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S/SGT  William P. HOHMAN

SERIAL #: 33003367 STATUS: KIA
MACR: 04947 CR: 04947

Comments1: 19 MAY 44 BERLIN (EAC - CRASHED AT SEA)




2nd Lt Martin D.Rupert           P  KIA  19/5/44  (On  WALLof THE MISSING)  TARGET WAS BERLIN
F/O Bertram D.Lobdell           CP CPT 25/9/44 LUDWIGSHAFEN, MY
2nd Lt Greek R.James,Jr.    NAV  KIA 19/5/44 (On WALL OF THE MISSING)
2nd Lt Lynn H.Barbour       BOM  POW 19/5/44
S/Sgt Ralph G.Hawk           ROG  KIA 19/5/44 (On WALL OF THE MISSING)
S/Sgt Herbert H.Cole          TTE  KIA 19/5/44 (On WALL OF THE MISSING)
S/Sgt Cecil J.McNeer           BTG  KIA 19/5/44 (On WALL OF THE MISSING)
  Sgt Charles L.Haswell        LWG  KIA 19/5/44
  Sgt Thomas E.Hick          RWG  KIA 19/5/44
  Sgt William P.Hohman        TG   KIA 19/5/44 ( On WALL OF THE MISSING)

350th Sqdn. Crew as above, joined the 100th Group on 12/4/44. MACR #4947, Micro fiche #4947 A/C B 17G 42 38191.

On 19/5/44, a 1st Lt John J.Raring was flying as CP and was KIA (He is on WALL OF THE MISSING)

A/C #191 was shot down by E/A on their first pass through the formation at 1518 hours. it went down under control circling to the right. Six 
chutes came out as a/c went down. When last seen all props were turning and there was no smoke coming from the a/c. The crash was seen by 
some fishermen from Rodbyhavn,and they went to the crash point and picked up Lt.Barbour, but despite intense search in the area no other 
survivors llere found. Body of S/Sgt Hick was found at sea near Vejlo Island in Nakskov Fjord on 24/7/44 and he was buried at Sandby 
Cemetary. Body of Haswell  & Hicks was found at sea 12 km W of Rodbyhavn on 22/7/44 They were buried in Rodby Cemetary. In 1948 S/Sgt Hick's remains were exhumed and returned to U.S.A. S/Sgt Haswell is still resting in the Rodby Cemetary.

Statement by Lynn Barbour "At the time of the first attack fire was started by enemy action, near the forward escape hatch. I immediately tried 
to extinguish it. In moving from my position; in the nose of the ship to the location of the fire, my inter phone & oxygen system were 
disconnected, therefore I was not in communication with the other members  of the crew from the time the attack started until I bailed out.  As 
we were immediately put  out of action, and the plane was out of control, there was no time to re-establish inter-phone communications.  Not 
certain whether the crew had been notified to abandon ship, I shouted at the navigator to ascertain that fact and he did so. The plane being out of 
control and pilotless we had no choice but to bail out.
 In your investigation as to the fate of my crew members, I suggest you contact Mr. James MacDougall, Nakskov Hospital, Nakskov, Denmark. He did, and should still be able to contact fishermen who rescued me from the Baltic Sea. I believe I was docked by these fishermen at a small town named Rodby, which is a small fishing village, believed to be East of the town of  Nakskov on the Island of Lloland. I am not certain this is the correct name of the village, but this could be definitely ascertained from Mr. MacDougall, mentioned above.
 Mr. MacDougall could also put you in touch with a Doctor from this village who attended me at the dock. When rescued from the sea I was unable to make the fishermen understand that there were other crew in the area, due to my own mental and physical incapacity from injuries and exposure and also due to the language difficulties. None of the fishermen could speak or understand English. Upon reaching land, I was able to contact a person who spoke English. When the situation was described to him he promised to send the boats to conduct a search for the other crew members. I personally believe this was not done and also further believe that if such a search had been conducted other members of the crew would definitely have been found alive or their bodies would have been found floating with the support of their Mae West life vests.
 I was a patient at Nakskov Hospital for a period of three months, and during this time, upon repeated inquiries, I never received definite confirmation other boats were sent out. All inquires were instituted through Mr, MacDongall, who is the son of Dr. MacDongall, Head of the Nakskov Hospital, Nakskov City, Island of Lloland, Denmark."
        Signed:  Lynn H. Barbour
        1st Lt. A.C. O-761287

Items found on the body of Sgt Hick, which washed ashore on 24 Jul 1944 :
 1 Plain finger ring
 1 Bracelet with plate engrave (Thomas E. Hicks and Caroline V. Barth)
 1 Chain with I.D. tag
 8 Photos
 1 Box of pills
 1 Rubber bag
 1 Dictionary in cellophane.

Barbour goes on to relate he was rescued from the sea by Danish fisherman and taken to the small town of Rodby, just east of Nakskow, 
Denmark on the island of Lioland. He attempted unsuccessfully to get the point across that others of his crew must be in the sea and a search 
should be conducted. Barbour says he was a patient at Nakskov hospital for three months.



TARGET: Berlin DATE: 1944-05-19  
AIRCRAFT: (42-38191) CAUSE: EAC-Crashed at Sea  


GRAVE: Wall/Misng CEMETERY: Cambridge Military Cemetery  


William P. Hohman 350th TG Maryland KIA 19 May 44 Berlin Martin D. Rupert Crew

 Martin D. Rupert Crew. The only survivors from this crew were Bertram D. Lodbell and Lynn H. Barbour. The remaining were all KIA  May 19, 1944 on a mission to Berlin. (100th Photo Archives) Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 



Crew 1

ID: 2382