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SERIAL #: 12099503 STATUS: KIA
MACR: 12045 CR: 12045

Comments1: 3 FEB 45 BERLIN




2ND LT ORVILLE H. COTNER                     P KIA 3 FEB 45 BERLIN   O-777602
2ND LT ROBERT A. COOVER                  CP KIA 3 FEB 45 BERLIN   0-928810
2ND LT ELMER H. RUNDY                      NAV KIA 3 FEB 45 BERLIN   0-2070138 
2ND LT STEPHEN G. MONICK               BOM KIA 3 FEB 45 BERLIN   0-783450 
    CPL REINHARDT J. KOMLOSKI        ROG KIA 3 FEB 45 BERLIN   37705580 
    CPL HUGH P. BOYD                            TTE KIA 3 FEB 45 BERLIN  12099503 
    CPL JOHN C. MOSS                           BTG KIA 3 FEB 45 BERLIN  39922645 
    CPL HAROLD W. SNYDER                   WG KIA 3 FEB 45 BERLIN  19193418
    CPL DONALD R. ANDRIS                      TG KIA 3 FEB 45 BERLIN  39921896

350th Sqdn..  Crew, as above, joined the 100th on 8 Jan 1945

A/C #44-6500 LN-U,   MACR #12045, Microfiche # 4417

EYEWITNESS:  A/C #44-6 500 received a direct hit by flak, (Ground Rocket) on the right wing just as bombs were released. The right wing folded up against the fuselage and the A/C flipped over on it's back. The wing gas tank exploded, the entire aircraft began to burn and exploded. One man, believed to have been the TG bailed out and his chute opened.

Casualty Report: 
Flak hit in right wing area at bombs away point. The wing folded against the fuselage, the aircraft went inverted; the fuel tanks exploded, engulfing the entire aircraft in flames. Seconds later the aircraft exploded. Crashed in Hobrecht Street, Berlin, Germany. All aboard were killed. They were initially interred in the cemetery at Doeberitz. Moved to Ardennes at the end of hostilities. 
Final internment for Lt Cotner - Ardennes D-5-29

Pilot                 Cotner Orville H. 2Lt O-777602 
Co Pilot            Coover Robert A. 2Lt O-928810 
Navigator          Rundy Elmer H. 2Lt O-2070138 
Bombardier       Monick Stephen G. 2Lt O-783450 
Radio Operator  Komioski Reinhardt J. Sgt 37705580 
Engineer           Boyd Hugh P. Sgt 12099505 
Ball Turrett        Moss John C. Sgt 39922645 
Waist Gunner    Snyder Harold W. Sgt 19193418 
Tail Gunner       Andris Donald R. Sgt 39921896



TARGET: Berlin DATE: 1945-02-03  


PLOT: B ROW: 34  
GRAVE: 32 CEMETERY: Ardennes, Neuville-en-Cond, Belgium  
ID: 476