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Casualty Reports

MACR Name Squadron  
00000 Lt Charles B. Winkelman 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
00001 1Lt Wesley R. Carlton 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00117 Capt Richard A. Carey 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00268 Lt Charles L. Duncan 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00269 Capt Oran E. Petrich 100th BG (H) 349th BS
00270 Lt Paul J. Schmalenbach 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
00271 Lt Alonzo P. Adams 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
00272 1Lt Robert C. Pearson 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
00645 Lt Arthur M. Vetter 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00647 Lt Robert N. Wolff 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
00675 1Lt Curtis R. Biddick 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00676 Lt Ronald W. Hollenbeck 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00677 Capt Robert M. Knox 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
00678 1Lt Roy F. Claytor 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00679 Lt Ronald W. Braley 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00680 Lt Henry P. Shotland 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
00681 Lt Thomas D. Hummel 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00682 Lt Glen S. Van Noy 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
00683 Lt Donald K. Oakes 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
00684 Lt Richard C. King 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
00685 1Lt Charles W. Floyd 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
00686 Lt Victor E. Fienup 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
00687 Lt Walter J. Grenier 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00688 Capt Edgar F. Woodward 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
00689 Capt Sam R. Turner 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
00778 Lt John G. Gossage 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
00843 Capt Harold B. Helstrom 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00947 Lt Frank H. Meadows 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00948 Capt Thomas E. Murphy 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
00949 Lt Raymond J. Gormley 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
00950 Capt Bernard A. DeMarco 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00951 Lt Herbert G. Nash 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00952 Lt William H. McDonald 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
00953 Lt Arthur H. Becktoft 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
01020 Lt Winton L. MacCarter 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
01021 Lt John K. Justice 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
01022 Lt Edward G. Stork 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
01023 Lt Charles H. Thompson 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
01024 Lt Robert P. Kramer 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
01025 Lt Charles D. Walts 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
01026 Lt Maurice E. Beatty 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
01027 Lt William M. Beddow 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
01028 Capt Charles B. Cruikshank 350th BS - 100th BG(H)
01029 Capt John D. Brady 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
01030 Lt John F. Stephens 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
01031 Lt Richard B. Atchison 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
01156 2Lt Thomas R. Martin 418th BS - 100th BG(H)
01394 Lt George W. Ford 349th BS - 100th BG (H)
01570 Lt James R. Haddox 351st BS - 100th BG (H)
01705 1Lt Thomas F. Goupill 418th BS - 100th BG(H)