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SERIAL #: 33542580 STATUS: KIA
MACR: 03018 CR: 03018

Comments1: 6 MAR 44 BERLIN (EAC - EXP)




6 March 1944      349th Sqdn   A/C #42-31051 "Goin Jessies"

TARGET: BERLIN  Source: Film Causalty Report
  MACR #3016

Lt. Robert C.Koper          P    KIA
Lt. Gordon C.Lien           CP   POW
Lt. George H.Wing        NAV  KIA
Lt. Thomas O.Drinkwater BOM  POW
S/S Michael J.Tanowigch  ROG  KIA
Sgt Charles P.Corea         TTE  POW
Sgt Charles J.Luquette     BTG  KIA
Sgt Bernard Sundin          TG   KIA Low group in wing
Sgt Arthur Frankel         LWG  KIA
Sgt Ralph V. Zarzecki       RWG  KIA

When this crew joined the 100th GP, the Radio operator was Sgt Weston H, Rodkey. S/Sgt. Mike Tanowigch who was flying in place of Rodkey on 6/3/43 had flown overseas with Crew #4 piloted by Sam L.Barr. Except for Tanowigch, the crew was flying its 5th mission having joined the 100th BG, 349th BS on  24/2/44.  S/Sgt Rodkey was shot down with the Crew of F.W. Harte on 22/4/44 and became a POW. 

An eyewitness report stated as follows: "At 1213 hours just north of Hanover an A/C which may have been #051 was attacked by enemy fighters and was shot down.Four or five chutes were seen. Identity of this A/C  not deflnite. It may have been confused with A/C #170."

"THE STORY OF THE CENTURY" on p.44 states: "Bob Koper ordered his crew to 'bail' and was alone in his ship when it blew up."

Missions flown by Lt Koper Crew

1.    28/02/44    REGENSBURG
2.    29/02/44    BRUNSWICK
3.     2/03/44    CHARTES
4.     3/03/44    BERLIN
5.     6/03/44    BERLIN (SHOT DOWN)



TARGET: Berlin DATE: 1944-03-06  
AIRCRAFT: "Goin Jessies" (42-31051) CAUSE: EAC & Explosion  


PLOT: B ROW: 31  
GRAVE: 46 CEMETERY: Ardennes, Neuville-en-Cond, Belgium  
ID: 5716