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Casualty Reports

MACR Name Squadron  
99920 Lt Burdette L. Williams 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
99921 2Lt Ferdinand J. Herres 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
99922 1Lt Carl Woldt 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
99924 Capt David A. Armstrong 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
99925 2Lt Raymond L. Heironimus 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
99928 N/A David C. Raiford 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
99929 Lt Harry M. Hempy 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
99931 1Lt John T. Dyatt 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
99933 2Lt Lewis C. Williams 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
99934 1Lt John F. Lundquist 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
99935 1Lt Stanley J. Dobrogowski 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
99936 2Lt Edward W. Aubuchon 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
99937 Lt John McLaughlin 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
99938 2Lt Gordon A. Parsons 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
99939 Lt John K. Furrer 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
99940 Lt David E. Hutchinson 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
99950 2Lt Wade D. Pratt 418th BS - 100th BG(H)