY GOOD         238
15. 06 JAN 45 GERMERSHEIM & ANNWEILER               0          0             0                  POOR                 217
16. 13 JAN 45 MIANZ, BRIDGE                                   0          0              0                  GOOD                 220
17. 14 JAN 45 DERBEN, OIL STORAGE                        6          0              0                  EXCELLENT         221
18. 17 JAN 45 HAMBURG, OIL REFINERY                     0          0              0                  GOOD                 222
19. 21 JAN 45 MANNHEIM, RR BRIDGE (S.T.)              0          0              0                  UNKNOWN          224
20. 28 JAN 45 DUISBURG, BRIDGE                             0          0              0                  VERY GOOD        225
21. 29 JAN 45 KASSEL, TANK WORKS                        0          0             0                   GOOD                226
22. 03 FEB 45 BERLIN, CITY                                      0          4             36                  GOOD                227
23. 17 FEB 45 FRANKFURT & GIESSEN                       0          0              0                   POOR               233
24. 19 FEB 45 OSNABRUCK & MUNSTER                     0          0              0                   FAIR                234
25. 21 FEB 45 NURNBURG, MY (S.T.)                         0          0              0                   FAIR                 236
26. 22 FEB 45 DONAUESCHINGEN                             0           0              0                   FAIR                 237
27. 23 FEB 45 TREUCHTLINGEN                                0          0              0                   VERY GOOD       238
28. 25 FEB 45 MUNICH, MY                                      0          0              0                   FAIR                 240
29. 26 FEB 45 BERLIN, CITY                                     0          0              0                   GOOD               241
30. 28 FEB 45 KASSEL, MY                                       0          0              0                   FAIR                242
31. 04 MAR 45 ULM, MY (S.T.)                                 0          0              0                    H2X UNK          245
32. 07 MAR 45 SIEGEN, MY (S.T.)                            0          0               0                   UNK                 246
33. 08 MAR 45 GIESSEN, MY (S.T.)                          0           0               0                   MISSED           247
34. 10 MAR 45 DORTMUND, MY                               0           0               0                   FAIR                249
35. 15 MAR 45 ORANIENBURG, MY                           0           0               0                   MISSED            253

Here's the link below to the William G. Weeks obituary.TAPS on 27 Oct,2009 in Albany,MO. two days after his 85th birthday. Born 25 Oct,1924
BTG on the 2nd Lt. Sidney C. Johnson crew. CPT 3/15/45

Posted By: JCGS Volunteer
Date: 11/16/2009 at 18:49:32 

William G. Weeks, 85 years and 2 days old, passed away on Oct. 27, 2009, at his home in Albany, Mo. 
He was born in St. Joseph, Mo., to Roy and Elizabeth (Smith) Weeks on Oct. 25, 1924. His parents moved to Newton, Iowa, in 1929, and William graduated from Newton Senior High School in 1943. 
Shortly after graduation, he joined the Army Airforce and was a member of the 100th Bomb Group, 8th Airforce, 351st squadron based out of Thorpe Abbots Airfield in England during World War II. He was a staff sargent. William flew 35 missions over Germany and was awarded five Air Medal Oakleaf Clusters, two Bronze Battle Stars and a European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal while in the European Theatre of Operations. William flew on the Mason and Dixon and his job was the ball turret gunner — a job nobody wanted and often referred to as a death trap. He left England after 35 missions and was discharged in October 1945. 
William married the love of his life, Aletha Ferne McComas of Denver, Mo., in Troy, Kan., on Sept. 7, 1946, and made their home in Denver, Mo. In 1957, they moved to Newton, where William pursued a career as an electrician. He was a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local for 40 years. He retired in 1984. Upon his retirement, William and Ferne moved to Albany to live closer to family and pursue a hobby of raising cattle and growing excellent pasture and hay fields for their herd. William was an accomplished pilot and enjoyed flying, especially to Canada, on fishing trips and yearly Oshkosh Conventions. 
William was a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association and an avid ham radio operator — call letters WPRA, standing for Pretty Red Apple or as he called himself sometimes “Poor Ragged Amateur.” William and Ferne rarely missed their grandsons’ football or baseball games. In later years, they became great-grandparents to Adrian Taylor, better known as “Sweet Pea,” who was the apple of their eyes and the daughter of Chase and Ashley Sorensen. 
William was preceded in death by his wife of 59 years, Aletha, and his parents, Roy and Elizabeth (Smith) Weeks. 
He is survived by his daughter, Billie Sorensen, and husband, Gordon, of Denver, Mo., and grandchildren Chase Sorensen and daughter Adrian of Kansas City, Mo., and Brent Sorensen of Denver, Mo. 
The family will receive friends from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 30, 2009, at the Prugh-Dunfee Funeral Home in Grant City with service to follow. Interment and Military Rites by American Legion Post 92 and V.F.W. Post 3123 will be in the Miller Cemetery near Denver, Mo. Family and friends are invited to William’s home after services. Chaplain Marty Clary will officiate. Pallbearers will be Dale Findley, Ronnie Roach, Dan Parman, Jim Dunfee and Chase and Brent Sorensen. Memorials may be made to Hands of Hope Hospice of Albany, Mo. 
Source: Newton Daily News; Friday, October 30, 2009







 351st Airmen from the Sidney C. Johnson Crew; From left: Harry E. Menter, Charles M. Beck, Jr, William G. Weeks, Francis W. Manser and Edwin R. Hodgson. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

 Thought to be, from left; Edwin Hodgson, William Weeks and Harry Menter - all from the Sidney C. Johnson Crew. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

 Sidney C. Johnson Crew members; From left: Francis W. Manser, Edwin R. Hodgson, Charles M. Beck, Jr. Harry E. Menter and William G. Weeks. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

 The Sidney C. Johnson Crew: Standing from left: William J. Duggan, Sidney C. Johnson, pilot, C. Romanowski, and Harry M. Thompson. Kneeling from left: Wiliam Weeks, Charles M. Beck, Francis Manser, Harry Menter and Edwin Hodgson. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

 From left: 351st Crewmen, Edwin R. Hodgson, Charles M. Beck, Jr., William G. Weeks and Francis W. Manser. The significance of the poses is unknown. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

 William G. Weeks, Unknown, and Francis W. Manser of the Sidney C. Johnson crew Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 



Crew 1

ID: 5441