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LT  Frank W. DUNST


 Frank Dunst, Jr. of the Herman Streich crew. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 


Comments1: 24 MAR 45 STEENWIJK




2nd Lt Herman F.Streich      P  CPT 17/2/45    FRANKFURT & GIESSEN
2nd Lt Richard W.King        CP  KIA  31/12/44  HAMBURG (With crew flown by F.E.Henderson)
2nd Lt Leon Schwartz      NAV  CPT 19/2/45    OSNABRUCK  sn# O-723444
2nd Lt Frank Dunst,Jr.      BOM CPT  24/3/45    STEENWIJK/HAVELTE  & ZIEGENHAIN (made lead bomb after 6 missions) sn# O-759910
   Cpl Thomas E. Pepper    ROG CPT  17/2/45    FRANKFURT & GIESSEN
   Cpl Edward R.Benice       BTG  NOC (never flew a mission with this crew) 
   Cpl George H.Holland      TTE  CPT 17/2/45    FRANKFURT & GIESSEN
   Cpl Thomas L.Whitacre     WG  CPT  17/2/45    FRANKFURT & GIESSEN
   Cpl Herman H.Buhse WG/TOG  CPT  17/2/45    FRANKFURT & GIESSEN (Toggleer after 6 missions)
   Cpl Elwood O.Mattiza        TG   CPT  17/2/45    FRANKFURT & GIESSEN

351st Sqdn.  Crew joined 100th Group on 09 Sept1944 according to the Sqdn Diary for Sept. (p.2).

Lived in "Stye 9" Hut with Lt Wallace Wilson and Lt Harrison Crew

Frank Streich was a TV film producer in England for many years after WWII.

This crew flew thirty five missions, many in "Fever Beaver." This venerable old 100th aircraft flew  135 missions. Her crew chief was J.D.Pearson, who appeared on the 1985 Taps list, became almost a surrogate father to young Sam Hurry.  Hurry latter became President of the !00th Bomb Groups English Association.  Others who served on this Crew included; Copilots Lt Paul Batterman and Lt Tom Slaven (from Lt Rosenbaum Crew).  Sgt Harvey J. Lehman (from Lt Clifton Williams Crew) was transferred to this Crew as BTG and completed tour on 17/2/45 mission to Frankfurt & Giessen.  According to Lt Schwartz, Lt King had been grounded and wonders why he filled in  on Lt Henderson's crew on 31 DEC 44 mission to Hamburg? Lt Schwartz also states that they flew FEVER BEAVER on her 100th MISSION (she flew 135 missions in all)

The following mission list was provided by Frank Dunst, Jr. on 2-29-00...JR


DUNST,JR., FRANK 1st. Lt. O-759910

10-2-44   Kassel,Ger.  1-5-45    Frankfurt, Ger.
10-5-44   Berlin, Ger.  1-10-45  Duisburg, Ger.
10-7-44   Bohlen, Ger.  1-14-45  Derben, Ger.
10-12-44 Bremen, Ger.   1-17-45  Hamburg, Ger.
10-17-44 Cologne, Ger.   1-20-45  Heilbronn, Ger.
11-2-44   Merseburg, Ger. 1-28-45  Duisburg, Ger.
11-5-44   Ludwigshaven, Ger. 1-29-45  Kassel, Ger.
11-6-44   Neumunster, Ger. 2-6-45   Chemnitz, Ger.
11-9-44   Saarbrucken, Ger. 2-9-45  Weimer, Ger.
11-16-44 Langrewehe, Ger. 2-26-45   Berlin, Ger.
11-29-44 Hamm, Ger.  3-3-45    Brunswick, Ger.
12-2-44  Coblenz, Ger.  3-4-45  Ulm, Ger.
12-12-44 Darmstadt, Ger. 3-9-45    Frankfurt, Ger.
12-24-44 Biblis, Ger.  3-11-45  Hamburg, Ger.
12-30-44 Kassel, Ger.  3-19-45  Jena, Ger.
   1-3-45 Fulda, Ger.  3-24-45  Steenwijk, Holland
Air Medal-GO#976, Hq 3d BD, 11-13-44 Atzd Bz Star to ETO, Campaign

OLC to A/M-GO#1103, Hq 3d BD, 12-19-44 France, Ltr Hq ETOUSA AG 200.6 Op

OLC to A/M-GO#69, Hq 3d BD, 1-20-45 Atzd Bz Sv Star to ETO, Campaign

OLC to A/M-GO#186, Hq 3d BD, 2-13-45 (No.2), Ltr Hq ETOUSA Ag 200.6 Op

OLC to A/M-GO#598, Hq 3d BD, 3-24-45

Lt Paul Batterman flew as Copilot with Lt Streich Crew
2nd Lt Paul B.Batterman         P   CPT    6/4/45 LEIPZIG
F/0 Raymond Stiller            CP   CPT
2nd Lt Norman Graham     NAV  CPT  TAPS: 1989
2nd Lt Arthur R.Zemske   BOM  CPT  6/4/45 LEIPZIG
   Cpl Thomas H.Fagan     ROG  CPT  TAPS: 1/24/89
   Cpl Robert B.May          TTE   CPT  TAPS: 11/14/80
   Cpl Reid G.Jonson          WG   CPT  TAPS:  1/8/80
   Cpl Leon E.Hebert,Jr.    BTG   CPT  (originally LWG)
   Cpl Elmer E.Hooper        TG   CPT
   Cpl Robert C.Mackey     WG   NOC     (originally BTG)

351st Sqdn. Crew,as above,joined 100th Group on 5/10/44.

Henderson crew
On the  31 DEC 44 ( HAMBURG) mission,  FLOYD E. HENDERSON was the first pilot of this crew..Appears mainly that of Carl J. HEDIN...jb
These  crewmen were with the crew of Floyd E.Henderson on 31/12/44. Henderson, himself,was CP on the crew of R.L.Stevenson when that crew joined the 100th Group on 14/7/44. 

A/C #42-31066 "Fools Rush In"  MACR #11366, MICRO-FICHE #4183

2nd  Lt   Richard W. King             CP        KIA 31 DEC 44  HAMBURG  (from Lt Streich Crew)
2nd   Lt   George J. Smigo, Jr     NAV       POW 31 DEC 44  HAMBURG
S/Sgt  Elmer L. Kovach            TOGG        KIA 31 DEC 44  HAMBURG
S/Sgt George J.Robinson            ROG       KIA  31 DEC 44  HAMBURG
 S/Sgt James W.Shepard            TTE      KIA   31 DEC 44  HAMBURG
   Sgt Leo O.Murphy                  BTG     POW    31DEC /44  HAMBURG
   Sgt Fred Horcasitas                 WG       KIA     31 DEC 44  HAMBURG
   Sgt Frank S.Sauls                    TG       POW   31 DEC 44  HAMBURG

EYEWITNESS:  "A/C 42-31066 recieved a direct hit by flak just before "Bombs Away" , and the bombs were salvoed. 
     The A/C fell off on the right wing and dropped onto A/C #43-38124 piloted by Lt Clifton M. Williams.
     Both aircraft went down in flames  and one exploded" (See Williams crew below)

Lt Clifton M.Williams     P    KIA   31/12/44 HAMBURG
Lt Kenneth W.Newkirk   CP  KIA "
Lt Richard F.Williams   NAV  KIA " A/C #43 38124
Lt Lawrence W.Ward   BOM  POW  " MACR #11363,Fiche #4182
T/S/Sgt Charles J.McGinley  ROG  KIA " 
T/Sgt .Alvin H.Petteys   TTE  KIA "
S/Sgt Lee F.Carpenter   BTG  KIA "
S/Sgt  James H.Murphy        WG   POW  "  TAPS: 1973
  Cpl  Gordon R.Sinclair      TG   CPT  15 /3/45 ORANIENBURG /WITH THE S. JOHNSON CREW AS NAV (see note)

351st Sqdn. Sqdn Diary of Sept.1944 notes this crew as joining the 100th Group in Sept. A Cpl.Harvey J.Lehman was 
on the crew at that time but no further record of him has turned up.

On 31/12/44, S/Sgt Roland L.Douglas,from the crew of Gerald Brown,was flying in place of Gordon Sinclair and was 
made a POW.

Gordon Sinclair was removed from Navigator's school one day short of graduation for some unknown infraction, proably the Training Command acted  a bit over zealous in view of the need for trained Navigators.  The 351st Sqdn. Commander (Harry Cruver, a man known to have had some disagreements with training command personnel during his cadet days) corrected this bit of over zealousness by immediately promoting Sinclair to M/Sgt and  making him the Navigator for the Sidney Johnson crew, where he completed a tour.  This from Charles M. Beck, of the Sidney Johnson







 Frank Dunst, Jr. of the Herman Streich crew. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

 The Herman F. Streich crew Stateside: Kneeling; (Left to Right) Richard W. King, Herman F. Streich, Frank Dunst, Jr. and Leon Schwartz. The remaining crewmembers are not identified. Streich Crew Information (100th Photo Archives) 

 Officers of the Herman F. Streich crew, L to R, Richard King, Herman Streich, Leon Schwartz, and Frank Dunst taken September 1944. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

Fever Beaver 135 Missions flown. Leon Schwartz - Nav  and Frank Dunst-Bom on Lt Herman Frank Streich Crew



Crew 1

ID: 1420