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 John Dutka with the Martin Tashjian crew finishing his first mission and Charles N. Mabey with the Donal M. Mitchell crew. Dutke - Detailed Information Mabey - Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

MACR: 02427 CR: 02427

Comments1: 20 FEB 44 POSEN (POLAND) (CL - SWEDEN)





2nd Lt Arthur J.Harris                P       20 FEB 44      POSEN & SETTIN          INTERNEE   (Sweden) 
2nd Lt John Dutka                   CP      20 FEB 44      POSEN & SETTIN          INTERNEE
F/O Morrls C.West                  NAV     20 FEB 44      POSEN & SETTIN          INTERNEE
2nd Lt Albert A.Marchiondo     BOM     20 FEB 44      POSEN & SETTIN          INTERNEE
T/Sgt Rene L.Tujague            ROG     20 FEB 44      POSEN & SETTIN          INTERNEE
T/Sgt Alvin Grasshoff              TTE     20 FEB 44      POSEN & SETTIN          INTERNEE
S/Sgt Donald A.Petrecca         BTG     20 FEB 44      POSEN & SETTIN          INTERNEE
S/Sgt Lester L.Errett              RWG    20 FEB 44      POSEN & SETTIN          INTERNEE
S/Sgt John A.Martin               LWG    20 FEB 44      POSEN & SETTIN          INTERNEE
S/Sgt Frederick J.Kaczynski      TG      20 FEB 44      POSEN & SETTIN          INTERNEE

350th Sqdn. Crew,as above,is taken from the MACR #2427  microfiche # 807.
Crew was flying 42-39792 LN-X "HALF & HALF"  

On 20/2/44,this crew apparently flying with 95th BG. This plane was hit
by Fighters and then by flak at the target: Settin.  Lt Harris pulled out of formation in 
high sqdn. at 5430N   1150E and later was seen to go down into undercast with #2 
engine on fire.

This Crew did make it to Sweden and landed at Toftshogsgard where they were briefly interned. A statement made by Sgt. Donald Petrecca on 17 Nov.1944 is as follows:  ". . . Entire crew except pilot are returned to duty are now in the U.S. I have seen them in U.K. and off to the States. Pilot was returned to U.K. one month after being interned. . . . . Have seen official reports telling of Pilot (Harris) having 
flown missions after being taken out of Sweden was shot down and is now a Prisoner of War in Germany."

The statement relative to Lt.Harris was absolutely correct. On 24/5/44,flying as 
CP (actually as tail gunner/Formation Officer) with a crew piloted by Capt.J.R.Geary, Harris was 
shot down and made a POW. See Geary info below.

This crew joined the 100th Group on 1/12/43. At that time the CP was 2nd Lt James M.Stanley, the NAV was 2nd Lt Richard R.Powell and the BOM was 2nd Lt Charles R.Fond. Powell was KIC on 29/1/44 with crew of L.C.Marks. No further record of Stanley & Fond.


Capt James R.Geary                P          POW   24/5/44    BERLIN
Major  Maurice J.Fitzgerald     CMD P     POW   24/5/44    BERLIN
1st Lt Arthur J.Harris              CP         POW   24/5/44    BERLIN (Flying as TG) (SEE BELOW FOR INFORMATION ON HARRIS)
1st Lt A.Edwin Stern,Jr.        BOM       POW   24/5/44    BERLIN
2nd Lt Dort B.Payne             NAV       POW   24/5/44    BERLIN
 T/Sgt Louis Paltrineri            ROG      POW    24/5/44    BERLIN (WIA)  (From the E.McKay crew)
 T/Sgt Francis Acker              BTG      POW    24/5/44    BERLIN           (From the E.McKay crew)
 S/Sgt Carl F.Schuster            TTE      POW    24/5/44    BERLIN           (From the E.McKay crew)
 S/Sgt John E.Trout              RWG     POW    24/5/44    BERLIN (WIA) (From the E.McKay crew) 
 S/Sgt Jack W.Domenig         LWG     POW    24/5/44    BERLIN  (WIA  (From the E.McKay crew)

350th Sqdn.  On 24/5/44 this was the lead ship of the Group formation. Major Fitzgerald was C.O. of the 
350th and Capt Geary was a pilot who had completed a tour of operations with the 390th Bomb Group and 
then been assigned to the 100th. Lt.A.J.Harris,as pilot of his own crew had been interned in Sweden on 
20/2/44 with his crew but apparently had gotten back to Thorpe Abbotts by some means. It seems most 
unusual that he would have been allowed to fly over Europe again because,for security reasons,Evadees & 
Internees were invariably sent back to the U.S.A.

This crew bailed out over Ludwigslust,Germany and all were captured.

The 100th lost nine aircraft this day. MIGHTY EIGHTH WAR DIARY (p.249) says "Opposed by some 200 
E/A,100BG became separated from bomber stream by weather and contrails and were subjected to heavy 

Original Crew of Lt Dutka:


2nd Lt.Martin Tashjian           P       IIC   4/12/43     KIA    15/3/44    BRUNSWICK
2nd Lt. John Dutka              CP      IIC       "
2nd Lt. Floyd E.Hartman     NAV      IIC       "         POW    29/7/44  MERSEBURG  (TAPS:10 APR 1990) 
2nd Lt. Bennie Epstein       BOM      IIC       "
 T/Sgt. Floyd O.Douglas      TTE      IIC      "          KIA       29/7/44  MERSEBURG
 T/Sgt. Robert D.Longworth  ROG   IIC       "          KIA      15/3/44  BRUNSWICK(With Devore)
   Sgt. Wilbur W.  Palmer     WG
   Sgt. John H.White           WG                           POW      6/3/44  BERLIN  (with J.Lautenschlager)
   Sgt. James S.Morrow       BTG                           KIA       24/5/44 BERLIN  (with D.S.Pearson)
   Sgt. Lucien E.Neveu         TG

 Crew,as above,joined the 100th BG (351st Sqdn.) on 1/12/43.  On 4/12/43 Crew was IIC = Injured in a crash of a 100th aircraft.

Original Crew of Lt Marchiondo:

2nd Lt Herbert A.Alf                     P   POW  29/4/44 SOTTEVAST (With Crew of W.G.Lakin & COL KELLY)
1st Lt Kenneth L.Rasmussen        CP   NOC
2nd Lt Raymond B.Phaneuf         N     NOC
2nd Lt Albert A.Marchiondo      BOM   INTERNEE   20/2/44 POSEN & SETTIN (With crew of A.J.Harrls)
   Sgt Jimison T.Pyles               TTE   NOC
   Sgt Carmine V.Roberto          ROG  KIA   29/7/44 MERSEBURG  (With crew of W.T.Fitzroy)
   Sgt Francis J.Flemm, Jr           BTG  NOC
   Sgt Jerome H.Gordon             WG  CPT
   Sgt Herschel P.Lowe              WG  CPT        (With crew of D..C.Rice)
   Sgt Joseph C.Krusienskl           TG  KIA   6/3/44 BERLIN (With crew of D.Radtke)

418th Sqdn. Crew,as above, joined the 100th Group on 1/12/43

It would appear that this crew was "broken up" soon after it came to the 
100th.  Letter from Gordon 26/1/91 says Rasmussen .RFS soon after arrival in Eng. 
because of ulcers & returned to ZI. Crew then broken up and members flew 
as replacements with other crews. Gordon flew 5 missions in three months 
then was grounded because of (anoxia?) despite his official protest.



TARGET: Posen & Settin DATE: 1944-02-20  
AIRCRAFT: "HALF & HALF" (42-39792) CAUSE: EAC-FLAK (Interned in Sweden)  


ID: 1430