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 Ian S. Lochhead, TTE on the Ronald N. Lebo crew. Lebo crew information (Photo courtesy Ian Smart Lochhead family) 

T/Sgt Ian Lochhead TTE on Lt Lebo Crew in front of Bermondsey Belle. 


Comments1: 11 APR 45 Landshüt




Lt. Ronald N. Lebo                    P CPT
Lt. Paul W. Green                    CP CPT
Lt. Bernard O. Bonin              NAV CPT
T/Sgt Gene C. Bankston        TOG CPT (Moved from WG to TOG when Pitkowsky left crew)
T/Sgt Thaddeus C. Harned     ROG CPT
T/Sgt Ian S. Lochhead           TTE CPT
S/Sgt Joseph A. Lazaro           BTG CPT
S/Sgt Samuel Pitkowsky         TOG NOC (Thought to have CPT as spare TOG)
S/Sgt Rudolph P. Zusman         TG CPT

349th Squadron - This crew joined the 100th on 29 November 1944. It is interesting that they joined the group along with the Paul L. Carroll crew - a coin was flipped to determine squadron assignment--Carroll's crew went to the 418th and were shot down on their fourth mission. All became POW's, while the Lebo crew flew a complete tour. 

Mission Log of the Ronald Lebo Crew
Supplied by Gene C. Bankston in Jan 1995

 NO#  Target    Date
 1. Coblenz, Germany   12/28/44
 2. Frankfurt, Germany   12/29/44
 3. Kassel, Germany   12/30/44
 4. Frankfurt, Germany   01/05/45
 5. Cologne, Germany   01/07/45
 6. Cologne, Germnay   01/10/45
 7. Derben, Germany   01/14/45
 8. Hamburg, Germany   01/17/45
 9. Heilbronn, Germany   01/20/45
 10. Mannheim, Germany   01/21/45
 11. Kassel, Germany   01/29/45
 12. Berlin, Germany   02/03/45
 13. Weimar, Germany   02/09/45
 14. Chemnitz, Germany   02/14/45
 15. Cottbus, Germany   02/15/45
 16. Osnabrück, Germany   02/19/45
 17. Brunswick, Germany   03/03/45
 18. Ulm, Germany    03/04/45
 19. Frankfurt. Germany   03/08/45
 20. Frankfurt, Germany   03/09/45
 21. Dortmünd, Germany   03/10/45
 22. Oranienberg, Germany   03/15/45
 23. Berlin, Germany   03/18/45
 24. Jena, Germany    03/19/45
 25. Plauen, Germany   03/21/45
 26. Steenwijk, Holland   03/24/45
 27. Kiel, Germany    04/04/45
 28. Nurnberg, Germany   04/05/45
 29. Leipzig, Germany   04/06/45
 30. Büchen, Germany   04/07/45
 31. Eger, Czechoslovakia   04/08/45
 32. Munich, Germany   04/09/45
 33. Landshüt, Germany   04/11/45


Dear Friend:
My late father: "Ian Smart Lochhead" was a member of the 100th Bomb Group and a member of the 349th Squadron under the direction of: 2nd Lt. Ronald N. Lebo as crew leader. My late father died on June 11, 2004 in Polson, Montana of natural causes. He was 87 years of age. 2nd Lt. Lebo and his crew flew 33 successful bombing missions mostly over Germany and returned my father home safely. I have been purchasing and collecting my late father's medals and awards earned during W.W.II and I plan to put the history into a shadow box for our family to enjoy and pass on to our future generations as I am 70 years of age myself. I am his only living son. I can be contacted at my email address or at my home: Neil J. Lochhead, 1149 Marbella Ct., Grover Beach, Ca. 93433 
Thank you, Neil J. Lochhead







Ian Lochhead, Number 12, and the basketball team from the Amarillo Army Air Field.  Air crews trained at Amarillo. Photo courtesy of Ian Smart Lochhead

Amarillo Army Air Field Basketball Team.  Photo courtesy of Ian Smart Lochhead family

Ian S. Lochhead in training at Amarillo Army Air Field. Courtesy of Ian Smart Lochhead family.

Ian S. Lochhead in training at Amarillo Army Air Field. Courtesy of Ian Smart Lochhead family.

Ian S. Lochhead in training at Amarillo Army Air Field. Courtesy of Ian Smart Lochhead family.

 T/Sgt Ian S. Lochhead, TTE on the Ronald N. Lebo crew in his dress uniform. (Courtesy of Ian Smart Lochhead family) Lebo crew information 

 T/Sgt Ian S. Lochhead, TTE on the Ronald N. Lebo crew. Photo taken at time of enlistment. (Courtesy of Ian Smart Lochhead family) Lebo crew information 



Crew 1

ID: 3156