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S/SGT Lyle E. Nord (photo from the collection of Edmund Forkner)

SERIAL #: 36240497 STATUS: KIA
MACR: 05237 CR: 05237

Comments1: 29 MAY 44 LEIPZIG (EAC)




1st Lt Everett E.Blakely             P  CPT
 2nd Lt Charles A.Via,Jr.        CP  SWA   8/10/43 
1st Lt Joseph H.Payne          NAV  KIA     28/4/44 (With crew of W,G.Lakin)
 2nd Lt James R.Douglas       BTG   CPT 
T/Sgt Howard J.Brock        TTE   POW  17/8/43 (With crew of W.R.Flesh)    
T/Sgt Monroe B.Thornton     WG  CPT 
T/Sgt Edmund G.Forkner     ROG   CPT 
S/Sgt John L.Olson             BTG  Transferred 
S/Sgt Lyle E.Nord                WG  KIA   29/5/44 (with crew of B.L.Williams) 
S/Sgt Lester W.Saunders      TG  KIA  8/10/43

418th Sqdn.  An ''Original" crew.

Much has been written about this crew. See p.49 of THE BLOODY HUNDREDTH by H.Varian and p.184/195 of FLYING PORTRESS by E.Jablomski for details of the mission of 8/10/43.

On 8/10/43, S/Sgt Edward S.Yevich LWG & S/Sgt W illiam F.McClelland,Bt were aboard in the place of H.J.Brock & J.L.Olson. Both of these men were wounded.

See photo of this crew on p.228 of "CONTRAILS"

Lyle Nord was flying as TG on the crew of B.L.Williams on 29/5/44 and was hit in the back by a 20mm. He had flown a total of 27 missions,the last 8 of them with the Williams crew.

Crew on May 29, 1944 
Target: Leipzig
Missing Air Crew Report: #5237
A/C 42-107011  LD-T "Shinning Hour"

Lt Burdette L. Williams     Pilot- POW  
Lt Ellie R. Nesmith           Copilot- KIA, Buried Torgau City Cemetary, Sec C, Row 2,  Grave 7, 
Lt Walter M. Pickett        Navigator-POW
Lt Vernon O. Breazeale    Bombardier-KIA, Ok when he bailed out.  Buried Torgau City Cemetary,  Sec C, Row 2,  Grave 6, 
S/Sgt Melvin H. Evans      Radio Operator Gunner-POW
Sgt Gordon L. Ticker       Top Turret Engineer-POW
Sgt Larry C. Boyer           Ball Turret Gunner-POW
S/Sgt willard V. Goos       Waist Gunner-KIA Drowned in Elbe River, Buried in Mun Cemetary, Torgau Sec C, Row 2, Grave 8
Sgt Elroy A. Yaroch         Waist Gunner-POW
S/Sgt Lyle E. Nord           Tail Gunner-KIA, Buried Torgau City Cemetary,Sec C, Row 2, Grave 6?

On 29 May 44  The target was Leipzig with Col Jack Kidd leading.  The target was the Junkers plant .  Fighters hit the formation over the target and Lt Williams aircraft was lost to enemy aircraft at 1233 hours.  The #2 engine and nose was hit by 20 mm fire. The aircraft peeled out of formation, lost altitude and went into a vertical dive and exploded.  3 chutes were seen.  Sgt Larry C. Boyer was flying in place of Leroy Moore and became a POW. S/Sgt Lyle E. Nord, from the  original crew of E.E.Blakely, was flying in place of Cohen and was KIA.
S/Sgt Nord was killed by a 20mm entering his back, Goos is believed to have survived his jump but landed in water and drowned.  Nesmith was alright when he bailed out and the cause of his death remains unknown. Breazeale was also killed by 20mm fire.



TARGET: Berlin DATE: 1944-05-29  
AIRCRAFT: "Shining Hour" (42-107011) CAUSE: EAC  




Lyle Nord, back right (Photo courtesy of the McClelland Family)

Article on Lyle Nord (photo courtesy of William McClelland)

Everett E. Blakely crew. Standing from left; Lyle Nord, Charles Via, Everett Blakely, Joseph " Bubbles" Payne,Howard Broch Kneeling; Lester Saunders, Edward Yevich and Edmund Forkner. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives)

The Everett E. Blakely crew. Standing from left, William McClelland, Harry H. Crosby, Charles A. Via, Jr., Everett E. Blakely, James R. Douglas, Kneeling, Lester W. Saunders, Monroe R. Thornton, Edward S. Yevich, Lyle E. Nord, and Edmund G. Forkner. Detailed Information (from the collection of Edmund Forkner)

Ev Blakely Wedding 
Back row:  Bubbles Payne, Jim Douglass head down, Edward S. Yevich, Monroe Thornton 
Front:  Les Saunders Ev Blakely, Margaret Ann, Lyle Nord

Back Row: Bubbles Payne, Ev Blakely, Charles Via, James Douglass, ; Front Row: Saunders, Niedermeyer, Forkner, Nord,   (from the collection of Edmund Forkner)

William McClelland, Lyle Nord, Edward Yevich, and Edmund Forkner (Photo courtesy of the McClelland Family)



Crew 1

Crew 2

ID: 3882