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S/SGT  William D. EBBERT


William Duane Ebbert of the Harold R. Taylor crew     (100th Photo Archives)

SERIAL #: 36887128 STATUS: KIA
MACR: 08816 CR: 08816

Comments1: 11 SEP 44 RUHLAND OIL (EAC - EXP)




DATE: 11 Sept.1944           350th Sqdn.     A/C #43-38076 LN-S "Aces and Eights"

MISSION: RUHLAND                           MACR #8816,Micro-fiche  3236

2nd Lt Harold R.Taylor             P  KIA
2nd Lt Joseph E.Kitto             CP   KIA
2nd Lt Martin W.Nielson       NAV    KIA
2nd Lt Horace W.Teague     BOM   KIA
T/Sgt Frederick B.Nichols      ROG   KIA
S/Sgt Rex V.Runyan             TTE    KIA
S/Sgt Perry L.Olson              BTG   KIA
S/Sgt Harry D.Everhart         WG   POW/WIA
S/Sgt William D.Ebbert         TG   KIA

S/Sgt Willam Duane Ebbert sn# 36887128: Enlisted-September 1943, Inducted: December 1943
Training: Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, Gunnery School-Las Vegas, Air Base-Pyote, TX
Assigned: 8th Air Force, 100th Bomb Group, 350th BS, July 18th, 1944-September 11, 1944

A letter written by Sgt.Harry Everhart on 1 Aug.1946 is quoted below:

   "On September 11,1944,around 5 o'clock in the morning we started out for a
    bombing raid on an oil plant.   About noon we ran into heavy enemy opposition
    and in about ten minutes of fighting our plane was hit.   As I had received
    no word to bail out,I stayed with my guns.  I heard S/Sgt.P.L.Olson exclaim
    that he had shot a plane himself.   When I was aware that our plane was going
    to crash it was too late to parachute out so I stayed where I was as I
    supposed the rest of the crew did.   From there on I do not recall anything
    until I woke up and found that I was surrounded by Germans.I must have been
    thrown out of the plane as I was a good ways from where I could see a plane
    burning which I supposed was ours.   The plane crashed in a wooded area and
    from what I could see was damaged very badly.   As for the rest of the crew
    I didn't see or hear anything from them.   I Was then taken to a hospital in
    Nuenstein.   I stayed at the hospital for almost 12 weeks and when I was able
    to leave for a prison camp I asked the interrogation officer if he knew any-
    thing of my crew,  and he told me they were all dead."

Info from the Aunt of S/Sgt William Duane Ebbert, serial number 36887128

   Billy got his flight training in Pyote Texas.  He belonged to crew 5077.  Their 
   training planes in Pyote were 2399 & 2339.  Billy arrived in England on July 18, 1944
   which was his 19th Birthday.
   On September 11, 1944 the 100th BG was sent too Ruhland.  About 12 Noon, south
   of the target they encountered enemy aircraft.  Their plane was disabled and they
   crashed near Ober-Weisenthal Germany. The only survivor from the crew was
   Sgt Harry Everhart, He was captured and held in a prison camp until the end of 
   the war.  The last Harry saw of Billy, he had just put on his parachute and Billy and
   Harry were assisting two other crew members put on their chutes.  Harry was assisting
   Gene Kitto and the hatch ws open so they could jump which explanins how Harry
   ended up far away from the plane when it crashed and burned.  Harry sustained 
   burns as well as a broken leg.  He was severely mistreated in prison camp and
   Upon his return home after the war, he was in very bad shape both physically and
   mentally.  He suffered terrible mental anguish knowing he was the only survivor.
   Between July 18-Sept 11, 1944, Billy had logged 107 hours 45 min. of flight time.

8/8/1944           TAYLOR         H.R.         LT         P         ST. SYLVIAN              36         177                     97924
8/27/1944         TAYLOR         H.R.         LT         P         BERLIN (RECALL)         36         186                     38043
8/30/1944         TAYLOR         H.R.         LT         P         BREMEN                     36         187                     38076
9/11/1944         TAYLOR         H.R.         LT         P         RUHLAND (OIL)          36         194                      38076



TARGET: Ruhland DATE: 1944-09-11  
AIRCRAFT: (43-38076) CAUSE: EAC & Crash Landing  




William D. Ebbert of the Harold R. Taylor crew, born 18 Jul 1925, died 11 Sep 1944, Ruhland, Germany     (100th Photo Archives)

Lt. Harold R. Taylor Crew, Front row L. to R. Lt. Harold Taylor P, Lt. Joseph E Kitto CP, Lt. Horace Teague NAV, Lt. Bernard Ockman BOM.  Second row, Sgt Rex Runyan, Sgt William Ebbert, Sgt. Fred Nichols, Sgt. Harry Everhart, Sgt. Perry Olson, Sgt. Milton Helmle.       (100th Photo Archives)

Lt Wesley Carlton Crew Headstone. 



Crew 1

ID: 1441