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ID Pilot Last Name First Name  
4050 PEARSON Robert C.
4051 PEARSON Delbert S.
4087 PERSONS Albert C.
4096 PETERSEN Charles L.
4103 PETRICH Oran E.
4112 PHELPS Jackson E.
4151 PLANK Gerald A.
4187 PORTER Ethan
4205 POWELL Pascal R.
4212 PRATT Wade D.
4217 PRESTHOLDT Albert A.
4221 PRICE Fredrick E. (Eugene)
4248 PUTNAM Gerald R.
4266 RADKE Walter R.
4268 RADTKE Dean M.
4271 RAIFORD David C.
4273 RAINE Joseph H.
4276 RAKE Glenn W.
4287 RANSOM James R.
4289 RARING John J.
4301 RAY John T.
4317 REED Victor
4313 REED Frederick G.
4320 REEDER Sumner H.
4324 REEVE Delbert D.
4334 REILLY Thomas J.
4335 REIMER Charles D.
4353 RICCI Frederick A.
4354 RICE Donald C.
4364 RICHMOND Myron D.
4366 RICKER Joseph P.
4369 RIEGEL Lawrence W.
4376 RIGGLE Donald E.
4386 RISH Merril T.
4394 ROANE Owen D.
4397 ROBBS Charles E.
4435 ROEDER Robert G.
4436 ROEDIGER Leslie R.
4441 ROGERS Julian P.
4454 ROJOHN Glenn H.
4470 ROSENBAUM Ivan W.
4475 ROSENTHAL Robert
4478 ROSINE Henry
4482 ROSS Leo D.
4486 ROTH George L.
4495 ROWLAND Harvey J.
4519 RUMLEY Martin C.
4526 RUPERT Martin D.
4548 RYAN William A.
4546 RYAN John F.