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LT  William G. MACNAB


Lt William Macnab Escape and Evasion photo.  Photo Courtesy of Beth Eden-McGuire
Beth Eden-Maguire

MACR: 11359 CR: 11359




DATE: 31 December 1944                  350th Sqdn.         A/C #43-38457 "NINE LIVES"

MISSION: Hamburg                             MACR #11359      Microfiche 4180

1st Lt William G.MacNab             P     KIA    31 DEC 44 HAMBURG
2nd Lt Nelson B.Vaughan          CP    KIA    31 DEC 44 HAMBURG
2nd Lt Charles J. Scott            NAV  FEH   moved up to Lead NAV (Flying at end of hostilities.)
F/O     Douglas S. Eden          BOM   FEH  moved up to Lead BOM (Flying at end of hostilities)  SN# 0-1997861
2nd Lt Jack Berkowitz             NAV POW  31 DEC 44 HAMBURG   From C.W. Wilson crew       SN# 0-777438
2nd Lt Raymond E.Comer, Jr.  BOM POW  31 DEC 44 HAMBURG    From C.W. Wilson crew
 T/Sgt Henry S.Ethridge           ROG  KIA   31 DEC 44 HAMBURG
 T/Sgt Joseph A.Chadwick        TTE POW  31 DEC 44 HAMBURG
 S/Sgt Edward L.Woodall,Jr.      BTG POW  31 DEC 44 HAMBURG
 S/Sgt Duane F.Rench              WG  KIA    31 DEC 44 HAMBURG
 Cpl Leno R. Delmolino              WG  Taken off Crew to reduce to nine men. 
 S/Sgt Francis J.Seyfried           TG KIA    31 DEC 44 HAMBURG

350th Sqdn.    Joined 100th on 26 AUG 1944. 
L.R. DeLmolino (original WG) grounded because of change from 10 to 9 men crew and no need at the time for "spare" gunners.  Became a Intelligence Specialists in the 351st. Charles J.Scott and Douglas S. Eden were replaced for the 31 Dec 1944 Hamburg mission by Jack Berkowitz and Raymond E. Comer, both from the Hong Kong Wilson crew and both became POWs. Scott and Eden moved up to Lead Navigator and Lead Bombardier after the crew's 16th mission and were flying at the end of hostilities.

EYEWITNESS: "At 1250 hours,19,000 feet,2 B-17's believed to be A/C 43-38457 and
             A/C 42-31987 pancaked together,circled and crashed,still attached to
             each other.Six chutes were seen before the A/C landed,most of them are
             believed to have fallen on land.There was no fire from the A/C in the
             air or on the ground although there was some smoke."

p.91/92 of CONTRAILS gives U8 a bit more graphic picture.  "Lt.W.MacNab was leading
the "C" Squadron low flight. Lt.G.Rojohn flew behind and high.In the fierce aerial
struggle,both MacNab and his co-pilot,Lt.N.Vaughan,had been wounded.Their ship rose
periously toward Rojohn's,who had moved in after Webster had been downed. A collision
seemed unavoidable.
There was a sickening thud as the planes made contact.They shuddered and locked, headed
out over the North Sea.The engines of MacNab's lower plane were smoking. Rojohn and his
co-pilot,Lt.W.Leek,immediately cut their engine switches,avoiding a probable
The situation was something too fantastic for even Hollywood to simulate.The two planes
clung together as Rojohn and Leek battled the controls,and by sheer strength,managed
to slowly turn the eight enginied monstrosity toward land.
T/Sgt Chadwick bailed out while ths planes were still over water,but his chute fortun-
ately did not collapse,and he was washed ashose . . . S/Sgt. E.Woodall,also from MacNab's
ship ,landed in water and managed to reach shore. . . . . Chadwick was taken into
custody that night,together with navigator J.Berkwitz,bombardier R. Comer and Woodall.

Seven men,T/Sgt.O.Elkin,T/Sgt.E.Neuhaus,Sgt.J.Shirley,S/Sgts.J.Russo,R.Little,F.Chase,
and Lt.R.Washington bailed out of Rojohn's ship. . . . The fate of Russo,Little and
Chase was unknown

Rojohn and Leek continued to fight the controls,using the engines of the lower aircraft,
and rode the grafted bird in for a landing. There have been amazing stunts pulled in 
the colorful and courageous history of mans will to fly, from the days of Daedalus and Da Vinci 
to the days of the brother Wright and Billy Mitchell,but none more strangely heroic than the day Rojohn and Lesk safely
crash-landed their two planes pick-a-back on a field in North Germany."

MISSIONS OF CAPT. DOUGLAS S. EDEN (Lead and 350th Bomb Squadron Bombardier and Lead Navigator on 4 Chowhound Missions May 45)

1.     25/09/44   LUDWIGSHAVEN   A/C 338011   The Reluctant Dragon
2.     26/09/44   BREMEN               A/C 2102598 Super Rabbit
3.     27/09/44   MAINZ                 A/C 231991   Miss Chief
4.     28/09/44   MERSEBURG         A/C 2102958
5.       2/10/44   KASSEL
6.       3/10/44   NURNBURG
7.       5/10/44   HANDORF
8.       6/10/44   BERLIN
9.       9/10/44   MAINZ
10.    15/10/44  COLOGNE
11.    17/10/44  COLOGNE
12.    18/10/44  KASSEL
13.    22/10/44  MUNSTER
14.    26/10/44  HANOVER
15.      5/11/44  LUDWIGSHAVEN
16.    10/11/44  MAINZ (last mission flown with Macnab Crew, went to lead crew training)
17.    24/12/44  BIBLIS
18.    25/12/44  KAISERLAUTERN
19.    31/12/44  HAMBURG (Lead missions beginning with Hamburg)
20.      6/01/45  ANNWEILER
21.    10/01/45  COLOGNE
22.    14/01/45  DERBEN
23.    28/01/45  DUISBURG
24.    21/02/45  NURNBURG
25.    24/03/45  STEENWIJK
26.      9/04/45  MUNICH
27.    10/04/45  BURG-bei-MAGDEBURG
28.    17/04/45  AUSSIG

SUBMITTER: Elizabeth A Eden-Maguire
PURPOSE: Report a website error
INTEREST: I am the veteran's child: 
TELEPHONE NUMBER: 503-492-2213

Message:  My father is Douglas S. Eden, Maj (retired), USAF. He served as a bombadier under 1st Lt Wm G MacNab. You report my dad as moving to "Lead Nav" which is incorrect; he was moved to "Lead Bombadier." Also, you report his 18th mission on Kaiserslautern as being on 12/28/1944, which is incorrect. According to several sources, including your Missions database, that mission was sent out on 12/25/44.

When I was in my mid-teens, the USAF sent my family to Germany (Sembach AFB near Kaiserslautern, as a matter of fact). We lived off-base in Enkenbach for a time, and I remember a conversation between my dad and our German landlady. She was remembering the bombs dropping over she and her family on Christmas Day, 1944. As a teen, I barely recognized my dad's back stiffen or his color change. It was only later when he told me that only one "raid" had been sent out that Christmas Day way back in 1944--and he'd been the lead bombadier. Although I was a teenager, I recognized the implications immediately--if he hadn't actually dropped those bombs on her, he'd ordered them dropped.

I've never forgotten that conversation--two former "enemies" meeting face to face…and finding out we're all just people. I learned some things myself that day.

War is sometimes necessary. But war is never pretty, and there is sometimes no way to avoid innocents getting in the way.

Appreciating what the 100th Bomb Group did for our freedom,
Beth Eden-Maguire


May 18, 44-Assigned Crew #5694, 2nd Lt MacNab's Crew
May 19, ’44 - Ardmore, Oklahoma, 222 CCTD GP II Sq’d 8 (Maj Angiers)
July 25, ’44 - Left Ardmore, Oklahoma
[delay en-route, 8 days]
Aug. 5, ’44 - Kearney, Nebraska
Aug. 15, ’44 - Left Kearney, Nebraska. Arrived: Grenier Field, Manchester, N.H.
Aug. 16, ’44 - Left the United States.
Aug. 16, ’44 - Goose Bay, Labrador.
Aug. 18, ’44 - Meeks Field, Iceland.
Aug. 19, ’44 - Arrived Valley (Holyhead) Wales.
Aug. 20, ’44 - Left Valley, Wales. Arrived 8th A.F. Replacement Depot (near Stone & Hanley)
Aug. 24, ’44 - Left 8th A. F. R.&R. Depot Arrived Diss.Thorpe Abbotts 100th Bomb Group 350th Squadron. 13 Combat Wing, 3rd Division.

(1) Sept. 25, ’44 - Ludwigshafen, Germany (mar. y’d.)
(2) Sept. 26, ’44 - Bremen, Germany (F. W. Aircraft plant)
(3) Sept. 27, ’44 - Mainz, Germany (mar. y’d.)
(4) Sept. 28, ’44 - Merseburg, Germany (oil)
(5) Oct. 2, ’44 - Kassel, Germany (tank factory)
(6) Oct. 3, ’44 - Ludwigsburg, Germany (airfield)
(7) Oct. 5, ’44 - Munster, Germany (airfield) (Handorf)*
(8) Oct. 5, ’44 - Berlin, Germany (engine factory)
(9) Oct. 9, ’44 - Weisbaden, Germany (ordanance) (Mainz)*
(10) Oct. 15, ’44 - Cologne, Germany (mar yd.)
(11) Oct. 17, ’44 - Cologne, Germany (mar yd.)
(12) Oct. 18, ’44 - Kassel, Germany (tank factory)
       Oct  20, ’44 - Awarded Air Medal. (dated 9 Oct)
(13) Oct. 22, ’44 - Munster, Germany (mar y’d)
(14) Oct. 26, ’44 - Hannover, Germany (mar. y’d.).
       Nov  1  '44 - LEAD BOMBARDIER
(15) Nov. 5, ’44 - Ludwigshafen, Germany (chemical)  -SEE LETTER "SOMEWHERE IN ENGLAND" FOR STORY OF THIS MISSION
(16) Nov. 10, ’44 - Weisbaden, Germany (airfield) (Mainz)*
       Nov. 27, ’44 - Commissioned 2nd Lt.
(17) Dec. 24, ’44 - Biblis, Germany (airfield)
(18) Dec. 25, ’44 - Kaiserslautern, Ger. (mar yd) Led C (hit)
(19) Dec. 31, ’44 - Hamburg, Germany (mar yd) Led B (missed)
       Jan.   3, ’45 - Appointed Squadron Bombardier.
(20) Jan.   6, ’45 - Anwieler, Ger. (T.O.) Led GP (began as B) (hit)
(21) Jan. 10, ’45 -  (Koln)* Duisburg, Ger. (T.O.) Led Group (C& M to Koln) (hit)
(22) Jan. 14, ’45 - Derben, Ger. (underground oil) Led Group (hit)
(23) Jan. 28, ’45 - Duisburg, Ger. (RR bridge) Led Wing (hit)
       Feb.   5, ’45 - Appointed 1st Lt.
       Feb.   9, ’45 - Flak leave. Bournemouth, England [Rest leave, 8 days]
       Feb. 10, ’45 - Received 1st Lt.
(24) Feb. 21, ’45 - Nurnberg, Germany (mar y’d) Led Wind (P.F.F.) (hit)
       Mar. 22. ’45 - Orders for Captaincy.
       Mar. 24, ’45 - Received Captaincy.
(25) Mar. 24, ’45 - Steenwijk, Holland (airfield) Led C (hit)
(26) Apr.   9, ’45 - Munich, Austria (airfield) Led C (hit)
(27) Apr. 10, ’45 -BURG-bei-MAGDEBURG Germany (airfield) Led B (hit)
(28) Apr. 17  ’45 - Aussig, Czechslovakia (mar. y’d.) Led B (hit)

[1] May 2, ’45 – Amsterdam (food) Led Group (hit)
[2] May 3, ’45 – Alkmaar, Holland (food) Led Wing (hit)
[3] May 5, ’45 – Alkmaar, Holland (food) element lead (hit)
[4] May 7, ’45 – Amsterdam, Holland (food) element lead (hit)
May 8, ’45 – V.E. day


Piggy Back Incident
Vicki Adams: According to diary of my father, Guy R. Weaver, who was a member of the 418th bomb squadron, his crew flew a ship from the 349th, ship #681 the "Bermuda Belle".  They were carrying 20-250 G.P.  Our target was Hamburg oil plant.  Flak was heavy and very accurate.  Blackman went down in flames after bombs away.  This was a mission I'll never forget.  We got hit by FW 190's, about 30 hit us.  Blan and I did away with the first one that came in.  Pecht and Dan also got a probable.  We lost 4 crews from the 418th, Blackman, Moron, Mayo, Carrol.  Out of our group of 38 planes, on the way back we counted 22.  The 100th bomb group really lost planes today.  We also saw two go down piggy back in a freak crash--we saw six chutes.  We had 8 holes from flak.  I don't think we will have to go back to Hamburg for sometime.  We hit the target right on the nose.  418th squadron lost 4 crews, the 100th bomb group  lost 12 crews and several killed.  Thank God for our safe return.   This was my fathers 16th mission, he complete 33 missions.


TARGET: Hamburg DATE: 1944-12-31  
AIRCRAFT: "Nine Lives" (43-38457) CAUSE: Collided with 42-31987  


PLOT: O ROW: 21  
GRAVE: 15 CEMETERY: Netherlands Cemetery/Margraten  


 The William MacNab Crew MacNab crew information (100th Photo Archives) 

Capt. Doug Eden (Left) and Capt. Scotty (Charles J. Scott Right) flew the entire distance together, from crew assignment to Lt William G. Macnab, pilot, through missions with Lt Charlie "Hong Kong" Wilson, Lt. David Raiford, and Lt Leslie Dawson (did I miss anyone?). [On February 24, 1945, Dad writes, "I didn't know the fellows named the ship. We all had several suggestions and since we had 9 men to man her I suggested we paint a big black cat on the ship's side and call it "9 lives." If that is the name the fellows adopted then I'll use it too." On March 15th, he writes, "Yesterday my leather jacket arrived, now I can have it painted up with the usual stuff the fellows put on it: bombs for each mission, a B-17, etc." Dad received his Captain's bars on March 24, 1945 and Scotty his on April 20th. The picture is, unfortunately, undated however all the evidence shows this was made after April 20th, 1945, and, to me, demonstrates their absolute dedication to their crew brothers under Lt Macnab.....Photo and info courtesy of Beth Eden-Mcguire. 

Lt Macnab with Francis Seyfried and Joseph Chadwick

S/Sgt Duane F. Rench Diary page 1. (Photo Courtesy of Grandson Trevor Rench)

S/Sgt Duane F. Rench Diary page 2. (Photo Courtesy of Grandson Trevor Rench)

S/Sgt Duane F. Rench Diary page 3. (Photo Courtesy of Grandson Trevor Rench)

S/Sgt Duane F. Rench Diary page 4. Start of Missions for Lt MacNab Crew.  (Photo Courtesy of Grandson Trevor Rench)

S/Sgt Duane F. Rench Diary page 5. Lt MacNab Crew.  (Photo Courtesy of Grandson Trevor Rench)

S/Sgt Duane F. Rench Diary page 6. Lt MacNab Crew.  (Photo Courtesy of Grandson Trevor Rench)

S/Sgt Duane F. Rench Diary page 7. Lt MacNab Crew.  (Photo Courtesy of Grandson Trevor Rench)

S/Sgt Duane F. Rench Diary page 8. Lt MacNab Crew.  (Photo Courtesy of Grandson Trevor Rench)

S/Sgt Duane F. Rench Diary page 9. Lt MacNab Crew.  (Photo Courtesy of Grandson Trevor Rench)

S/Sgt Duane F. Rench Diary page 10. Lt MacNab Crew.  (Photo Courtesy of Grandson Trevor Rench)

S/Sgt Duane F. Rench Diary page 11. Lt MacNab Crew.  (Photo Courtesy of Grandson Trevor Rench)

S/Sgt Duane F. Rench Diary page 12. Lt MacNab Crew.  (Photo Courtesy of Grandson Trevor Rench)

S/Sgt Duane F. Rench Diary page 13. Lt MacNab Crew.  (Photo Courtesy of Grandson Trevor Rench)

S/Sgt Duane F. Rench Diary page 14. Lt MacNab Crew.  (Photo Courtesy of Grandson Trevor Rench). This is the last entry in the Diary, four days later on December 31, 1944,  S/Sgt Rench was KIA in the famous Piggyback incident when Lt Glenn Rojohn and Lt MacNab's B-17's pancaked on each other. The planes did not explode as the usual outcome. Many of the Crew on Both Aircraft were able to bail out. 

Newspaper report of the missing in Action of Lt MacNab.  Photo Courtesy of Beth Eden-McGuire

Lt William Macnab. KIA December 31, 1944.  Photo courtesy of Lt Macnab Family 

grave marker in Netherlands for Lt William Macnab. 

Lt William Macnab stateside grave marker.  This is the marker for Lt Macnab at his parents grave site in The Dalles, Oregon. This is a photo I took the first time I located the marker. Today it was too icy to go further in. Photo Courtesy of Beth Eden-McGuire
Beth Eden-Maguire

Ferry Harreman cares for Bill Macnab's grave.  Wanted to share his way of demonstrating his bond with the Nine Lives Pilot and the Piggyback Flight.  Thank you Ferry!!! 
"Too honor William Macnab I have got this tattoo set on my back. We have a special bond with his relatives. For the one's who don't know . We have Williams grave adopted on Margraten US memorial . He was a B17 pilot in WW 2 and Kia on 31-12-1944 . He died for our freedom . Fallen Never Forgotten.

Dec 31, 1944, the aircraft of Lt Rojohn (The Little Skipper) and Lt Macnab (Nine Lives) pancake on one another.  This is the "piggyback incident". Search individual pilots and website for more information



Crew 1

Crew 2

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