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Aircraft: 237936

 "THE ALL AMERICAN GIRL", later nose art.  All nine of her crew are memorialized on the WALL OF THE MISSING at Cambridge. 351st aircraft (100th Photo Archives) 

 "THE ALL AMERICAN GIRL" 351st aircraft Early Artwork (100th Photo Archives) 

The All American Girl on hardstand 5

The All American Girl on Hardstand. Crewman Unk

NAMES: The All American Girl
Berlin Boys
Hang the Expense III
Our Mark


Aircraft names:The All American Girl [3.44] --- Berlin Boys (4.44 dubbed by Lt. Eichen) --- Hang the Expense IV (2.44) --- Our Mark (12.43)


1943-10-19   Accepted into inventory
1943-10-19  Denver
1943-11-10  Assigned to UK
1945-01-10  FTR - Flak - Gladbach, Germany
1945-01-10  FTR - Flak - Gladbach, Germany

Pilot Info

Crew: 9 KIA

Related Info: : DODRILL, JOHN J


    A/C  flew 98 missions	


The All American Girl Photo from the Robert Stewart collection labeled: All American Girl. 

All American Girl on Hardstand #5 with UNK. Photo courtesy of Donald "Duck" Bradley/Laurence Bradley

The All American Girl touching down in the late summer early fall 1944.  

Ground crew in front of "THE ALL AMERICAN GIRL" (from the collection of Bill Carleton)

 "THE ALL AMERICAN GIRL" with Lt Delaney Crew and  Ground Crew. (100th Photo Archives) 

Lt. Paul KRAMP Crew photo with THE ALL AMERICAN GIRL (courtesy of James Wainio, son of TTE T/Sgt Oliver E. Wainio) , Crew photo is dated Sept 8, 1944.  This is the picture ID L-R Standing. 

9/8/1944		NEAL	L.J.	  S/SGT	BTG	          MAINZ		37936
9/8/1944		BLAKE	F.E.	  S/SGT	TTE	  MAINZ		37936
9/8/1944		KRAMP	P.A.	     LT	P	          MAINZ		37936
9/8/1944		HAIRE	V.A.	    LT	CP	         MAINZ		37936
9/8/1944		DEHN	A.E.	    LT	BOM	MAINZ		37936
9/8/1944		TOBUREN M.W. LT	NAV	     MAINZ		37936
9/8/1944		MARTINO W.C. S/SGT	TG	        MAINZ		37936
9/8/1944		WAINIO	O.	  S/SGT	WG	        MAINZ		37936
9/8/1944		OSUNA	R.	  S/SGT	ROG	MAINZ		37936

Walter Keijonen A-2 jacket from the Lt Delaney Crew. Photo courtesy of Peter Castner that once owned The All American Girl A-2 jacket.

"Scrooges Stooges" dead center-338397, XR-D, Plane in front of her is 338476 LN-P no name Plane in back is 338313 XR-S "Off Limits"  
Lead element of three is 48379- EP-J PFF, #2 is Glory Bound 338523 EP-F and  #3 is All American Girl.  Two plane below that are two OD and Grey from 351st.  

 "THE ALL AMERICAN GIRL" ground crew. Standing from left: Fitzgerald, D. Damstru, Sigmund "Siggy" Sierminski: Kneeling: L M Holland (CREW CHIEF)  - (100th Photo Archives)