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Elzo Bevan in uniform (photo courtesy of Elzo Bevan)

SERIAL #: 34700509 STATUS: POW
MACR: 08812 CR: 08812

Comments1: 11 SEPT 44 RUHLAND



2nd Lt John S.Giles,Jr.                   P      POW      11/9/44  RUHLAND  sn# 0753999         Taps 1980
2nd Lt Sterling P.Lambert             CP     CPT          7/8/44 BEAUTOR
2nd Lt Charles E.Gunter,Jr.         NAV     CPT      25/12/44  KAISERLAUTERN  (350th Squadron Navigator) 
2nd Lt Cordy A.Ramer,Jr.           BOM     POW       29/7/44 MERSEBURG (with crew of E.C.Jones) sn# 0-545535
 S/Sgt Elzo Bevan                      ROG     POW      11/9/44 RUHLAND
 S/Sgt Andrew G Leuthold          TTE     POW      11/9/44 RUHLAND                     A/C ,#43 37863 
 S/Sgt Norbert O. DePauw          BTG    POW       11/9/44 RUHLAND                   MACR #8812,Microfiche #3235
   Sgt Albert S. Pela                    WG    POW       11/9/44 RUHLAND
   Sgt Jack E.Conger                   WG     NOC
   Sgt Robert B.Rowley                 TG     POW      11/9/44 RUHLAND   

350th Sqdn.  Crew,as above,joined the 100th Group on 7/4/44. See "CONTRAILLS" p.199 for photo
Lt Ramer was in Stalag Luft I along with his old pilot Lt John Giles Jr.    Crew flew in "HARD LUCK" and "FLETCHERS CASTORIA" and "LEADING LADY".  

Mission Memories: "On our first or second mission we were attacked by fighter planes with Yellow Spinners.  We found out later that these were the Abbyville Kids.  Missions to BERLIN were the most harrowing. We called it "20 Minutes of Hell".  The flak was so thick it seemed you could walk on it.  Dropping supplies to the French underground were also interesting.  On one trip I was flying with Eden Jones and were were flying wing to John Giles. When Giles dumped his load a parachute opened early and was hung up in the bomb bay.  We thought the plane was going down but the bombardier cut the chute loose and all was well.  July 29, 1944, on Merseburg, my career as a Bombardier ended. I had visions of completing my missions and going home but all that had to wait until the War was over."

Base Memories: "I remember Sterling P. (Pete) Lambert who was a co-pilot on the Giles crew.  Pete was anxious for a crew of his own so he and the crew chief and I would practice take off and landings day after day. We got in plenty of extra flying time.  I very well remember the 3:30AM briefings. I remember the briefing officer when he would pull the curtain to reveal the red ribbon stretched from Thorpe Abbotts to the target.  I don't remember his name but we owe a lot to the soldier who got us out of the sack and to briefings before each mission.  The he got us to the plane for the take off and was there waiting when we landed after the mission.  This guy and his counterparts deserve a lot of credit."
                   Lt Cordy A. Ramer Jr (mpf 2001)
On 11/9/44, RUHLAND MISSION: Lts J.M.Shelly, K.S.Welty & H.H.Skelton had replaced Lambert, Gunter & Ramer. The three became 
POWs.  On 11/8/44,Jack Conger was flying with the crew of A.D.Elbel

1st Lt John S. Giles, Jr.,          P     SN# 0753999
2nd Lt Harris H. Skelton,         BOM SN# 0664833
1st Lt Charlie E. Gunter, Jr.     NAV SN# 0699160
T Sgt Andrew G. Leuthold      TTE SN# 37240307
S Sgt Jack E. Conger            WG SN# 19151118
S Sgt Robert B. Rowley           TG SN# 31140110
S Sgt Norbert O. Depauw      BTG SN# 37118775
T Sgt Elzo Bevan                ROG SN# 34700509
S Sgt Albert S. Pela             WG SN# 18067003
T/Sgt Floyd O. Douglas         TOGG (listed on this Crew on July 2, 1944) sn#32383566

Missions of Lt Cordy A. Ramer, Jr with the Giles Crew…mpf

1 19/4/44 LIPPSTADT
3. 22/4/44 HAMM
4. 25/4/44 DIJON
5. 26/4/44 BRUNSWICK
6.   1/5/44 SAARGUEMINES
7.   7/5/44 BERLIN
8.   8/5/44 BERLIN
9.   9/5/44 LAON

Gordy A. Ramer, Jr. flew 10 missions with the above crew before moving to the E.C. Jones crew where flew 19 additional missions.

1st  Lt  Eden C. Jones             P    KIA  29 Jul 44 Merseburg  
2nd Lt Robert E.Ries               CP  KIA   29 Jul 44 Merseburg
2nd Lt Albert B.Fincher,Jr.      NAV   POW  29 Jul 44 Merseburg  
1st Lt Cordy A.Ramer,Jr.         BOM  POW  29 Jul 44 Merseburg
T/Sgt Leo J.Griffin                ROG  KIA    29 Jul 44 Merseburg
T/Sgt James Eadie                TTE  KIA     29 Jul 44 Merseburg
S/Sgt Harold J.Prince             BTG  KIA     29 Jul 44 Merseburg
S/Sgt Frank J. Moran,Jr.           WG   POW/WIA  29 Jul 44 Merseburg 
S/Sgt Jerry R.Cassell                  TG   POW  29 Jul 44 Merseburg 

350th Sqdn   .Above crew as it appears on MACR#7811.  Cordy Ramer was on the crew of J.S.Giles when it joined the 100th BG on 7/4/44. On 8/7/44  Sgts Fugene Wells & Richard D.Hawkins were on this crew as gunners. Wells CPT on 12/12/44 & Hawkins KIA on 28/7/44 with crew of W..G. Stansbury    Moran says crew arrived at Thorpe Abbotts 15 May 1944 as above. Letter from Cassell 19/11/90 says Moran was TTE not WG. Cassell letter of 21/6/91 says Cordy Ramer replaced the original BOM,Ferrell O.Mason. Also that Eugene R.Wells was on crew when it came to the 100th but removed to reduce crew to nine men. Wells appears on the Kassebaum crew as a WG.

MACR #7811,Microfiche #2858      A/C #42-31903

From MACR: "No definite information concerning the loss of this A/C is available. The leader of the squadron was forced to jettison his bombs short of the target because of flak damage. The formation broke up and all the aircraft except the leader were lost to E/A." 

German reports indicate this A/C was shot down at 1055 hours near Wuelfingerode and both Ries and Prince were interred in Graves #. 1 & #2. It contunues that two (2) unknown dead were buried in graves #3 & #4.  These presumably were, Leo J. Griffin and James Eadie.  Evidently Lt Jones died sometime later from his wounds..

Lt. Gunter Note: from Harry Crosby in 1993
Charlie Gunter came to the 100th on the John S. Giles crew. When he left the crew to become Squadron Navigator, they went down of the bad Ruhland mission. (11 Sep 1944) For all these years, he was out of touch-- and looking for us. It was only when he heard about my book through a University of Texas publication that he wrote me, learned of our Association, and heard for the first time that Giles, and their gunner, Albert Pela had become POW's. Now Charlie is back in touch and, and you will meet him in Little Rock.
 When Charlie left the 100th after his tour, for a year he was an instructor and the Base Intelligence Officer at Selman Navigation School. He then went to the Philippines and Japan for a year, serving with G-1 Far East Headquarters. Deciding not to remain in the Air Force, he returned to Washington, D.C., and graduated from Benjamin Franklin University in 1950 with an accounting degree.
 He became a Special Agent for the FBI. He served in Baltimore, Little Rock, Denver, and Springfield, Illinois. For the last 25 years with the FBI he was the Senior Resident Agent in Casper, Wyoming. Retired for 20 years, he enjoys what he calls "F & E" living, (Free and Easy). For the last five years he has been living in Flagstaff, Arizona, "in good health for a man 75 years old."  Taken from Splasher Six --  fall 1993.

Combat sorties of Lt. Charlie Gunter, Jr.  0-699160 for the year 1944

1. Leipzig    Apr 12
2. Augsburg   Apr 13
3. Berlin    Apr 18
4. Lippstadt   Apr 19
5. Sarreguemines   May 1
6. Berlin    May 7
7. Berlin    May 8 
8. Ahies/Laon   May 9 
9. Osnabruck   May 13
10. Troyes    May 23
11. Osnabruck   May 31
12. Coast of France  Jun 6
13. Nantes    Jun 7
14. Le Culot   Jun 14
15. Wilster    Jun 15
16. Ecluse    Jun 19
17. Fallersleben   Jun 20
18. Munich    Jul 12
19. South of France  Jul 14
20. Auxerre   Jul 17
21. Le Fere   Aug 2
22. Northern France  Aug 7
23. Politz    Aug 29
24. Mainz    Sep 1
25. Ruhland   Sep 11
26. Ludwigshaven   Sep 25
27. Kassel    Oct 2
28. Berlin    Oct 6
29. Ludwigshaven   Nov 5
30 Kaiserlautern   Dec 25. 

Aug. 8, 1994

I am enclosing for you the following documents 
which reveal the sum of my 4½ years of military service.

1. Honorable discharge as enlisted man, AUS, to 
accept commission as 2nd Lt. AUS, SN 13070347,as enlisted 
man, 0-6991602 as officer, Navigator. Note was at this time 
was rated aerial gunner with wings received at Tyndall 
Field, Fla.

2. Record of combat sorties for year 1944 during which 
time I served with the 100th Bomb GP, 350 Squadron, 8th AF. 30 
missions completed and returned to U. S.

3. Letter of recommendation from Harry H. Crosby, Group 
Navigator, furnished to me at time of departure from ETO. Our 
base was Thorpe Abbots. Paragraphs 1, 2, & 3 set forth details of 
my duties during this period.

4. Order, Far East AF Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan noting 
award of an aFmy Commendation Ribbon for service with G-2, 
Far East Headquarters, 1946- 1947.

5. Certificate of Service, AUS, Dec. 1943 to March 
1947. Record of service on reverse.

6. Honorable Discharge as Major, USAFR, 26 9ept. 

This is a complete record of my military service, en 

For personal information, the crew of John S.JILES, Jr. was 
formed at Ardmore Air Force Base, Ardmore, Okla. You have the narnes of all 
the crew in your other record.

We flew to Grand Island, Nebraska where we picked up a 
new B-17G bomber. After calibrating the instruments and checking 
all equipment, we flew to Prestwick, Scotland via New Hampshire, 
Goose Bay, Labrador, Meeks Field, Iceland, to Prestwick, Scotland.

In England we spent two weeks at Bovingdon AFB, in southern England for
in theater training, including for me, training in the use of the GEE
navigational system.

We were then assigned to the 100th BG at Thorpe  Abbotts.

When we arrived there, due to a shortage of 
Navigators, I was assigned to the crew of Delbert E. Pearson, Pilot 
for four missions (Leipzig, Augsburg, Berlin, and Lippstadt. We 
flew it an old B-17F, No. 413, named Hard Luck.

Later, with Giles crew, we were assigned a B-17G, 
which the crew named LEADING LADY.

As you can see by Harry Crosby's letter, we became a lead 
crew, and I was promoted to Squadron Navigator, later Command 

After I returned to the States, I was assigned to 
Monroe, La. Navigation Training School until the war was over.

I was then assigned to G-2, Far East Headquarters, 
serving in the Phillippines for two months, and then the rest of my 
service in Tokyo. Japan.

For comedy, I was called REVEREND by my crew, and 
this was painted on the front of my  leather flightjacket.

I think all of this information is tne gist of my 
recall, and should complete your records for the most part.

If you need anything else, let me know and I'll see 
what I can do.

Charlie E. Gunter, Jr. 

UNAME = Ken Westerman
DIED = Charles E Gunter, Jr
DEATH_DATE = 14 June 2002
UNIT = 350th
COMMENTS = Charles E Gunter, Jr. Retired Major and Navigator, 8th Air Force Abbott. With the 100th BG. 350th Bomb Sqd. Age 84. Under the crew of John S. Giles, Jr. Charlie was a great admirer of both Harry Crosby and Rosie Rosenthal. Charlie, retired with the US FBI about 8 years ago. His still had his A2 jacket and all the book and information regarding the 100th BG Place of interment, Mt Home, AR, His pet aircraft were, "Hard Luck" - Fletchers Castoria and Leading Lady."Thank you. KenW


2nd Lt John M.Shelly               P       POW   11/9/44    RUHLAND        (WITH J. GILES CREW)
 2nd Lt Albert Skaar              CP        CPT    25/7/44    ST LO, GROUND SUPPORT
2nd Lt Michael W Spiller       NAV      CPT    25/7/44    ST LO, GROUND SUPPORT
2nd Lt Edward A.Fayette     BOM      SWA    17/7/44   AUXERRE
S/Sgt Edward D.Lowther      TTE      POW   29/7/44   MERSEBURG     (Wlth crew of G.H.Steussy)         TAPS: 1982
S/Sgt Gilbert R.Trunkett       ROG      CPT    24/7/44   ST LO, GROUND SUPPORT                                TAPS: 1 FEB 1955
 Sgt Victor H.Harikian            BTG      CPT    25/7/44   ST LO, GROUND SUPPORT
Sgt Joseph P.O'Donnell         WG      POW   29/7/44   MERSEBURG      (With crew of W.T.Fitzroy) see memo below
 Sgt Ralph H.Bates                TG      CPT     17/7/44   AUXERRE
 Sgt Gordon Winkler             WG      CPT      24/7/44    ST LO, GROUND SUPPORT

350th Sqdn. Crew,as above,joined the 100th Group on 9/3/44   Shelly flying as CP for J.S.Giles,Jr. on 11/9/44.  Lt Sterling "Pete" Lambert (from Lt Giles Crew) took over as 1st pilot on this Crew after June 20, 1944.



TARGET: Ruhland DATE: 1944-09-11  
AIRCRAFT: (43-37863) CAUSE: EAC  




The John S. Giles, Jr. crew.  Standing (left to right); Andrew G. Leuthold, Albert S. Pela, Elzo Bevan, Norbert O. DePauw, Robert B. Rowley and Jack E. Conger.  Kneeling; John S. Giles, Jr., Sterling P. Lambert Charles E. Gunter, Jr. and Cordy A. Ramer, Jr.   Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)

T/Sgt Elzo T. Bevan, 2nd from left Standing, ROG on Lt John Giles Crew. POW on Sept 11, 1944 mission to Ruhland.  Photo courtesy of daughter Charlotte Bevan. 

 The John S. Giles crew with Hard Luck and Hard Luck's ground crew. Note the mission markers on Hard Luck. This is probably one of the last photos of this A/C before it was lost on August 14, 1944, with the Donald Cielewich crew. Plane had 47 mission markers at this point. Giles crew information Cielewich crew information (100th Photo Archives) 

 The John S. Giles crew with Hard Luck! Giles crew information (100th Photo Archives) 



Crew 1

ID: 355