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SERIAL #: 35423194 STATUS: POW
MACR: 04578 CR: 04578

Comments1: 8 MAY 44 BERLIN




2nd Lt Donald E.Riggle         P POW  8/5/44  THE TARGET WAS BERLIN
2nd Lt Joseph W.King        CP POW  8/5/44  THE TARGET WAS BERLIN
2nd Lt Wayne H.Parkhurst NAV POW  8/5/44  THE TARGET WAS BERLIN
2na Lt Kenneth W.Hurst   BOM POW  8/5/44  THE TARGET WAS BERLIN  
 S/Sgt Carl F.Glade,Jr.     ROG POW  8/5/44  THE TARGET WAS BERLIN                                             A/C # 42 31710"THE SAVAGE"
 S/Sgt Edwin R.Scott      TTE POW  8/5/44  THE TARGET WAS BERLIN     TAPS: 19 JUN 1979           MACR #4578.Micro fiche #1627
   Sgt Robert P.Marcell    BTG POW 8/5/44  THE TARGET WAS BERLIN      
   Sgt Robert H.Marbach    WG KIA  8/5/44  THE TARGET WAS BERLIN
   Sgt Gilbert W.Sandoval   WG KIA  8/5/44  THE TARGET WAS BERLIN
   Sgt Glynn Matthews      TG POW 8/5/44  THE TARGET WAS BERLIN   TAPS: 08 APR 1986

349th Sqdn. Crew,as above,joined the 100th Group on 12/4/44

They were flying their sixth mission on 8/5/44. Wrote D.Riggle 21/1/88 ….jb

Date Crew Nbr Mission Nbr Last Name Initial Rank Position Aircraft Nbr Target
5/1/1944 39 110 RIGGLE D.E. LT P 31710 WIZERNES
5/1/1944 39 110 RIGGLE D.E. LT P 31710 SAARGUEMINES
5/7/1944 39 111 RIGGLE D.E. LT P 31710 BERLIN
5/8/1944 39 112 RIGGLE D.E. LT P 31710 BERLIN & LAGLACERIE

Following from Col. Bill E. Thompson's Missing Aircrew Reports of the 100th  (Data received in Nov 1993….pw)

REMARKS: "On the 8th of May 44 for two days in a row the Hundredth sent 32 aircraft to Berlin.  On this trip the Gp was using a new device called CARPET (a powerful transmitter that operated on the same frequency that the German Range Tracking device used)  If properly used formations could have at least protections for 2 miles in direction. Lt Riggle's A/C released their  bombs but began to trail behind for some unknown reason; finally disappearing. Two of the crew were KIA and 8 survived". 

(This was all the information recorded until Don Riggle met Bill Thompson at the 100th 1993 Little Rock, AR reunion; here Riggles completes the story….pw) "The oxygen system was knocked out just as bombs were released. The only alternative was to dive down to 15000 ft. to survive. We were on top of an overcast on the way to Berlin and I intended to stay in the clouds on the way back. After about twenty minutes we ran out of cloud cover and were immediately attacked by a flock of ME-109s. We were pretty well shot up - out of ammunition and on fire in the right wing. The control column went limp after a hit in the tail - with no control there was nothing to do but bail the crew out. The two waist gunners (R.H.Marbach and G.W.Sandoval) were dead, so they were put on static lines and the crew left the A/C."   /s/ Don Riggle….November 1993.



TARGET: Berlin DATE: 1944-05-08  
AIRCRAFT: "The Savage" (42-31710) CAUSE: Oxygen out - ME-109  


ID: 1899