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Aircraft: 237800

 "PICCADILLY LILLY II" 351st aircraft (100th Photo Archives) 

NAMES: Piccadilly Lilly II



Piccadilly Lilly II


1943-09-01   Accepted into inventory
1943-09-01  Denver
1943-09-23  Assigned to UK
1943-12-13  REM
1944-06-27  TOA - Lt Paul Kohler at Framlingham upon return fr
1944-06-27  Salvaged
1944-06-27  Salvaged

Pilot Info

Crew: N/A

Related Info: : N/A, N/A




 "PICCADILLY LILLY II" and her Ground Crew, John Herrmann, the Crew Chief, is third from left. (100th Photo Archives) 

 "PICCADILLY LILLY II" of the taxiway at Thorpe Abbotts June 21, 1944. (100th Photo Archives) 

 "PICCADILLY LILLY II" and unidentified individuals. 

Ground Crew of PICCADILLY LILLY II on hardstand #8. (100th Photo Archives) 

Piccadilly Lilly II on Hardstand 8

at Honington 1st Strategic Air Depot for repairs 

Piccadilly Lilly II on Hardstand #8

 Harry Jenkins, Engineering, working on "PICCADILLY LILLY II" #3 engine. (100th Photo Archives) 

Painting done of Piccadilly Lilly II  coming in for a landing. Painting commissioned by Ron &Penney Lee ast tribute to Winfred Lee (photo courtesy of Penney Wainscott Tee )

 John J. Herrmann, "PICCADILLY LILLY II" Crew Chief in the CP seat. (100th Photo Archives) 

 "PICCADILLY LILLY II" and her Ground Grew: From left: Avril Hanna, Harry Jenkins, John Herrmann, the Crew Chief, Erwing Dunkin, Kenneth Lemmons, the Flight Chief and Robert Spiller (100th Photo Archives) 

Howard Fiery in front of Piccadilly Lilly II. Photo courtesy of  R C Courtney Fiery