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ID Pilot Last Name First Name  
1810 GARRISON Jerome S.
1834 GAY Jack L.
1837 GEARY James R.
1848 GELLER Julius
1866 GIBBONS John P.
1877 GILBERT Ernest T.
1876 GILBERT Robert K.
1881 GILES John S.
1928 GOLDSMITH Donald F.
1960 GORMLEY Raymond J.
1962 GORSKI Andrew J.
1968 GOSSAGE John G.
1971 GOUGH George H.
1972 GOUPILL Thomas F.
1984 GRANACK Frank A.
2001 GREEN William E.
2024 GREINER William L.
2025 GRENIER Walter J.
2032 GRIFFIN John T.
2038 GRIFFITH Owen K.
2041 GRIGG Albert W.
2055 GROVER Ralph N.
2061 GUARDINO Alfonso C.
2067 GUHSE Calvin G.
2084 GUSTAFSON Carl G.
2094 GWIN Edward P.
2097 HADDOX James R.
2102 HAGEMANN George A.
2151 HANDORF Edward
2158 HANSEN Edward H.
2167 HARBISON James M.
2171 HARDING Charles S.
2186 HARNEY Raymond E.
2188 HARPER Celesta B.
2189 HARPER James C.
2197 HARRIS Arthur J.
2198 HARRIS Charles E.
2199 HARRIS Clifford H.
2210 HARRISON John A.
2215 HARTE Frank W.
2259 HEDIN Carl J.
2269 HEIRONIMUS Raymond L.
2273 HELLERICH Carl E.
2275 HELMICK Richard H.
2278 HELSTROM Harold B.
2281 HEMPY Harry M.
2283 HENDERSON Floyd E.
2286 HENDRICKS Hilburn L.
2291 HENINGTON Henry M.