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ID Pilot Last Name First Name  
5163 THOMPSON Charles H.
5175 THRASHER Jack W.
5176 TIAHRT Harold
5206 TOOMEY T.A.
5212 TOWNSEND Lawrence E.
5217 TRAPNELL Joseph
5232 TROMMER Albert E.
5260 TURNER Sam R.
5274 URBAN William F.
5288 VALESH Frank E.
5292 VAN NOY Glen S.
5294 VAN STEENIS Loren C.
5310 VEAL William W.
5322 VETTER Arthur M.
5340 VOLLMER Robert C.
5371 WALLACE John B.
5372 WALLISH Donald J.
5380 WALTS Charles D.
5410 WATERS Donald A.
5437 WEBSTER Charles C.
5438 WEDIN T.H.
5442 WEGRZYNEK Robert A.
5479 WESTMYER Robert C.
5491 WHITCOMB Ralph H.
5518 WIELAND Raymond N.
5533 WILKES Robert W.
5566 WILLIAMS Lewis C.
5558 WILLIAMS James D.
5553 WILLIAMS Clifton M.
5557 WILLIAMS John H.
5539 WILLIAMS Earl
5568 WILLIAMS Burdette L.
5573 WILLIAMSON Lindley L.
5576 WILLOUGHBY Albert M.
5594 WILSON Wallace G.
5585 WILSON Charles W.
5587 WILSON William J.
5579 WILSON Mark V.
5602 WINKELMAN Charles B.
5618 WOFFORD Jesse L.
5620 WOLDT Carroll W.
5622 WOLF Edgar W.
5628 WOLFF Robert H.
5639 WOOD David E.
5642 WOODALL Henry W.
5653 WOODS William E.
5656 WOODWARD Edgar F.
5657 WOOTEN Edward D.
5666 WRIGHT Ralph W.