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S/SGT  Ralph S. DEW


Comments1: JOINED 100TH 03 APR 1945




2nd Lt Albert Kirsling                   P   FEH
F/O George P. Lavoie                 CP   FEH
2nd Lt John F. Accinelli             NAV   FEH  sn# O-2074618
2nd Lt Norbert L. Robaskiewicz  BOM   FEH  sn# O-2068123  (CHANGED LAST NAME TO ROBIE AFTER THE WAR)
 Cpl Ralph S. Dew                    ROG   FEH
 Cpl John L. Riggle                   TTE    FEH
 Cpl Leland K. Denning              WG    FEH
 Cpl Robert W. Steinmetz           TG    FEH
 Cpl Leonard J. Czarnowski        BTG    FEH

349th Sqdn. Joined the 100th Group on 3/4/45.

Missions of Lt Albert Kirsling (from  Lt Accinelli)

1. 14 Apr 45   Royan
2. 15 Apr 45   Royan 
3. 16 Apr 45   Royan
4. 17 Apr 45   Aussig (Lt Accinelli flew with another crew)

HI Mike...Here is all I have on the 2nd LT. ALBERT KIRSLING CREW...349th Sqdn,joined 100th April 3rd,1945.…

                             13 APRIL 1945                KIRSLING   514  R, HARDSTAND # 24, D-SQDN, 44-8514     XR-R  Lassie Come Home
COMBAT MISSIONS--14 APRIL 1945, ROYAN...  KIRSLING  681  V ,HARDSTAND # 24, A-SQDN  43-338681  XR-V, Grumblin' Gremlin III 
                             15 APRIL 1945, ROYAN…  KIRSLING  681   V,HARDSTAND # 24, C-SQDN, 43-338681  XR-V  Grumblin' Gremlin III
                             16 APRIL 1945, ROYAN     

AFTER HOSTILITIES, CREW CHANGES....2 ND LT JOHN F. ACCINELLI  (N)  on the KIRSLING crew  transferred to the W. Griswold Smith crew  and  2nd Lt. Wilson P. Turnipseed (N) on the SMITH crew transferred to the KIRSLING crew, until 100th BG aircraft left Group October,1945..Misc notes..Ralph S. Dew  ROG on the KIRSLING crew ,along with Joseph J. Hilber TG (from Lt Leech Crew) both quartered in Hut # 33 with the W.Gris Smith crew ...2nd Lt. John Accinelli quartered in Hut #13 ,same hut as Gris Smith... LAST AIRCRAFT THE KIRSLING CREW,349th sqdn crew # 2  were assigned to at Thorpe Abbotts was  752  0     44-8752    XR-O    OCT, 1945........That's all I have on Kirsling crew,  Jack O'Leary

On May 5th,1945 CHOWHOUND MISSION, John Accinelli (N) and Norbert Robaskiewicz (B) flew with the Gris Smith crew....Robaskiewicz wasn't at Thorpe Abbotts very's excepts from two copies of special orders on him; Special Orders Number 170   28 June,1945   2. A lv of absence for a period of seven (7) days is granted the following Officers, 349th Bomb c/a dates indicated below (Auth AR-905-115), O are auth Railway Travel Warrent to destinations indicated & return.  2nd LT NORBERT L. ROBASKIEWICZ   02068123 , AC,eff c/a 22 June '45 to Glasgow ,2nd LT JOHN F. ACCINELLI,  02074618, AC, eff c/a 29 June '45  to Glasgow, 1st LT WILLIAM G SMITH, 0416184, AC, eff c/a 29 June '45 to Belfast, 2 Par 15,SO #173, Hq AAF  Sta 139,APO 559 U.S.Army,2 July 1945, Cont'd: Reld fr:349th Bomb Sd,........2nd LT NORBERT L. ROBASKIEWICZ,  02068123     32Q  (ASR P (points)  transferred  to  95th BOMB GP, AAF  STA  119  

Jack O'Leary

 MILLER, EDMUND P with some others in Hut 33 taken in hot weather, late summer 1945 along with others of my dads (W.G.SMITH) crew...If you check the GELLER CREW page he's listed as Edward P. at the top from Springfield,MA (same guy definately in both photos)  and down the bottom of the page referenced as Sgt Edmund R Miller  WG  NOC...After hostilities at some point,he was assigned to the 1st Lt. Kirsling CREW (probably to replace John Ringle ,TTE)...I found him listed on the  1Sept,1945 349th Sqdn Combat Crew Assignment sheet as; Kirsling Crew # 2, SHIP # 752-0  E-S/Sgt Miller, Edmund P  Hut No 33.......Which makes sense,because he was listed as an asst. Engineer on the Geller crew.......... That's all I have, Jack O'Leary

Subj: Fwd: 349th BS combat crews #'s, 2 ,7 ,8 Oct,1945 info pertaining to 2nd Lt.Al Kirsling crew  
Date: 7/25/2005 8:04:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time 
File: Oct1945349thBScombatcrews2,7,8.jpg (239368 bytes) DL Time (31200 bps): < 2 minutes 
Sent from the Internet (Details) 

Hi Mike; I noticed the new Al Kirsling crew photo on the web...VERY nice pic...You'll have to go back and edit the page for some obvious errors on crew positions and name spelling...However,before you do that I want to send you some more info on the Kirsling crew......I've attached a 1 Sept,1945,revised 1 Oct,1945 (by the 349th BS Opps Officer) listing of 3 crews that had original KIRSLING crew members on them.....Leland Denning was transferred to the Hal Switzer crew  (see attachment) and became their TOG  (CT) the same position as my dad assumed when Rabaskiewicz was transferred from the W.G. Smith crew to the 95th BG (AAF station 119) from the 100th BG on 2 July,1945  per SO # 173 along with the CP on the Gris Smith crew  2nd Lt. Robert W. Smith,Jr. called "JUNIOR" by the Smith crew...   From a 11/19/93 letter to me from Paul Wilkerson...."I flew 6 missions with Gris and was pulled off the crew and assigned to a lead crew piloted by Al Kirsling......Gris and Turnip (seed) came over and asked me to fly another one with them.......The Squadron C.O. agreed to allow me to fly with them provided I took a bombsight along and practiced. I did not remind him that on the wing,not in the lead,it would be very differcult to practice bombing......At the end of the War I was Squadron Bombardier of the 349th. I led on 3 of the Dutch food missions with the Al Kirsling crew...I can't remember any of them but Al. The crew I remember is the one your father was on (Gris Smith's) Turnipseed later became the Navigator on our lead crew....(Kirsling) "  Mike,    I believe all the crew moves were made on the first week of July,1945 between the 3 crews....John Accinelli (see attachment SMITH crew) replaced Turnipseed as NAV..... Denning on the Kirsling crew must have had armorers training (included cannon training and bomb loading,electrical system of bomb bay,etc) and was probably the WG on the crew who also acted as TOG's on some missions.....All for now,  Jack O'Leary
Col. Albert J. Kirsling, age 89, passed away on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 in San Antonio. He was born August 23, 1920 in Amherst, WI. He married Jean Jacot in 1947. Col Kirsling earned a Masters from Harvard Business School. He served for 27 years in the US Air Force and retired in 1970. Col Kirsling was an Executive Vice President at USAA for 17 years. He served as Director on a number of Boards and organizations. His volunteer activities included, Chairman for a church finance council, mentor for Windcrest Elementary School, and delivered for Meals on Wheels. Col Kirsling was a life member in The Daedalions, USAA Golden Eagles Club and served as President of the Harvard Business School Club of San Antonio. He was preceded in death by, his wife, Jean Kirsling; and daughter, Jane. He is survived by daughters, Carol Krause (Bill), Kathi Mooney (Bob), and Nancy Fluegel (Steve); 9 grandchildren; 7 great grandchildren; sisters, Lucille Krause, Ann Waynert; and numerous nieces and nephews in Wisconsin.


Hi John,
RE: Your requests on your crew to me.
In addition to the known deceased members of your crew already listed in Splasher Six and TAPS such as ALBERT J. KIRSLING, TAPS 9 JUNE 2010
I found the following; 
George P. LAVOIE,87 
From Salem, MA during the war
Born 14 FEB 1918
DIED  5 MAY, 2005
BORN 13 DEC 1924
DIED 9 MAY,1994
BORN 4 JAN,1926
DIED 24 APRIL 1988
BORN 1 NOV,1924
DIED 31 MARCH,1952  when the B-29A he was a crew member of crashed after takeoff into a mountain in Japan, 98th BW,344BS, 44-86400, 2 of the crew survived
1st Lt. Norbert L. Robie changed his last name after the war to ROBIE which is what he was called by crew members according to you John. He had a brother also that changed his last name to the same,Jacob James Robie,S/SGT in a stateside training unit during WWII
Norbert is buried in the hometown cemetery TRINITY in Erie,PA. I have attached his veterans record of burial for 100th BGF database.
I have one lead for you on a crew member that I believe may still be walking this Good Earth
1020 sunny ridge drive
John why don't you try calling him? He's living relatively close to where Kingman Gunnery School was. Did he go to Kingman for gunnery school like you did?  Please let me know how you make out. We can add him to the roster and send him a Splasher Six  
Mike, John told me about an incident his crew had going over to the ETO by ship which should be added to their crew page. They almost didn't make it. On 13 MARCH,1945 while aboard the Army Transport J.W. McAndrew, AP-47 during a storm in the early morning hours before daybreak their ship was struck by the French Navy carrier BEARN that lost steering control in the storm and killed 71 Americans aboard the McAndrew. I attached a page on the ship. There's also a good book on the accident. titled THE SHIP THAT NEVER WAS by B.J.BRYAN. John's crew was delayed for several weeks which is why they got to Thorpe Abbotts on 3 April,1945.
Norbert's last name is currently spelled wrong in the website database and the Crew page. The second letter of his name change from A to O.   Should be ROBASKIEWICZ.

Ralph S. Dew

29 august, 1924---TAPS on 2 February,1997 in Pensacola,Florida

349th BS, ROG on the Al Kirsling crew,FEH

Ralph and Joe Hilber (listed previously) shared 349th BS HUT # 33 with my dad and the Sgt's from his (Gris Smith's) crew.

11 airmen and 1 cat !





ID: 1279