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ID Pilot Last Name First Name  
574 BROWN Bill
577 BROWN John W.
568 BROWN Gerald
596 BROYLES Orville K.
621 BUCKLEW Harold S.
668 BUSCH Emil V.
694 CALDER Arthur R.
742 CAREY Richard A.
748 CARLEY Thomas J.
754 CARLTON Wesley R.
761 CARNELL Mark E.
778 CARROLL John A.
779 CARROLL Paul L.
827 CHADWICK Randall T.
833 CHAMPION Ivan W.
842 CHAPMAN Norman L.
846 CHARLES Walter A.
883 CIELEWICH Donald E.
891 CLARK Morris E.
896 CLARK Stanley A.
906 CLAYTOR Roy F.
919 CLIPPERTON Eldred N.
928 COCCIA James D.
943 COLEMAN Leonard F.
945 COLES Charles F.
988 COOK Charles O.
1024 CORLEY Paul E.
1033 COTNER Orville H.
1043 COWAN Clement H.
1078 CROFT Dale O.
1097 CRUIKSHANK Charles B.
1107 CULLIMORE Earl F.
1116 CUMMING Ronald
1162 DANIELS Cecil O.
1167 DARBY Dale L.
1180 DAVID John E.
1207 DAWSON Leslie H.
1233 DELANEY Lloyd G.
1249 DEMARCO Bernard A.
10049 DePLANQUE Jean V.
1264 DeSANDERS William D.
1277 DEVORE Herbert G.
1280 DeWEERDT Paul E.
1281 DEWEY Donald L.
1297 DICKERT Harvey W.
1301 DICKMAN Charles V.