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MACR Number Pilot Name Pilot Serial Number  
10357 Oren E. Hopkins O-817680
10831 Vermont O. Anderson O-771648
11356 Wallace G. Wilson O-632581
11357 Ralph H. Whitcomb O-771183
11358 John F. Morin O-823920
11359 William G. MacNab O-766005
11360 Leo D. Ross O-768635
11361 Charles C. Webster O-740992
11362 William Mayo O-773184
11363 Clifton M. Williams O-823499
11364 Billy B. Blackman O-414787
11365 Paul L. Carroll O-774532
11366 Floyd E. Henderson O-768094
11550 Glenn H. Rojohn O-819322
11744 John J Dodrill O-770502
11881 Fred O. Parrish O-766044
11980 Raymond L. Heironimus O-817437
12044 Waldo J Oldham O-776811
12045 Orville H. Cotner O-777602
12046 John P Ernst O-753979
12047 Richard A. Beck O-774476
12892 Jack W. Thrasher ??
13142 Paul E. DeWeerdt O-735367
13143 Rollie C. King O-777188
13144 Edward P. Gwin O-772356
13572 Bernard L. Painter O-926819
13604 Alfonso C. Guardino O-739943
13714 Arthur G. Larsen O-772416
13716 William E. Howard O-775364
13717 William E. Baldwin O-783669
13718 Arthur R. Calder O-812544
13849 Robert L. Estes O-1301459
14170 Lawrence L. Bazin O-781173
14171 Delbert D. Reeve O-763877