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ID Pilot Last Name First Name  
2304 HERMANSEN Truman
2306 HERRES Ferdinand J.
2332 HIGDON Robert T.
2336 HIGGINS James D.
2335 HIGGINS Malcolm H.
2342 HILDEBRANDT Oliver F.
2388 HOLLADAY Hugh E.
2392 HOLLENBECK Ronald W.
2411 HOPKINS Oren E.
2416 HORN Robert J.
2419 HORNE Ralph D.
2427 HOSKINSON Martin T.
2431 HOUGHTON Kenneth L.
2435 HOWARD Herbert B.
2439 HOWARD William E.
2470 HUGHES Robert L.
2472 HUGHES Thomas C.
2482 HUMMEL Thomas D.
2500 HUNTER Jack
2509 HUTCHINSON David E.
2532 IVOSEVIC Wilbert C.
2544 JACOBS Leon S.
2562 JANSSEN Carl A.
2573 JENKINS Robert W.
2581 JENSEN Merrill E.
2580 JENSEN Eugene T.
2583 JESPERSEN Henry N.
2627 JOHNSON Murray D.
2630 JOHNSON James W.
2607 JOHNSON Clarke T.
2617 JOHNSON Sidney C.
2653 JONES Donald A.
2639 JONES Eden C.
2644 JONES Paul G.
2677 JUSTICE John K.
2690 KANE Gerald F.
2703 KASSEBAUM Leslie E.
2720 KEEL Howard E.
2752 KEMP Thomas H.
2754 KENDALL Zeb
2760 KENNEDY William B.
2761 KENNEDY Everett R.
2781 KEYS John P.
2790 KIESSLING Ernest A.
2798 KIMMEY Nelson W.
2799 KINCANNON Francis C.
2800 KINDER Alexander W.
2810 KING Joseph W.
2802 KING Richard C.