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Casualty Reports

MACR Name Squadron  
02019 2Lt Francis P Smith 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
02020 Lt Marvin L. Leininger 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
02343 Lt William E. Green 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
02344 Lt Ross E. McPhee 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
02382 Lt Dale O. Croft 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
02383 Lt Arthur E. Scoggins 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
02426 Lt Reginald A. Smith 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
02427 Lt Arthur J. Harris 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
02564 Lt John W. Brown 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
02760 1Lt Stewart A. McClain 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
02761 Lt William H. Fletcher 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
03015 Lt Coy I. Montgomery 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
03016 Lt Zeb Kendall 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
03017 Lt William B. Murray 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
03018 Lt Robert C. Koper 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
03019 Lt Albert F. Amiero 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
03020 Lt George W. Brannan 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
03021 Lt Sherwin L. Barton 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
03022 Capt Robert H. Lohof 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
03023 Lt Edward Handorf 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
03024 Lt Stanley M. Seaton 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
03025 Lt John G. Gossage 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
03026 Lt Merril T. Rish 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
03027 Capt David L. Miner 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
03028 Lt John Lautenschlager 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
03029 Lt Robert D. Vollmer 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
03030 Lt Frank A. Granack 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
03031 Lt Samuel Barrick 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
03032 Lt Norman L. Chapman 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
03033 Lt William A. Terry 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
03034 Lt Dean M. Radtke 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
03232 Lt Robert J. Horn 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
03233 Lt Donald J. Stuke 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
03234 Lt Paul A. Martin 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
03235 Capt Herbert C. Devore 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
04166 Lt Frank W. Harte 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
04234 Capt William G. Lakin 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
04238 2Lt James W. McGuire 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
04268 Lt Winans C. Shaddix 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
04578 Lt Donald E. Riggle 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
04865 Lt Alexander W. Kinder 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
04866 Lt Jack Hunter 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
04867 Lt Jack C. Moore 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
04947 1Lt Martin D. Rupert 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
04948 Lt Ralph D. Horne 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
05151 Capt James R. Geary 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
05165 Lt Emil J. Siewert 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
05166 Lt Francis J. Malooly 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
05167 1Lt Lindley L. Williamson 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
05168 1Lt Delbert S. Pearson 350th BS - 100th BG(H)