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 Walter H. "Walt" Hamilton, Co-Pilot on the Alvin "Mike" Meiklejohn crew. Meiklejohn crew Photo courtesy of the Hamilton family. 

Lt. & Mrs. W.H. Hamilton, Denver residents both. Wedding photo circa March, 1944 in Pecos Texas near Pecos Army Air Field, upon graduating from “Advanced, two engine training Class 44-C. 
Courtesy of Son Walter C. Hamilton

Major Walter H. Hamilton & B-52 crew circa 1963. Major Walter H. Hamilton, B-52 command pilot and former 100th B.G. Crew member, first from left. Courtesy of Son Walter C. Hamilton


Comments1: 28 FEB 45 KASSEL




2ND LT ALVIN J. MEIKLEJOHN       P CPT 28 FEB 45 KASSEL sn# O-807488
2ND LT MLADDEN D. ZECK        NAV CPT 28 FEB 45 KASSEL sn# O-2060869 ("flew hamburg with another crew" saw piggyback") 
F/O ROBERT K. WALSH            BOM CPT 28 FEB 45 KASSEL  sn# T-3864
CPL JORGE CABRERA                ROG CPT 28 FEB 45 KASSEL sn# 19129533
CPL MERVIN E. LONG               TTE CPT 28 FEB 45 KASSEL sn# 38465995 
CPL RANDOLPH T. ARNOLD       BTG CPT 28 FEB 45 KASSEL sn# 312626684
CPL FLOYD E. KELLS                 WG CPT 28 FEB 45 KASSEL sn# 15097970
CPL HOWARD J. THAYNE          WG KIA        sn# 39923700   (crew took a straw vote and  he lost! He was sent to 15th AF and was shot down and KIA.) 
CPL GEORGE H. BOWLES           TG CPT  28 FEB 45 KASSEL sn# 39924464

350th sqdn.. Crew, as above, joined the 100th on 23 Sep 1944. 

1st Lt. Walter H. Hamilton who as Co-pilot of the Alvin Meiklejohn crew flew 34 combat sorties starting 10/17/44 through 2/28/45. 

Plane flown was "Mile High Minnie" The first plane flown by the crew was 231991 Miss Chief"
Crew flew overseas in A/C 43-38501 from Grenier Field on September 7, 1944. Dropped off plane in Wales. Were sent to 100th BG to make up for the losses on Sept 11, 1944 mission to Ruhland.  

Recollections of Lt Zeck:
I flew as Nav with another crew on Hamburg Mission on Dec 31, 1944.  I saw the piggyback incident and watched as the two planes flew towards the same position and pancaked.  They pulled away from the formation and headed back to towards land.  Our TTE would always say "sure wish I had me some buttermilk and chili" and you know what, when I got back to the States I went and had some buttermilk and chili just to see what it tasted like! 
When the Crew had to be reduced to 9 men, we drew staws and Sgt Thayne lost. He was sent to the 15th Air Force and I believe he was shot down. 
Went back home on Queen Mary  and got the news that Roosevelt had died while they were on the ship.  
Copilot on a mission asked Dan Zeck if he had a spare pair of short because he had just Shit his pants!


Walter H. Hamilton 

Walter Harold Hamilton beloved husband and father passed peacefully July 16, 2010 at the age of 87 after a lengthy illness. He was surrounded by loving care at the family home in Ventura; CA. Walter was born Dec. 5, 1922, in Inglewood, CO, a suburb of Denver. Walter grew up in Denver where he met the love of his life, Margaret Ann Chambers before World War II interrupted his family life and his education, the study of electrical engineering at Colorado University. He married Margaret in Pecos, Texas on Jan. 29, 1944 where he was a pilot in training with the Army Air Corps. He graduated, received his wings and later flew B-17's from England in combat over Nazi Germany as a member of the 100th Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force; and for that service, was awarded the Air Medal. Walter finished his bachelor's degree with the help of the G.I. Bill after the war and re-entered the U.S. Air Force. His Air Force career spanned over 20 years during which he flew B-29's in Korea; served as a command pilot of B-52 bombers; was a launch officer of a "Minuteman" missile crew and ultimately was responsible for the oversight of electronic quality control for an entire missile unit in his region. He retired to California in 1966 where he worked in various defense related jobs including working at the Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station in their target division for several years. Walter was a brilliant yet humble family man and home body who sometimes enjoyed playing the piano and was completely devoted to his wife, Margaret. He was private and shy but generous with both family and friends and loved to slip puns into conversations often with a knowing wink of one of his beautiful blue eyes. He was also an inveterate 'gadgeteer' who rarely saw an electronic appliance he didn't like (and want) for the home. Dad's pleasures included riding motorcycles and for years he was a familiar sight to neighbors on his large, cherry-red Honda 'Reflex' motor scooter. He went on numerous jaunts to destinations like Lake Casitas, often in the company of his brother Erny (on an identical, cherry red Honda)!

Walter is survived by his loving wife of more than 66 years, Margaret of Ventura, CA; daughter Judy E. Hamilton of Bisbee, Arizona; son Walter C. Hamilton of Santa Barbara, CA; grandson Andrew J. King of Bend, Oregon; sister Eleanor Webster and her children Viva Ann and Ken Jr., all of Kennewick, WA; two nieces, Marcella (Carston) Hamilton of Hellerup, Denmark and Celia (Erik) Anderson of Riverside, CA; two brothers in law, Raymond and William Chambers and a nephew William Jr. (Carrie) all of Denver, Colorado.
The family wishes to thank the staff of Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice; the Sister Servants of Mary Convent in Oxnard, CA and caregiver Nicolas Sydiongco.


My relationship to a member of the 100th B.G. is that I am the proud son of (then) 1st Lt. Walter H. Hamilton who as Co-pilot of the Alvin Meiklejohn crew flew 34 combat sorties starting 10/17/44 through 2/28/45. 

Two additional points that may be of interest to members: 

First, coincidentally to the location of our upcoming reunion, three of this crew, including my Dad, were from Denver, Colorado and they named their plane “Mile High City” although some have told me it was “Mile High Minnie”. My father and mother’s ashes (Mom was also from Denver) are interred at Ft. Logan near Denver & I will certainly visit there during my attendance. 

Secondly, Dad survived at least one mission by an emergency landing in occupied Belgium (and by some accounts also one or more ditchings in the North Sea); finished his college in Denver on the G.I. Bill and reentered the USAF eventually serving as Command Pilot of a B-52 crew and retiring at rank of Major in 1966.

Walter C Hamilton -Son






 From the left, Alvin "Mike" Meiklejohn, Robert K, "Bob" Walsh, David Zeck and Walter "Walt" Hamilton Detailed Information Photo courtesy of Alvin J. Meiklejohn 

 Alvin "Mike" Meiklejohn, Robert "Bob" Walsh and Walter "Walt" Hamilton Detailed Information Photo courtesy of Alvin J. Meiklejohn 

 Alvin L. Meiklejohn crew: Kneeling (Left to Right), Alvin L. "Mike" Meiklejohn, Walter H. Hamilton, Mladden D. Zeck and Robert K. Welsh. Standing, Randolph T. Arnold, Jorge Cabrera, George H. Bowles, Floyd E. Kells and Mervin E. Long. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

 Alvin J. Meiklejohn crew: Front row L to R; Alvin J. Meiklejohn, Walter H. Hamilton, Mladden D. Zeck, Robert K. Walsh, Standing; Randolph T. Arnold, Jorge Cabrera, George H. Bowles, Floyd E. Kells, and Marvin E. Long  

Alvin L. Meiklejohn Crew (left to right)
Kneeling: Walt Hamilton (CP), Bob Walsh (BOM), Al Meiklejohn (P), David Zeck (NAV)
Standing: Randolph Arnold (BTG), Floyd Kells (WG), Mervin Long (TTE),
George Bowles (TG), Jorge Cabrera (ROG), courtesy of Alvin J. Meiklejohn 

Article in Denver paper about a mission Lt Hamilton flew . Courtesy of Son Walter C. Hamilton



Crew 1

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