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MACR Number Pilot Name Pilot Serial Number  
00000 Charles, B Winkelman O-738320_
00001 Wesley R. Carlton O-481962
00002 Hugh E. Holladay
00117 Richard A. Carey O-1699495
00268 Charles L. Duncan O-791081
00269 Oran Everett Petrich O-435988
00270 Paul J. Schmalenbach O-663573
00271 Alonzo P. Adams O-791271
00272 Robert C. Pearson O-1699547
00645 Arthur M. Vetter O-795682
00647 Robert H. Wolff O-735483
00675 Curtis R. Biddick O-729797
00676 Ronald W Hollenbeck O-729857
00677 Robert M. Knox O-438010
00678 Roy F. Claytor O-415307
00679 Ronald W. Braley O-728819
00680 Henry P. Shotland O-794706
00681 Thomas D. Hummel O-737958
00682 Glen S. Van Noy O-728773
00683 Donald K. Oakes O-72891
00684 Richard C. King O-661942
00685 Charles W. Floyd O-797983
00686 Victor E. Fienup O-729837
00687 Walter J. Grenier O-793319
00688 Edgar F. Woodward O-791530
00689 Sam R. Turner O-791521
00778 John G. Gossage O-798486
00843 Harold B. Helstrom O-729854
00947 Frank H. Meadows O-672378
00948 Thomas E Murphy O-441010
00949 Raymond J. Gormley O-797516
00950 Bernard A DeMarco O-791290
00951 Herbert G. Nash O-738006
00952 William H. McDonald O-672372
00953 Arthur H. Becktoft O-794613
01020 Winton L. MacCarter O-798008
01021 John K. Justice O-735390
01022 Edward G. Stork O-198606
01023 Charles H. Thompson 0371090
01024 Robert P. Kramer O-798524
01025 Charles D. Walts O-796466
01026 Maurice E. Beatty O-797954
01027 William M Beddow O-797955
01028 Charles B. Cruikshank O-791077
01029 John D. Brady O-791064
01030 John F. Stephens O-2044711
01031 Richard B. Atchison O-738063
01156 Thomas R. Martin O-797573
01394 George W. Ford O-798470
01570 James R. Haddox O-802660