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 Sgt. John W. Disher. John was flying as a replacement gunner with the Edward P. Gwin crew on the 18 MAR 45 Berlin mission and was KIA. (Photo courtesy of Bob Disher) Gwin crew information 

SERIAL #: 17034210 STATUS: KIA
MACR: 13144 CR: 13144

Comments1: 18 MAR 45 BERLIN (EAC) FLEW 41 MISSIONS- 25 w/ 92ND BG




1st Lt Harold S.Bucklew                   P  CPT  6/2/45 CHEMNITZ
2nd Lt George J.Roberts,Jr.             CP CPT  22/2/45 DONAUESCHINGEN
2nd Lt Carl H.Roesel                     NAV CPT  30/3/45 HAMBURG
2nd Lt Robert T.Watt                 BOM  WIA  2/10/44 KASSEL
  Cpl John H.Beckner                    TTE CPT  6/2/45 CHEMNITZ
  Cpl John T.Flowers,Jr.                ROG CPT 21/1/45 MANNHEIM
  Cpl Paul Zakarevich                     BTG CPT  6/2/45 CHEMNITZ
S/Sgt John W. Disher                   LWG KIA 18 /3/45 BERLIN (WITH GWIN CREW as Spot Jammer. See below)  sn# 17034210
  Sgt Eugene A.McCoy                 RWG CPT 6/2/45  CHEMNITZ
  Sgt Ray Martucci                         TG CPT  6/2/45 CHEMNITZ

418th Sqdn.  Crew,as above, joined the 100th Group on 22/8/44  "Flew SILVER DOLLAR

Watt had eyes injured by plexiglass fragments when flak struck nose of ship.  Roesel believes he was returned to USA because of this. Roesel transferred from this crew to lead crew navigator.  S/Sgt Disher was removed from crew to reduce to 9 men.  He is transferred to the 351st BS where he is put in a spare gunners pool. Somewhere in October/November 1944 he is trained as a SPOT JAMMER . 

S/Sgt John W.Disher SPOT JAMMER  KIA 18/3/45 (With crew of E.P.Gwin) may have flown missions with this crew. 


Bob Disher 
I got a packet from National Personnel Records Center with more info. It appears my uncle (john w. "Jack" Disher) was with the 92nd Bombardment Group (H) first. He flew 25 missions with them from 5-29-43 thru 2-25-44. received the DFC+OLC , Air Medal with5 OLC's, Purple Heart with cluster,  Good Conduct, DUC for Jan 11, 1944 with 92nd BG.  Then with the 100th and flew 17 more missions.  1st mission with 100th on 12-27-44, to Fulda, Germany.

I have a copy of an article printed after 3-22-1944. I think it was from the local paper in his home town. 
"The Democrat News" Fredericktown MO.

S/Sgt. Disher holds the Purple Heart and Cluster, D.F.C. and Cluster and Air Medal and Cluster and is also a member of the "Goldfish Club", for those who have fallen into the English Channel.  It goes on to say he was interviewed by the BBC programme "The American Eagle in Britain" by Captain Ken Treadwell of New Rochelle, New York.

..."Will you tell us a little bit about that D.F.C. and Cluster which means two of them?"

"Well I got the D.F.C for fifteen raids and two enemy ships, and the Cluster for ten raids and three ships."

It is a very neat article that I have just seen for the 1st time this week.

Bob Disher
303-663-5607 home

John W. Disher: Ball Turret Gunner, WG and Spot Jammer 
Air Medal 7-6-43-for flying 5 missions (92nd BG)
Oak Leaf Closter for AM 8-11-43, for flying 5 more missions (92nd Bomb Group)
Oak Leaf Cluster for AM 8-19-43  for flying 5 more missions (92nd Bomb Group
Oak Leaf Cluster for AM 9-8-43,  for flying 5 more missions  (92nd Bomb Group)
Oak Leaf Cluster for AM 1-23-44 
Oak Leaf Cluster for AM 1/25/45 for flying 6 missions with 100th BG
Oak Leaf Clluster for AM 3/12/45 for flying 6 missions with 100th BG
Purple Heart 9-30-43- for June 22, 1943 Huls, Germany or September 6, 1943 Ditching in Channel with Lt Prasse Crew. Credit for 2 fighters
Oak Leaf Cluster for Purple Heart 2-27-44-Schweinfurt Oct 14, 1943 flying with Lt Richard Lyng Crew
Posthumous Award of Purple Heart 7-13-45 for being KIA on March 18, 1945
Distinguished Flying Cross 9-30-43, 
Oak Leaf Cluster for DFC 2-27-44 completion of 25 missions with 92nd Bomb Group
Good Conduct Medal
ETO ribbon with 2 battle Stars. Air Offensive Europe, Ardennse, 
Distinguished Unit Citation" 
 DUC for Jan 11, 1944 with 92nd BG
 DUS for Mar 4-8, 1944 with 100th BG- bestowed on Group Jan 1945. 
Goldfish Club for ditching in Channel on Sept 6, 1943.  

S/Sgt John Disher Missions with the 92nd Bomb Group and 100th Bomb Group: 

Missions with 92nd Bomb Group: 
1.       29 May  1943    St Nazaire 
2.       11 June 1943    Wilhelmshaven, Germany
          15 June 1943    Mission Recalled,  but S/Sgt Disher is wounded)
3.       22 June 1943    Huls, Germany
4.       25 June 1943    Oldenburg
5.       26 June 1943    Paris, France
6.       28 June 1943    St Nazaire
7.       17 July  1943    Hannover, Germany
8.       24 July  1943    Heroya, Norway
9.       26 July  1943    Hannover, Germany
10.     28 July  1943    Kassel, Germany
11.     29 July  1943    Kiel, Germany (S/Sgt Disher credited with one E/A shot down)
12.     15 Aug 1943    Vlissingen (Flushing)
13.     16 Aug 1943    Le Bourget, France
14.     19 Aug 1943    Vlissingen, (Flushing)
15.     31 Aug 1943    Amiens, France
16.      3 Sept 1943    St Andre De L'Eur, France
17.      6 Sept 1943    Strasbourg (flying with Lt Frederick Prasse, Credited with two E/A shot down.  Crew ditched in the Channel)
18.    10 Oct   1943    Coesfeld, Germany
19.    14 Oct   1943    Schweinfurt, Germany (Flying with Lt Richard Lyng, Credited with two E/A Shot Down,  Wounded in foot by 20mm
20.      7 Jan   1944    Ludwigshaven, Germany
21.    29 Jan   1944    Frankfurt, Germany
22.      3 Feb  1944    Wilhelmshaven, Germany
23.      6 Feb  1944    Nancy/Essey, France
24.    24 Feb  1944    Schweinfurt, Germany
25.    25 Feb  1944    Stuttgart, Germany

Completes First tour and is rotated back to States.  20 day leave and then sent to Gunnery School trainiing in Florida.  Gets board and fat and requests combat duty.  Assinged to Lt Bucklew Crew as Waist Gunner. Once overseas, he is taken off crew to reduce to 9 men.  He is put in Spare gunners pool and eventually transferred to 351st Bomb Squadron.  Between Aug 22nd and December 26, 1944 he trains for Spot Jammer.  Flew 17 missions with the 100th BG.

Missions with the 100th Bomb Group:
26.   27 Dec  1944    Fulda, Ger
27.   28 Dec  1944    Koblenz, Ger
28.   30 Dec  1944    Kassel, Ger
29.     1 Jan  1945    Cologne, Ger
30.   10 Jan  1945    Cologne, Ger
31.   17 Jan  1945    Hamburg, Ger
32.   21 Jan  1945    Mannheim, Ger
33.    6 Feb  1945    Chemnitz, Ger
34.    9 Feb  1945    Weimar, Ger
35.  14 Feb  1945    Chemnitz, Ger
36.  17 Feb  1945    Frankfurt, Ger
37.  19 Feb  1945    Osnabruck, Ger
38.  28 Feb  1945    Kassel, Ger
39.    2 Mar  1945    Ruhland, Ger
40.    4 Mar  1945    Ulm, Ger
41.    8 Mar  1945    Frankfurt, Ger
42.  18 Mar  1945    Berlin (Shot Down by ME262)


2nd Lt Edward P.Gwin                       P           KIA          18/3/45
2nd Lt Donald H.Reichel                    CP         POW         18/3/45
2nd Lt Robert B.Landino                 NAV           POW       18/3/45
2nd Lt Stewart P.Laidlaw                BOM          MADE GROUP BOMBARDIER 
   Cpl William C.Danielson,Jr.              ROG           KIA        18/3/45
   Cpl Herbert Hamann                      TTE          POW      18/3/45
   Cpl Joseph M.Griego                      TG           POW       18/3/45
   Cpl Earl S.Hamilton                       BTG          Grounded
   Cpl Charles T.Maedel                    WG            NOC        taken off crew to reduce to 9 men)
   Cpl  Norman D. Heilbuth                WG           POW      18/3/45

351st Sqdn. Crew,as above,Joined 100th Group on 5/10/44.  Letter from Joe Griego in 1983 states that Lt.Laidlaw was made Group Bombardier after about 10 missions with crew. ". On 18/3/45 Sgt Raymond Y.Uhler(BTG) was flying in place of Hamilton and Sgt John W. Disher was flying as Spot Jammer  and both were KIA.  Sgt.David Ackerman was aboard as NG and became a POW.   R.K.Uhler was from the crew of J.L.Wofford. S/Sgt John Disher was on his second tour of duty. S/Sgt N.D. Heilburth was aboard as a waist gunner and became a POW.

MACR #13144   A//C#43 38861 "SWEET NANCY II" was attacked by an ME 262 at 1114 hours, 5247;N  & 1145E. Our  A/C had two  engines on fire and dived away from the formation.. A/C then nosed up with tail falling off and fell down spinling. One chute was seen."

Joe Griego was in the severed section of the tail and  had a difficult tlme getting out so that he could open his 
chute. See S.O.C. p.86/87 &103/105
The following are excerpts from statements of Lt. Robert B. Landino taken from MACR No# 13144

As to Lt. Gwin,  ". . . from enlisted men who were working near where we were shot down; they claim one man bailed out 
below the clouds, then they heard shooting, his chute collasped and he fell to the ground presumably dead."

As to Sgt Disher,  " . . . S/Sgt Heilbuth saw him just before he bailed out.  He was crawling out of the radio room with blood all     
over himself, but he (Heilbuth) did not have time to help him as the aircraft was below the clouds which were not more than 500 feet, so he had to jump. Disher probably never go to the door to jump as the plane must have hit only a few seconds later."

As to Sgt. Uhler, ". . . I believe he was trapped in the ball turret by emeny shell fire.  His body was seen on the ground alongside of the plane.

As to T/Sgt Danielson,   ". . .He must have been killed by the fire from the two ME - 262s that shot us down. They sprayed the     
back part of our plane as it was shot in half just in front of the tail wheel.


S/Sgt Disher was removed from crew to reduce to 9 men.  He is transferred to the 351st BS where he is put in a spare gunners pool. Somewhere in October/November 1944 he is trained as a SPOT JAMMER .


TARGET: Berlin DATE: 1945-03-18  
AIRCRAFT: "Sweet Nancy II" (43-38861) CAUSE: EAC  


PLOT: C ROW: 18  
GRAVE: 1 CEMETERY: Netherlands Cemetery/Margraten  


John W. Disher   418th   ROG   Missouri   KIA   18 Mar 45   Berlin   Harold S. Bucklew Crew   (100th Photo Archives)

 Sgt. John W. Disher. John was flying as a replacement gunner with the Edward P. Gwin crew on the 18 MAR 45 Berlin mission and was KIA. (Photo courtesy of Bob Disher) Gwin crew information 



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ID: 1316