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T/SGT Gene C. Bankston


Comments1: 11 APR 45 Landshüt (33 MISSIONS 28 DEC 44 TO 11 APR 45)




Lt. Ronald N. Lebo   P CPT
Lt. Paul W. Green   CP CPT
Lt. Bernard O. Bonin   NAV CPT
T/Sgt Gene C. Bankston  TOG CPT (Moved from WG to TOG when Pitkowsky left crew)
T/Sgt Thaddeus C. Harned  ROG CPT
T/Sgt Ian S. Lochhead   TTE CPT
S/Sgt Joseph A. Lazaro   BTG CPT
S/Sgt Samuel Pitkowsky   TOG NOC (Thought to have CPT as spare TOG)
S/Sgt Rudolph P. Zusman  TG CPT

349th Squadron - This crew joined the 100th on 29 November 1944. It is interesting that they joined the group along with the Paul L. Carroll crew - a coin was flipped to determine squadron assignment--Carroll's crew went to the 418th and were shot down on their fourth mission. All became POW's, while the Lebo crew flew a complete tour. 

Mission Log of the Ronald Lebo Crew
Supplied by Gene C. Bankston in Jan 1995

 NO#  Target    Date
 1. Coblenz, Germany   12/28/44
 2. Frankfurt, Germany   12/29/44
 3. Kassel, Germany   12/30/44
 4. Frankfurt, Germany   01/05/45
 5. Cologne, Germany   01/07/45
 6. Cologne, Germnay   01/10/45
 7. Derben, Germany   01/14/45
 8. Hamburg, Germany   01/17/45
 9. Heilbronn, Germany   01/20/45
 10. Mannheim, Germany   01/21/45
 11. Kassel, Germany   01/29/45
 12. Berlin, Germany   02/03/45
 13. Weimar, Germany   02/09/45
 14. Chemnitz, Germany   02/14/45
 15. Cottbus, Germany   02/15/45
 16. Osnabrück, Germany   02/19/45
 17. Brunswick, Germany   03/03/45
 18. Ulm, Germany    03/04/45
 19. Frankfurt. Germany   03/08/45
 20. Frankfurt, Germany   03/09/45
 21. Dortmünd, Germany   03/10/45
 22. Oranienberg, Germany   03/15/45
 23. Berlin, Germany   03/18/45
 24. Jena, Germany    03/19/45
 25. Plauen, Germany   03/21/45
 26. Steenwijk, Holland   03/24/45
 27. Kiel, Germany    04/04/45
 28. Nurnberg, Germany   04/05/45
 29. Leipzig, Germany   04/06/45
 30. Büchen, Germany   04/07/45
 31. Eger, Czechoslovakia   04/08/45
 32. Munich, Germany   04/09/45
 33. Landshüt, Germany   04/11/45


In Memory of
Gene C. Bankston
August 22, 1924 - February 27, 2015

Gene Clifton Bankston passed away, surrounded by his family, on Friday, February 27, 2015 in Spring, Texas. He was 90 years old.
Gene was born in McAlester, Oklahoma on August 22, 1924. He married the love of his life, Jo Earle Bankston on August 2, 1943. He was blessed to be with her for 69 years, before she passed away in April of 2013. Gene was drafted into the Army Air Corps and reported for duty on August 10, 1943. He completed 33 combat missions, first as a waist gunner and then as the togglier, aboard a B-17 Flying Fortress as part of the 100th Bombardment Group (Heavy), also known as "The Bloody Hundredth". At the wars end, he was discharged with the rank of Sergeant. After the war, Gene received a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. He worked for Shell Oil Company for 31 years, the last 14 of which he served as Vice President. He was a licensed Professional Engineer for many years. After retiring from Shell, Gene served as the President and CEO of Moran Energy and a Director of Kaneb Services. He also served as a director of the North Belt First City Bank and Sugar Creek National Bank. Gene held leadership positions in the American Petroleum Institute, the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the 100th Bomb Group Association. During retirement, Gene thoroughly enjoyed playing golf, achieving his lifelong dream of obtaining his pilot's license and enjoying time with his grandchildren.
Gene Bankston was predeceased by his parents Charles C. and Olus Bankston of Tulsa, brothers C.R. Bankston and Baitey Ray Bankston, wife Jo Earle Bankston, sister Betty Goodman and grandson Tom Bankston. He is survived by sisters Beverly Dennis and Peggy Sue Lloyd; son Ronald Gene Bankston and wife Dana Bankston; daughter Karen Scott and husband Allan Scott; granddaughter Laura Kelleher and husband Brian Kelleher; grandson Keith Scott; step grandchildren, Adam Maloney and Hannah Maloney; great grandchildren, Phillip, Natalie and Betsy Kelleher. 
Gene Bankston came from very humble beginnings. He was a very intelligent, hardworking, responsible, honest and thoughtful man. He loved his wife and family and was so proud of his children and grandchildren. His family loved him and was very proud of him. He will be terribly missed.
The family would like to extend their sincere appreciation to all the Caregivers and Nurses that showed such great compassion and helped Gene live his last years in dignity and comfort. Special thanks to Barbara, Calatta, Jan, Jennifer, Derelle, Gersom, Kathy, Pearlie and Tina.






T/SGT Gene C. Bankston

Grant Fuller, Jo & Gene Bankston, Connie Wilson, Mary Fuller, Charlie Wilson in Austin, TX, 1999 (from the collection of Grant Fuller)

Grant Fuller, Charles Wilson, Gene Bankston, Vernon Henriksen, and Thomas Hughes  at a Texas gathering of the 100th Bomb Group in April 1992 (from the collection of Grant Fuller)

Hong Kong Wilson, Tex Leonard, Cowboy Roane, Gene Bankston, Bruce Alshouse, Dewey Christopher, Bill Hoffman, Dwight Chiles, and Butch Goodwin at the 100th BG mini reunion in 1997 (from the collection of Grant Fuller)



Crew 1

ID: 206