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S/SGT  William J. SMITH


 William J. Smith, RWG on the Raymond F. Lischer crew which completed their tour on the 20 JUL 44 Merseburg mission. Lischer crew information (Courtesy of William Smith family & Jack O'Leary) 


Comments1: 20 JUL 44 MERSEBURG




Lt Raymond F.Lischer                  P   CPT   25/7/44 ST LO  
Lt Charles O.Cook                     CP   CPT   20/7/44  MERSEBURG
Lt Milton A.Stockton               NAV   CPT   24/7/44  ST LO
Lt Horace B.Williams                BOM   SWA  29/5/44  LEIPZIG (LOST LEG FROM FLAK WOUND)
T/Sgt Joseph Martinkovich        ROG   CPT   20/7/44  MERSEBURG
T/Sgt Gunnar Williamson           TTE   CPT   20/7/44  MERSEBURG
S/Sgt Robert N.Mathiasen         BTG   CPT   20/7/44   MERSEBURG
S/Sgt William J. "smitty" Smith  RWG   CPT   20/7/44   MERSEBURG
S/Sgt Paul H.Sweitzer              LWG   CPT   21/7/44   LUDWIGSHAFEN
S/Sgt Alanson M.Trigg                TG   CPT   20/7/44  MERSEBURG

418th Sqdn.  Crew,as above assigned 100th BG in early April 1944.  A/C "Royal Flush" 42-6087
Crew Chief was Gerald Bruns
Lt Williams was replaced by Lt George L. Reid from the Crew of Lt Harry Bethea.

Mission Log of Charles O. Cook, first 33 missions were flown as Co-Pilot and the last two (2) as Pilot;

 Date       Target                 Hours 
 4/11/44  Rostock, Germany  10:50
 4/12/44  Leipzig, Germany  05:00
 4/13/44  Augsburg, Germany  09:00
 4/18/44  Berlin, Germany   08:30
 4/19/44  Werl, Germany   06:00
 4/20/44  Mareuennville, France  04:50-Buzz Bomb Ramps
 4/22/44  Hamm, Germany  07:00
 4/27/44  Cherbourg, France  11:30
 4/27/44  Le Culet, France  Two missions for a total ttime of 11:30
 4/29/44  Berlin, Germany   08:30
   5/7/44  Berlin, Germany   09:00
   5/8/44  Berlin, Germany   08:00
   5/9/44  Couvron, France   05:30
 5/19/44  Berlin, Germany   09:30
 5/23/44  Troyes, France   08:00
 5/24/44  Berlin, Germany   09:00
 5/25/44  Brussels, Belgium  04:40
 5/27/44  Strasbourg, France  08:00
 5/28/44  Magdeburg, Germany  08:30
 5/29/44  Leipzig, Germany  08:00-Bombadier severely wounded, lost leg.
 5/31/44  Osnabruk, Germany  06:00
   6/2/44  Cherbourg, France  05:00
   6/4/44  Boulogne, France  05:00
   6/6/44  Coast of France   07:30
   6/6/44  Coast of France   06:15 D-Day (Two missions)
   6/7/44  Nantes, France   07;30
 6/18/44  Brunsbuttelkoog   07:30
 6/21/44  Ruhland, Germany  12:00-Russian Shuttle Mission
 6/26/44  Drchobyez, Poland  10:45
   7/3/44  Arod, Romania   07:00
   7/5/44  Beziers, France   09:45-last mission of Russian Shuttle
 7/12/44  Munich, Germany  09:30
 7/17/44  Auxerne, France  07:00
 7/19/44  Schweinfurt, Germany  07:15 (Pilot)
 7/20/44  Merseburg, Germany  08:30 (Pilot)

Lycle, wife of Smitty, just called to advise us of his passing yesterday.  He was a waist gunner with Ray Lischer Crew on Royal Flush. We thought Lucyle might need a little assistance in notifing the Splasher regarding his passing.
Home Phone:  (253) 852-7067
Home Address:   William Smith
                        28127 46th Ave. South
                        Auburn, Washington
   Bob Mathiasen

William J. Smith  
Born in Huntington, Long Island, New York on Jan. 22, 1924
Departed on Apr. 3, 2011 and resided in Auburn, WA.  
Service: Tuesday, Apr. 12, 2011  
Cemetery: Washington Memorial Park  

William's Story

William Joseph Smith (Bill) was born on January 22, 1924, in Huntingtom, Long Island, New York. Growing up, Bill attended a Catholic school and completed missionary school, prior to joining the United States Army Air Forces. While in the service, Bill participated in WWII, including D-day bombing missions. He was Given the Distinguished Flying Cross and an Air Medal with three clusters.
Bill landed at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, where he received a degree in Engineering, There he found his first love, Delores and made her his wife. They had four beautiful children, John, Robert, Donald and Stephanie. The family moved to Washington State and set up a home for themselves. The family enjoyed camping and were active in Boy Scouts and Blue birds. Bill and Delores were also members of a square dancing group. Delores passed away in 1970. Bill worked as an Engineer for Boeing Aero-Space Company until his retirement.
In 1971, Bill married his second wife, Lucille Egeland, who had five children; Deanna, Stacy, Grant, Tom and Randy. The new family continued to reside in the house Bill had built in Auburn, Washington. Bill and Lucille were able to see the blessing of nine grandchildren; Danny, Jennifer, Dawn, Joey, Casey, Jessica, Ben, Rachel, Kelsey. They also saw the addition of five great grandchildren; Sanoe, Allie Nicole, Gavin, Landon, Waiannuhe. Two more great grandchildren are on the way. 
Bill was able to enjoy what he loved best; outdoor camping, hiking, fishing, boating and much more. He loved to travel by car, train and motor home to see his "beautiful country". His wife and kids, and most of the grandchildren were able to experience these joys with him. Through the years, everyone that shared time with Bill could absorb the talents and knowledge he shared through stories, usually told while you were pruning trees, weeding the garden or riding the lawn mower. Perhaps he was teaching you to fix a car, or you were picking food for a meal from the vegetable and fruit garden Bill and Lucille had together. Bill also liked his quiet time in the garage with his tools and projects. Often his nose was in a Book.
Bill's parents, and unfortunately; his brother Joseph, all from Long Island, preceded him in death. Bill will be missed and is loved for eternity. Taking his final breath on Sunday, April 3, 2011 in his Auburn home, he had his family at his side.







Lt Raymond F. Lischer crew. From left, William J. Smith, Paul H. Sweitzer, Gunnar Williamson, Joseph Martinkovich, and Robert N.. Mathiasen. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) with Royal Flush

Part of Raymond Lischer Crew. 
L-R Top Row: S/Sgt Alanson M. "Lance" Trigg -TG, T/Sgt Joseph Martinkovich -ROG,  S/Sgt Paul H.Sweitzer- LWG.  T/Sgt Gunnar Williamson-TTE, W. Roach-Armourer.

Middle Row:  L-R   L.Piehl (mechanic), S/Sgt William J. "smitty" Smith-RWG,
 W. Schultz .  Photo courtesy of Jim Potts Daughter Eileen Potts Smith

Person kneeling: ?

(from the collection of Russell Heckman)



Crew 1

ID: 4840