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MACR Number Pilot Name Pilot Serial Number  
01705 Thomas F. Goupill O-803185
02019 Francis P. Smith O-747348
02020 Marvin L. Leininger O-145913
02343 William E. Green O-671261
02344 Ross E. McPhee O-8021184
02382 Dale O. Croft O-740754
02383 Arthur E. Scoggins O-714135
02426 Reginald A. Smith O-535996
02427 Arthur J. Harris O-745890
02564 John W. Brown O-743172
02760 Stewart A. McClain O-799814
02761 William H. Fletcher O-798998
03015 Coy I. Montgomery O-803251
03016 Zeb Kendall O-746111
03017 William B. Murray O-746405
03018 Robert C. Koper O-804460
03019 Albert F. Amiero O-794207
03020 George W. Brannan O-746281
03021 Sherwin L. Barton O-7?6273
03022 Robert H. Lohof O-533023
03023 Edward Handorf O-804856
03024 Stanley M. Seaton O-746437
03025 John G. Gossage O-798486
03026 Merril T. Rish O-742258
03027 David L. Miner O-797577
03028 John Lautenschlager Missing
03029 Robert D. Vollmer O-803318
03030 Franklin A. Granack O-745886
03031 Samuel L. Barrick O-746272
03032 Norman L Chapman O-746292
03033 William A. Terry O-745976
03034 Dean M. Radtke O-468393
03232 Robert J. Horn O-749245
03233 Donald J. Stuke Missing
03234 Paul A. Martin O-543304
03235 Herbert G. Devore O-800333
04166 Frank W. Harte O-747404
04234 William G. Lakin O-740839
04238 James W. McGuire O-606289
04268 Winans C. Shaddix O-747903
04578 Donald E. Riggle Missing
04865 Alexender W. Kinder O-754517
04866 Jack Hunter O-753891
04867 Jack C Moore O-745193
04947 Martin D Rupert O-812664
04948 Ralph D Horne O-748415
05151 James R. Geary O-425146
05165 Emil J. Siewert O-813794
05166 Francis J Malooly O-755497
05167 Lindley L Williamson O-753831