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ID Pilot Last Name First Name  
4569 SANFORD Charles R.
4593 SCHAFFHAUSEN Frederick H.
4610 SCHMIDT Paul
4619 SCHOMP Robert J.
4628 SCHULTE Howard R.
4637 SCHWANK James E.
4645 SCOGGINS Arthur E.
4650 SCOTT Neal P.
4646 SCOTT Bert L.
4651 SCOTT Norman H.
4668 SEAMANS James S.
4671 SEATON Stanley M.
4698 SHADDIX Winans C.
4709 SHARPE George D.
4722 SHELLY John M.
4731 SHERRARD Harold H.
4744 SHOENS Robert J.
4749 SHOTLAND Henry P.
4764 SIEWERT Emil J.
4773 SIMMONS Edward J.
4826 SMITH Henry F.
4831 SMITH Francis P.
4858 SMITH Reginald A.
4861 SMITH William G.
4900 SPEAR Albert S.
4921 SPRAGUE Keith A.
4926 SPURGEON Paul L.
4943 STANSBURY Wesley G.
4945 STAPLES Johnson R.
4963 STEPHENS John F.
4971 STEUSSY Gerald H.
4973 STEVENSON Robert L.
4988 STIVERS Robert W.
4992 STOELTING Raymond E.
5007 STORK Edward G.
5011 STOUT James R.
5018 STREED Charles V.
5020 STREICH Herman F.
5038 STUKE Donald J.
5065 SUTTERLIN Frederick J.
5077 SWARTOUT Jack R.
5089 SWITZER Harold L.
5104 TALMAGE Edward O.
5111 TASHJIAN Martin
5116 TAYLOR Harold R.
5133 TERMINELLO William F.
5136 TERRY William A.
5148 THOMAS William H.
5159 THOMPSON Delbert L.