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LT  Robert T. AKERS


 Robert T. Akers, Pilot. (Photo courtesy of Jerry Brouillette) Akers Crew Information 






1st Lt  Robert T.Akers              P  FEH
 F/O    Earl G.Kluender             CP  FEH
 1st Lt  Daniel F.McGrath        NAV  FEH
T/Sgt  Thomas H. Baker         TTE  FEH 
T/Sgt  Robert C. Anderson    ROG   FEH
 S/Sgt  Ralph C.Anderson      TG     FEH
 S/Sgt Charles L.Elliott          BTG    FEH
 S/Sgt Charles L.Penn           WG    FEH
S/Sgt  Frank Rouch,Jr.         TOG   FEH

349tn Sqdn.  Crew,as above,Joined 100th Gp on 9/1/45. Letter from Robert T. Akers of 8/2/82 says, "Our crew remained intact for the remainder of the war flying 25 missions from early Jan.1945 till the end of hostilities; plus food drop missions over Holland immediately following VE day."Akers continues . ."Only two of our crew were married prior to going overseas.Earl Kluender the CP and Thomas Baker ,the Eng.  who incidently was the eldest of the crew were married at the Chapel in Alexander, La. during our crew training. Next oldest was Dan McGrath, Nav.  who was a 1st Lt. when he joined the crew,having graduated from Nav. school and been an Instructor Navigator for quite a period of time. The rest of us were youngsters of 20 or less. Probably too young and dumb to be frightened of the war event~ whizzing around our ears and eyes."

Missions of The Aker Crew
Number Date  Target            Flt Time     A/C#
1     1/28/45 Kassel/Bielfeld      6:35        534
2.      2/6/45  Chemnitz           6:00  
3.      2/9/45  Weimer             7:10        513-S
4.    2/15/45  Cottbus             9:00        638-W
5.    2/23/45 Treuchtlingen      8:35        503-A
6.    2/24/45 Bremen              7:00        334-B
7.    2/26/45 Berlin                 8:25         681
8.      3/2/45 Dresden             9:15         602-P
9.      3/8/45  Langendreer      7:00         972-F
10.    3/9/45  Frankfurt-on-Main  7:15       972-F
11.  3/10/45 Dortmund            7:00        811-D
12.  3/12/45 Swinemunde        8:20        514-J
13.  3/14/45 Hanover               6:15        514-J
14.  3/15/45 Oranienburg         7:00        514-J
15.  3/18/45 Berlin                   7:30       841-H
16.  3/23/45 Unna                   6;20       015-N
17.  3/24/45 Steenwijk             5:00      015-N
19.  3/24/45 Zuegenheim          6:10      015-N
20.  3/31/45 Zietz                    8:00       015-N
21.    4/6/45  Leipzig                8:05       015-N
22.    4/7/45  Buchen ***        7:15       015-N
22.    4/8/45  Eger                  8:25       015-N
23.    4/9/45  Munich               8:10  
24.   4/10/45 Burg-bel-Magdeburg  7:15  015-N
25.   4/11/45 Ingolstadt ****   8;15       015-N

         5/1/45  Holland (Food Drop)         015-N

***= Date of the accident involving 514-J
****= 100th Bomb Group's 300th mission Sgt. Henes, Sgt. Andreatta & Pfc. Harrison from TD Tooting to duty.

Subj: TAPS Report  
Date: 8/28/2004 4:35:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time 
Enter your TAPS report below:
1. Robert D. Akers  (son)  
2. Robert T. Akers  (veteran)
3. 8/28/04    
4. 349th squadron
5. Pilot

My Father, Robert T. Akers died peacefully in his sleep today with my wife, my son and I at his side. The angels tried to escort him to heaven, but my dad said, "Thanks, I'll fly there myself."







 Robert T. Akers Crew Left to Right. Standing: Thomas Baker, Ralph Anderson, Frank Rouch, Charles Penn, and Dan McGrath. Kneeling: Robert Anderson, Charles Elliott, Earl Kluender, Robert Akers (Photo courtesy of Jerry Brouillette) Akers Crew Information 

 The Robert T. Akers crew. (Photo courtesy of Jerry Brouillette) Akers Crew Information 

 Turning the props on E-Z GOIN. Props were turned before the engine was started. Turning prop #4 are Ralph Anderson & Earl Kluender. Turning prop #3 is Charles Elliott. (Photo courtesy of Jerry Brouillette) Akers Crew Information 

 349th crews. (Photo courtesy of Jerry Brouillette) Akers Crew Information. Please help us identify the people in the photo, contact 

 Flying Cadet Akers. (Photo courtesy of Jerry Brouillette) Akers Crew Information 

 Robert T. Akers 349th Pilot of "HUNDRED PROOF" Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

Robert T. Akers, 349th Pilot. Logan National Cemetery, Colorado. (Photo courtesy Jack O'Leary) Akers crew information

 349th Squadron aircrew officers who lived in the WAAF Site Quonset hut: "Oogatz on The Stroonze" in June or July 1945. Back Row (L to R) Steve Scott, Walter Lewis, Earl Kluender, Oliver Hildebrandt, Howard Hill, Ralph Litaker, Ken Carpenter, Joe King, Don Halverson; Kneeling, John Fogle, George Mayberry, William Fagan, Robert Akers, Dan McGrath, Lyman Fillingame, and Robert Culp. (100th Photo Archives) 

 Robert T. Akers and "HUNDRED PROOF", 349th (100th Photo Archives) 

Crew listing and Air Transport Command in Sept/Oct 1945. (Courtesy of Jack O'Leary)



Crew 1

ID: 33