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Comments1: 10 NOV 44 WIESBADEN (flew 33 missions)




2nd Lt Robert L.Chamberlain              P CPT 29/11/44 HAMM
2nd Lt Gerald A.Boule                     CP CPT 10/11/44 WIESBADEN & INGELHEIM, CITIES
2nd Lt Kenneth O Shrewsbury      NAV CPT 10/11/44 WIESBADEN & INGELHEIM, CITIES
2nd Lt Victor L.Karp                    BOM CPT 10/11/44 WIESBADEN & INGELHEIM, CITIES 
 S/Sgt Harold Yatt                      ROG CPT 10/11/44 WIESBADEN & INGELHEIM, CITIES
 S/Sgt David H. Gordon                TTE CPT 10/11/44 WIESBADEN & INGELHEIM, CITIES   
   Sgt William L Wixom                 BTG CPT 10/11/44 WIESBADEN & INGELHEIM, CITIES
   Sgt Sherwood G.Sharp              WG CPT 10/11/44 WIESBADEN & INGELHEIM, CITIES
   Sgt Bruce A.Richardson               TG CPT 10/11/44 WIESBADEN & INGELHEIM, CITIES sn#35789288

349th Sgdn. Crew,as above,joined the 100th Group on 17/7/44.  Flew in A/C  "Reluctant Dragon"
According to Ken Shrewsbury, officers returned to States as 1st Lieutenants. According to Bruce Richardson, the Crew Flew in A/C "Varga Venus" for first 3 missions, Crashed at base on return from Merseburg.  Remaining missions in  A/C  "Reluctant Dragon"

Missions of 1st Lt Kenneth O. Shrewsbury (mpf 2002)

1. 28/7/44  Merseburg, Oil Refinery
2. 29/7/44  Merseburg, Oil Refinery
3. 31/7/44  Munich
4.   2/8/44  Tergnier, Rail Bridge
5.   3/8/44  Troyes, Rail Bridge
6.   7/8/44  Beautor, Rail Bridge
7.   8/8/44  St Sylvain
8. 11/8/44  Villacoublay, Airport
9. 13/8/44  Nantes/Gassicourt
10. 15/8/44  Venlo, Airfield
11. 25/8/44  Politz, Oil Field
12. 26/8/44  Brest
13. 30/8/44  Bremen
14.   1/9/44  Mainz
15.   8/9/44  Mainz
16.    9/9/44  Dusseldorf
17. 10/9/44  Nurnburg, Tank factory)
18. 11/9/44  Ruhland (100th lost 12 a/c on this mission) Oil Depot
19. 12/9/44  Magdeburg, Oil Plant
20. 18/9/44  Warsaw (Start of Second Russian Shuttle Mission)
21. 19/9/44  Szolnok, Hungary
22. 28/9/44  Merseburg
23. 2/10/44  Kassel
24. 5/10/44  Munster
25. 6/10/44  Berlin
26. 7/10/44  Bohlen, Oil Refinery
27. 9/10/44  Mainz, Rail Yards  
28. 22/10/44 Munster
29. 26/10/44 Hanover
30.   2/11/44 Merseburg
31.   6/11/44 Neumunster, Air Field
32.   9/11/44 Saarbrucken
33. 11/11/44 Mainz, Air field (believe Ken completed on Nov 10 at Wiesbaden with rest of crew)

 Missions of S/Sgt Bruce A. Richardson  (mpf 2001)

1. 25/7/44  St Lo
2. 28/7/44  Merseburg
3. 29/7/44  Merseburg
4. 31/7/44  Munich
5.   2/8/44  Tergnier
6.   3/8/44  Troyes
7.   7/8/44  Beautor
8.   8/8/44  St Sylvain
9. 11/8/44  Villacoublay
10. 13/8/44  Nantes/Gassicourt
11. 14/8/44  Ludwigshaven
12. 24/8/44  Ruhland
13. 25/8/44  Politz
14. 26/8/44  Brest
15. 27/8/44  BERLIN
16.   1/9/44  Mainz
17.   3/9/44  Brest
18.   8/9/44  Mainz
19. 10/9/44  Nurnburg
20. 11/9/44  Ruhland (100th lost 12 a/c on this mission)
21. 18/9/44  Warsaw (Start of Second Russian Shuttle Mission)
22. 19/9/44  Szolnok, Hungary
23. 28/9/44  Merseburg
24. 2/10/44  Kassel
25. 12/10/44 Bremen
26. 17/10/44 Cologne
27. 18/10/44 Kassel
28. 22/10/44 Munster
29. 26/10/44 Hanover
30. 30/10/44 Merseburg
31.   2/11/44 Merseburg
32.   9/11/44 Saarbrucken
33. 10/11/44 Wiesbaden


Kenneth Oldham Shrewsbury Jr. 

 Kenneth Oldham Shrewsbury, Jr. died at the age of 91yrs., on October 7, 2015, at his home in Granite Bay, CA. He was born in New York City November 18, 1923. He is survived by his second wife, Jean E. Stith of Winters, Calif. and his brother John Shrewsbury of Guilford, Conn. His first wife, Julianne Brodie of Washington, D.C. died in 1988. They had three children; Anne S. Heintz of Midland, Texas, Kenneth O. Shrewsbury, III of Copper Center, Alaska and Douglas T. Shrewsbury of Grand Rapids, Michigan They gave him five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. In 1942, at the age of 19, Ken enlisted in the Army Air Corp aviation cadet program. He graduated as a 2nd Lieutenant, navigator and subsequently flew 35 bombing missions over Germany with the Eighth Air Force, 100th Bomb Group. He considered himself a lucky survivor and seldom talked about the war. After the War he attended Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts and went to work at Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan where he had a 44 year career in sales and marketing management in various locations in and out of Detroit as an employee and then dealer. He took early retirement from Ford in 1979 to move to Sacramento, Calif. to build and operate a Ford heavy truck dealership in West Sacramento. He sold the business in 1992 and with his second wife, Jean Stith, retired to the Campus Commons area of Sacramento where they participated in the social life and management of the community. Upon selling his truck dealership, Ken became involved in the Towe Auto Museum, now the California Automobile Museum in downtown Sacramento as a volunteer docent and Board member. He donated his classic 1966 Ford Thunderbird to the Museum where it is on display. In 2009 Ken and Jean moved to the Eskaton Lodge for seniors in Granite Bay, Calif. where they helped new residents make new friends and lead a full life. Ken enjoyed his life's work in the automobile industry and was proud of his children and grand-children. Private Interment Services will be at Sacramento's East Lawn Memorial Park, where he will be at rest alongside his first wife, Julianne.
Published in The Sacramento Bee on Oct. 18, 2015






 The Robert L. Chamberlain crew; (L to R) Gerald A. Boulet, Kenneth O. Shrewsbury, Bruce A. Richardson, Robert L. Chamberlain, Harold Yatt, Victor L. Karp, Sherwood G. Sharp, David H. Gordon and William L. Wixom. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

 Picture taken of 2nd Lt Robert L.Chamberlain crew in the Glass Lounge Bar in Tampa, Florida, before going over seas in May of 1944. This is the original crew except for third man from left who didn't go due to a problem with his hand that required treatment. From left, K. O. Schrewsbury, Bruce Richardson, F. R. Mitchell, William Wixom, Jerry Boulet, H. Yatt, S. G. Sharp, V. I. Karp, and R. L. Chamberlain Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 



Crew 1

ID: 4750