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LT  Charles F. DeWOLFE

MACR: 03024 CR: 03024





DATE: 4 March 1944             350th Sqdn. A/C 42-38016  "SEATON'S SAD SACK"
TARGET: Berlin                     MACR #3024 Micro-fiche # 1022

1st Lt Stanley M.Seaton               P   POW   sn# O-746437                   Taps 25 Aug 1988
2nd Lt William F.Clayton              CP    POW  sn# O-750774
2nd Lt Charles F.DeWolfe,Jr.      NAV   POW  sn# O-807903                   Taps 07 Jun 1988
2nd Lt Maurice H. Cain              BOM   POW  sn# O-681869  28 APR 44 SOTTEVAST (NO BALL WITH LT LAKIN AND COL KELLY)
 T/Sgt George N.Ofiesh        TOG   POW  (ROG on Original Lt Ford Crew)  
 T/Sgt Joseph A.Judd           ROG   POW  sn#32440417
 T/Sgt Peter A.Hogan           TTE   POW  sn#32451103                   Taps 22 Oct 1987
 S/Sgt Robert H.Cook            BTG   POW  sn#13074805
 S/SgtArthurJ.Labrecque       RWG    POW  sn#31150856                   Taps 12 Aug 1982
S/Sgt Loydell Malone             LWG    POW  sn#15354046
 S/Sgt Leming Hull                 TG   KIA     sn#35671600

Crew was assigned to 100th Bomb Group on December 1, 1943.  Original Bombardier on the crew was Lt Maurice H. Cain sn# 0-681869 and was replaced on the Berlin mission by TOG  T/Sgt George Ofiesh.  Ofiesh was the orginal ROG on Lt Ford Crew)
This plane apparently damaged by enemy a/c and crew,except possibly Sgt.Hull, bailed out over village of Kesseling (District of Ahrweiler) and became POWs.

From a German report the following is quoted: "On 4 Mar 1944 at 1500 hours,a four engine enemy aircraft crashed ,approximately 1 kl north of the village of Kesseling (District of Ahrweiler). The a/c exploded on the ground when it crashed. It burned completely and could not be salvaged. Type unknown. Leming Hu11,35671600 T 43 S Sgt DEAD. The rest of the crew bailed out and were captured. They were sent to Stulag (Luft) Oberursel on 5 Mar 1944.

The identification of the deceased is attached herewith,the other one buried with the body. The deceased was interred on 6 Mar 44,in the Community Cemetary in Kesseling."

This was the 14/15 mission for this crew according to James Brown, originial 100th Historian - Jim came to question this mission total and stated near the end of his life a possibility it is too high.. Pw

Missions we Know about for Lt Stanley Seaton Crew:

January 15, 1944  Crew assigned to fly with the 390th Bomb Group but mission was scrubbed due to weather.  Plane assigned 230788 LN-R "Mismalovin"
February 4, 1944 FRANKFURT, flew a/c 239792 LN-X Half & Half
February 5, 1944 ROMILLY sur SEINE & VILLACOUBLAY flew aircraft 238016 LN-B Seaton's Sad Sack
February 9, 1944 HALBERSTADT (RECALL)  flew aircraft 238016 LN-B Seaton's Sad Sack
February 15, 1944 PRACTICE MISSION  flew aircraft 238016 LN-B Seaton's Sad Sack
February 21, 1944 BRUNSWICK, ALHORN, & VORDEN AF flew aircraft 238016 LN-B Seaton's Sad Sack 
February 22, 1944 SCHWEINFURT (BAD WEATHER, RECALL)  flew aircraft 238016 LN-B Seaton's Sad Sack 
March 3,1944  BERLIN (RECALL)      flew aircraft 238016 LN-B Seaton's Sad Sack 
March 4, 1944 BERLIN (shot down)  flew aircraft 238016 LN-B Seaton's Sad Sack  

Dear Mr. faley
My uncle was Bob Cook(Seaton's sad sack that went down in 3-4-44) Is there any photos of bob on written memories of  any of the other pilots. I remember some of the stories of bobbies about sad sack going down and being taken prisoner. I am trying to get together some of my families history. My father was a F-84 pilot lilled in Korea and his brother was lost as a air commando in a C-47 gunship.I have a picture of Bobby taken at Kearney Nebraska and I have had sucess with the commandos finding pictures. I wrote Ron Leigh the artist because I saw his painting and he suggested I write you for some direction.
I do have a color 4x6 slide of a squadron of b-17s in the clouds that I would like to send to your group. I don't know what squadron or  group it is
Thanks for your time
John Cook
1203 Hambrooks Blvd
MD  21613 



TARGET: Berlin DATE: 1944-03-04  
AIRCRAFT: "Seaton's Sad Sack" (42-38016) CAUSE: EAC  


ID: 1284