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T/SGT  George A. PULTS


T/Sgt George A. Pults (photo courtesy of the Pults family)

SERIAL #: 39418676 STATUS: KIA
MACR: 11357 CR: 11357

Comments1: 31 DEC 44 HAMBURG (FLAK)




2nd Lt Ralph H.Whitcomb         P    KIA              31 DEC 44  HAMBURG
2nd 1t Howard W.Nicol            CP   KIA              31 DEC 44  HAMBURG     
2nd Lt Richard K.Rolle             NAV  POW/WIA    31 DEC 44  HAMBURG
   Sgt George A.Pults        TOG/NG  KIA             31 DEC 44  HAMBURG
   Cpl  Henry D. McLafferty     TTE    RFS             Suffered frostbite of hands on early mission
   Sgt Arthur D.Stemen         ROG    KIA             31 DEC 44  HAMBURG
   Sgt Clarence W.Stonesifer    WG   KIA             31 DEC 44  HAMBURG  (later became TTE when McLafferty got frostbite)
   Sgt Albert G.Delgado          BTG   WIA/POW    31 DEC 44  HAMBURG
   Sgt Roch E.Courreges         TG     WIA/POW   31 DEC 44  HAMBURG

350th Bomb Squadron, joined the 100th BG on 28/10/44. 

This was the 7th mission for this crew. S/Sgt Clayton Smith from Lt Hansen Crew, was a replacement for Henry D.McLafferty on the crew.  He flew as WG and Sgt Stonesifer moved from WG to TTE.  

DATE: 31 December 1944          350th Sqdn.           A/C #43-38535  LN-O

MISSION: Hamburg                                      MACR #11357,Micro-fiche 4178

2nd Lt Ralph H.Whitcomb         P    KIA
2nd 1t Howard W.Nicol            CP   KIA
2nd Lt Richard K.Rolle             NAV  POW/WIA
   Sgt George A.Pults             NG     KIA
   Sgt Arthur D.Stemen         ROG    KIA
   Sgt Clarence W.Stonesifer   TTE   KIA
   Sgt Albert G.Delgado          BTG   WIA/POW
 S/Sgt Clayton J.Smith            WG   WIA/POW  (from Lt Ed Hansen Crew)
   Sgt Roch E.Courreges         TG     WIA/POW

EYEWITNESS:  AJC 43-3853S was attacked by E/A at 5330N - 0855E at 1200 hours. The
             entire right wing began to burn and the A/C circled for two minutes
             under control before spinning down enveloped in flames.No chutes were

Report by Roch Courreges:  "When I left the plane I was forced to by flames sweep-
                            ing from Radio room and around ball turret. I
                            checked the Radioman(Arthur Stemen but he was too serious
                            and I was to weak to throw him out. I believe he may have
                            been shot in the heart and he may have been dead.I had
                            snapped my oxygen hose loose and had a wound over my eye
                            and I was so weak I had to crawl to waist door and fall
                            out head forward. It is my opinion that the remaining men
                          (Whitcomb,Nicol,Pults,Stemen and Stonesifer) never left
                           the plane. On my way down I saw the right wing leave
                           the plane and the plane was a mass of flames."

.Report by Richard Rolle: "Our scheduled route was over Baltic, passing north of
           Hamburg and then approaching target from the northeast. Actual route in
           was south of the briefed route along northern coast of Germany necessitating
           a swing into the north before bomb run. Target time was about 45 minutes
           after briefing time.
           Ship was hit by fighters (FW l90s) at about 1148 at 5330N - 0925E. Caught
           fire (Right wing and inside of nose) and started to go down in spin about
           2 minutes later. Interphone was shot out. I believe ship blew up since I
           was either blown out or thrown out by the spin. After opening my chute,
           I saw only a burning wing and smaller parts of plane falling and no other
           chutes. I landed near the town of Rotenburg 5307N & 0929E.

           In hospital in Rotenburg I learned that Sgt.Roch Courreges (Tail gunner)
           Sgt.Albert Delgado (Ball Turret) and Sgt.Clayton Smith (Waist gunner
           were also in hospital. Delgado informed me later that Steren had been killed
           in the plane.
           I believe Lt.Whitcomb,Lt.Nicol,Sgt.Stonesifer and Sgt.Pults were unable
           to get out of the ship because of the spin and the flames.One man whom I
           could not identify was lying unconscious near the escape hatch."

Lt Whitcomb, Lt Nicol, Sgt Pults, Sgt Stonesifer and Sgt Stemen were all buried in a community cemetary in Hetzwege



TARGET: Hamburg DATE: 1944-12-31  
AIRCRAFT: (43-38535) CAUSE: FLAK  


ID: 4243