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SERIAL #: 38913219 STATUS: POW
MACR: 08811 CR: 08811

Comments1: 11 SEP 44 RUHLAND



DATE: 11 Sept.1944           350th Sqdn.           A/C #44-6089 "LEADING LADY"

MISSION: RUHLAND                                      MACR #8811,Micro-fiche 3234

1st Lt Lawrence W.Riegel         P       KIA
2nd Lt Joseph E.Johnston        CP      KIA
2nd Lt George H.Prater        NAV        POW/SWA
2nd Lt Charles L.Dolby          BOM       POW
 TJSgt Ray S.Deming,Jr.        ROG       KIA
 T/Sgt Edgar L.Herrick          TTE        KIA
 S/Sgt Nestor A.Celleghin     BTG        POW
 S/Sgt Phillip D.Mangan        WG         KIA
 S/Sgt Jewell D.Spruell          TG         KIA

350th Sqdn. Crew,as above,joined the 100th Group on 4/7/44. 21st mission for this crew.

Following is a statement by Lt.Dolby in a letter dated 23 July 1945.

"We were attacked by German fighters,Southeast of Dresden, Germany, while on a
mission to Ruhland,  Germany on Sept.11, 1944 at about 12:20.  After the first
attack we had our interphone knocked out and the oxygen supply under the pilots
compartment was on fire.. Due to lack of interphone we could not carry on a
conversation and I know nothing of what took place in the rear of the ship.
The Navigator,  Lt.Prater and I jumped due to the burning condition of the

According to our ball turrett gunner who I met at Camp Lucky Strike in France,
he said he was blown out of his turret and parachuted to safety, also he mentioned
that our vertical stablizer and horizontal stablizers were blown off.  He is
S/Sgt Nestor Celleghin.

#          Date    Aircraft Nbr & Name                 Target

1.      7/17/1944 3413-HARD LUCK                      AUXERRE & MONTGOURNOY
2.      7/18/1944 106986-SACK ARTIST               KIEL & HEMMINGSTADT
3.      7/19/1944 3413-HARD LUCK                      SCHWEINFURT & DUREN
4.      7/20/1944 31220-FLETCHER'S CASTORIA II MERSEBURG
5.      7/21/1944 31903-HARD LUCK II                  REGENSBURG
6.      7/24/1944 31220-FLETCHER'S CASTORIA II  ST LO (GND SUPPORT)
7.      7/25/1944 31220-FLETCHER'S CASTORIA II  ST LO (GND SUPPORT)
8.      7/28/1944 102657-BOSS LADY                   MERSEBURG
9.      7/29/1944 102657-BOSS LADY                   MERSEBURG
11.      8/3/1944 3413-HARD LUCK                       TROYES (RAIL YARD)
12.      8/4/1944 37882-HAPPY-GO-LUCKY            HAMBURG (OIL)
13.      8/5/1944 97924-PARTY TONIGHT             MAGDEBURG
14.      8/6/1944 97924-PARTY TONIGHT             BERLIN
15.      8/7/1944 37994-MY BLUE HEAVEN            BEAUTOR (BRIDGES)
16.      8/8/1944 37994-MY BLUE HEAVEN            ST. SYLVIAN
17.    8/14/1944 37994-MY BLUE HEAVEN            LUDWIGSHAVEN (OIL)
18.    8/15/1944 37994-MY BLUE HEAVEN            VENLO
19.      9/5/1944 37994-MY BLUE HEAVEN            STUTTGART (AERO ENGS)
20.    9/10/1944 37994-MY BLUE HEAVEN            NURNBURG
21.    9/11/1944 6089-LEADING LADY                  RUHLAND (OIL)

Regret to inform:

Nestor A Celleghin
Dec 9 1924 - Nov 6 2010

Joined 100th BG Apr 7 1944
Shot down at Ruhland Sep 11 1944

Family Contact -

NESTOR A. CELLEGHIN   |   Visit Guest Book 

CELLEGHIN NESTOR A. CELLEGHIN, age 85, was reunited in heaven on Nov. 6, 2010 with his beloved wife Mary-Ellen (nee Bordonaro); cherished father of Christian (wife Joann) and Denis (wife Romi); devoted grandfather of Kelsey, Griffin and Tyler; beloved son of the late Romeo and Rose and dear brother of the late Denis. Nestor was a decorated Army Air Corps WWII Veteran, P.O.W. and renowned Church artist. He was a blessing to all that encountered him. Contributions may be made in his memory to the Greater Cleveland Salvation Army, 2507 E. 22nd St., Cleveland, OH 44115. Memorial service 10 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 10 at Lake View Cemetery Mausoleum, where the family will receive friends 9:30 A.M. UNTIL TIME OF SERVICE. Online condolences



TARGET: Ruhland DATE: 1944-09-11  
AIRCRAFT: (44-6089 ) "Leading Lady" CAUSE: EAC - Fire - Explosion  


ID: 824