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LT  Robert L. MABY






 Lt Paul G.Jones                P     CPT     9/9/44 DUSSELDORF & RIEZHOLZ, CITIES
 Lt Willard Mattson           CP     NOC
 F/0 James Borovilos         NAV    CPT     13/1/45 MAINZ, BRIDGE 
 F/0 Ludwig G.Schmidt     BOM    CPT     12/9/44 MAGDEBURG, OIL; FULDS, MY
 T/Sgt Fred E.Caufield       ROG   CPT      9/9/44 DUSSELDORF & RIEZHOLZ
 T/Sgt D.R.Fogle               TTE  CPT      9/9/44 DUSSELDORF & RIEZHOLZ
 S/Sgt H.E.Meyers           BTG  CPT      9/9/44 DUSSELDORF & RIEZHOLZ
 S/Sgt George Warner     RWG   CPT      9/9/44 DUSSELDORF & RIEZHOLZ       
 S/Sgt Jack Taggart           LWG   CPT      9/9/44 DUSSELDORF & RIEZHOLZ  (Taken off Crew to reduce to 9 men, later returns to Crew 
                                                                                                              as TG when Sgt Slaght completes tour.) 
 S/Sgt Herbert W. Beyer      TG   NOC   Last known mission with Crew was 22/6/44 Paris, replaced by Sgt Slaght and then Sgt Taggart. 

418th Sqdn. Above crew assigned 100th BG in late May early June 1944. . A Charles J.Slaght was a BTG on crew of J.B.Noble on Combat Crew roster of 8/5/44.

Othe crew members include:
S/Sgt Charles J.Slaght         TG     with Lt NobleCPT   11/8/44 VILLACOUBLAY, AF (original Lt Noble Crew member)
Lt Robert Maby                  NAV   Lead Navigator (originally with 95th, later with 100th BG)
Lt G.L Reid                        NAV   with Lt Bethea Crew
Lt B. H. Olson                    NAV   with Lt Anderson Crew
Sgt R. W. Pion                    TG    with Lt Rice Crew
Sgt Donald W. Harris            TG    with Lt Bethea Crew
Sgt R.H. Walsh                    TG    with Lt Schwank Crew  

Missions of Lt Paul G. Jones (from OPS by Paul West)

1.   11/06/44    BERCK sur MER (flew as CP on Lt Rice Crew)
2.   14/06/44    LeCULOT (first mission with Crew)
3.   15/06/44    WILSTER (S.T.)
4.   20/06/44    FALLERSLEBEN
5.   21/06/44    BASDORF (BERLIN)
6.   22/06/44    PARIS (last mission for S/Sgt Beyer-TG)
7.   24/06/44    GRAND COURONNE (ROUEN) (Sgt Pion-TG)
8.   25/06/44    MARQUIS SUPPLY DROP       (Sgt Pion-TG)
9.   04/07/44    GIEN-RECALL (Lt Maby becomes Navigator on crew until 28/7/44, Sgt Walsh-TG)
10. 06/07/44    FLEURY (Sgt D.B. Harris-TG)
11. 07/07/44    MERSEBURG & BOHLEN (S/Sgt Slaght becomes permanent TG)
12. 08/07/44    CLAMECY-JOIGNY
13. 11/07/44    MUNICH
14. 12/07/44    MUNICH
15. 13/07/44    MUNICH
16. 14/07/44    MAQUIS SUPPLY DROP
17. 17/07/44    AUXERRE
18. 24/07/44    ST LO
19. 25/07/44    ST LO (crew reduced to 9 men, S/Sgt Taggart is taken off crew)
20. 28/07/44    MERSEBURG (    Lt Reid-Navigator)
21. 29/07/44    MERSEBURG      (Lt Reid-Navigator) 
22. 31/07/44    MUNICH             (Lt Reid-Navigator)
23. 05/08/44    MAGDEBURG      (Lt Reid- Navigator)
24. 06/08/44    BERLIN              (Lt Reid-Navigator)
25. 11/08/44    VILLACOUBLY    (Lt Reid-Navigator, S/Sgt Slaght completes tour)
26. 14/08/44    LUDWIGSHAVEN (Lt Borovilos-Navigator, S/Sgt Taggart rejoins crew as permanent TG)
27. 15/08/44    VENLO              (Lt Borovilos-Navigator)
28. 24/08/44    RUHLAND          (Lt Borovilos-Navigator)
29. 26/08/44    BREST, GROUND DEFENSES (Lt Borovilos-Navigator)
30. 27/08/44    BERLIN (RECALL) (Lt Borovilos-Navigator)
31. 05/09/44    STUTTGART      (Lt Olson-Navigator)
32. 08/09/44    MAINZ               (Lt Olson-Navigator)
33. 09/09/44    DUSSELDORF & RIEZHOLZ (Lt Olson-Navigator)


Lt George P. Fory                P CPT 17 OCT 44 COLOGNE
Lt Jesse A.Ruffner              CP CPT 17 OCT 44 COLOGNE
Lt Dayton W.Cafferty       NAV NOC 
Lt Lawrence V.Ogletree   BOM CPT 29 DEC 44 FRANKFURT
Sgt James G.Springer       TTE CPT 17 OCT 44 COLOGNE
Sgt George O.Knauff        ROG CPT 17 OCT 44 COLOGNE
Sgt Eugene F.Garzini         BTG CPT 24 FEB 45 BREMEN
Sgt Donald D.Wilcox          WG CPT 17 OCT 44 COLOGNE
Sgt Charles F.Duhig           WG CPT 19 OCT 44 LUDWIGSHAVEN
Sgt Lawrence E.Nunnery    TG CPT 17 OCT 44 COLOGNE

418th Sqdn. this crew, as above, joined the 100th Group on 25 May 44
(The day following the 100th's disastrous 24 May 44 Berlin Mission)
Crew flew a/c "Wittle Wonnie" (Painted on Garzini A-2 jacket)

A letter (S/4/82) from George Fory states, in part,as follows  "When I was
made Lead Pilot, I was given a new Navigator, Bombardier and a Mickey Operator.
Lt. Robert Maby-NAV 
Lt. Ralph Searle-BOM 
Lt. Mike Kretow, Radar/Opp.
Fory had a career in the Air Force and retired in 1963.  He then went into Commercial
flying Sportsmen charters & Canada bush flying.  In 1982 George was
recuperating from Cancer and not in good health.  See also p.84 of SOC.
Ralph Searle also had a Career in the USAF and retired a Lt Colonel. 

In 1993 George Fory attended a Mini Reunion on Plano, Texas and appeared to be in good shape.  Fory led 23 missions during his tour, finishing with the raid on Cologne in Oct 44.  He is perhaps best remembered for his lead on 11 Sept 44 when the 100th sustained the full force of the Luftwaffe, but continued on to the every dangerous oil target of Ruhland, Ger. He is highly respected by those who flew with him as well as all other 100th BG

Missions of Lt George Fory in 1944 (from son Jon Fory 2004…mpf)

June 2, 1944      Boulogne Shore defenses
June 4, 1944      Boulogne Shore defenses
June 5, 1944      Abbeville ailway bridge; and Boulogne, beach
June 6, 1944      D-DAY Ouistreham, beach
June 6, 1944      D-DAY Falaise, town
June 14, 1944    Le Culot Air Field
June 21, 1944    Basdorf (Berlin), Aero engines
July 12, 1944     Munich Industrial area
July 13, 1944     Munich Jet engines
July 21, 1944     Regensburg AC; and Ludwigshafen, town
July 24, 1944     St. Lo Ground support
July 25, 1944     St. Lo Ground support
July 28, 1944     Merseburg  Oil refinery
July 29, 1944     Merseburg Oil refinery; and Hildesheim, town
Aug 26, 1944     Brest Ground defenses
Aug 27, 1944     Hussum  Recall
Aug 30, 1944     Bremen Tank factory
Sep 1, 1944       Mainz Recall
Sep  8, 1944      Mainz Ordnance depot
Sep  9, 1944      Dusseldorf Arms factory; and Riezholz, town
Sep11, 1944      Ruhland Oil refinery * see Crew listing below for this mission
Sep 25, 1944     Ludwigshafen MY
Sep 28, 1944     Merseburg Oil refinery
Sep 30, 1944     Bielefeld Ordnance dump
Oct   3, 1944     Illesheim AF; Ludwigsburg, town; and Nurnburg, tank factory
Oct   5, 1944     Handorf AF (recall)
Oct   6, 1944     Berlin AC components
Oct   7, 1944     Bohlen Oil refinery; and Hamlin, MY
Oct 15, 1944     Cologne MY
Oct 17, 1944     Cologne MY

B-17G 42-97961 PFF 95th Bomb Group, 336th Sq   ET-K
A/C name: None            
100TH BG "A GROUP"  Lead   Lead # 1
Maj. M F Youngs        COMMAND PILOT     350th CO
Lt. G P Fory                PILOT                        418th Lead Pilot
Lt. J A Ruffner            CP/Formation Officer  418th
Lt. R L Maby               NAVIGATOR               418th
T/Sgt. G O Knauff       ROG                           418th
Lt. M J Kretow            MICKEY OPERATOR  418th
S/Sgt. D D Wilcox        WG                             418th
S/Sgt. L E Nunnery      TG/WG                       418th
Lt. C E Gunter             LEAD NAVIGATOR    Lead Nav 350th
Lt.  Ralph R. Searle     BOMARDIER               418th
T/Sgt J. G. Springer     TTE                            418th





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