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Casualty Reports

MACR Name Squadron  
05169 1Lt Henry N. Jesperson 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
05170 2Lt Clarke T. Johnson
05171 1Lt Martin T. Hoskinson 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
05172 2Lt Robert G. Roeder 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
05237 1Lt Burdette L. Williams 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
05382 1Lt Lucius G. Lacy 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
05383 F/O Charles L Petersen 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
05384 Capt Mark V. Wilson 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
05625 2Lt John F. Ryan 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
06521 2Lt Edward P. McKeague 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
06542 2Lt Kenneth L. Houghton 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
06543 1Lt George L Roth 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
06993 2Lt John L. Donaldson 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
07414 Capt Francis C. Kincannon 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
07501 2Lt Donald A. Waters 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
07502 1Lt Charles S. Harding 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
07809 1Lt William T. Fitzroy 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
07810 2Lt Jackson E. Phelps 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
07811 Lt Eden C. Jones 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
07812 2Lt Morris E. Clark 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
07813 1Lt Gerald H. Steussy 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
07814 1Lt Robert J. Schomp 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
07815 1Lt William L. Greiner 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
07816 1Lt Carl G Gustafson 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
07837 1Lt Lawrence E. Townsend 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
07837 1Lt Lawrence E. Townsend 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
07878 1Lt Anthony J. Gallagher 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
07879 2Lt Bert L. Scott 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
07880 1Lt James B. Noble 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
07899 2Lt Donald E. Cielewich 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
08073 1Lt John P. Keys 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
08074 2Lt Alf Aske 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
08173 2Lt Wesley G. Stansbury 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
08174 2Lt Albert S. Spear 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
08811 1Lt Lawrence W. Riegel 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
08812 Capt John S. Giles 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
08813 2Lt Paul E. Corley 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
08814 1Lt Howard R Schulte 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
08815 1Lt Joseph H. Raine 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
08816 2Lt Harold R. Taylor 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
08817 1Lt Wesley R. Carlton 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
08818 2Lt Charles E. Baker 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
08819 1Lt Orville C. Everitt 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
08820 1Lt Albert E. Trommer 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
08821 2Lt Hugh E. Holladay 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
08843 1Lt John E. David 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
09373 1Lt Raymond E. Harney 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
09509 2Lt Frederick Reed 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
09562 1Lt Albert W. Grigg 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
10357 1Lt Oren E. Hopkins 351st BS - 100th BG (H)