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Aircraft: 297806

 NOW AN' THEN 42-97806 XR-D 

Now an' Then,  XR-D

NAMES: Now An' Then
Terrible Termite (2)



Now An' Then Terrible Termite -3 missions in mid July.


1944-03-03   Denver
1944-03-04  Accepted into Inventory
1944-04-16  Hunter
1944-05-03  Grenier
1944-05-03  Assigned to UK
1944-09-11  FTR - Fighters - Liepnitzsen, ?
1944-09-11  FTR - Fighters - Liepnitzsen, ?

Pilot Info

Crew: 6 KIA, 3 POW

Related Info: : BAKER, CHARLES E




 297806 XR-D 349TH "NOW AN' THEN" (100th Photo Archives) 

 Postcard from the Museum at Kovarska, Czech Repbulic (100th Photo Archives) 

 Ground crew of "NOW an' THEN" - 349th Sqdn (100th Photo Archives) 

 "NOW AN' THEN" (100th Photo Archives) 

I am pleased to present a new artwork related to the Ruhland mission which is commemorated by our Museum. This artwork by our friend Piotr Forkasiewicz was prepared upon our museum details and research for Eduard – Model Accessories, to be used as boxart for July 2021 edition of Fw 190A-8/R2 in 1/48 scale. 

I am sorry for the watermark I applied on all images of this gallery. This is because unauthorized copy-pasting of similar images through Facebook and so often misuse of them without author´s and owner´s agreement, even for commercial purposes. 

Artwork is focused on high element of the low squadron of the 100th Bomb Group heading for Ruhland, Germany (11 September 1944 mission), under attack by II.(Sturm)/Jagdgeschwader 4, particularly its 7. Staffel, shortly after midday, right over Czechoslovak-German border area. 

As a symbol of tragedy of this air battle, we can say, all the airplane depicted on the artwork were shot down that day. 

The Fockewulf in foreground „Yellow 1“ (W.Nr. 681343) was piloted by Ogefr. Karl Kleemann, who was later shot down by US escort fighters in Thum, Germany and was killed in subsequent crash.

The second presented Fockewulf „Yellow 6“, piloted by Uffz. Heinrich Hörner (W.Nr. 681337) was damaged during attack on bombers by 100th BG aerial gunners. Heinrich Hörner was killed few minutes later during attempt for a crashlanding in Dorf Chemnitz, Germany.

The B-17G leading the high element was 42-97806 XR-D „Now An´ Then“ of 349th BS piloted by Lt. Charles E. Baker. This plane exploded in mid-air shortly after attack and crashed close to Kovarska (just few miles from the Museum) near of village Oberhals (now Horni Halze). Six of nine crewmembers perished, including the pilot. Three survivors were POW. 

The plane on the left wing was 42-97834 XR-J „Mud In Yer Eye“ of Lt. Orville C. Everitt. Exploded in mid-air and crashed close to Kovarska (also on this case just few miles from the Museum), killing six men of the crew, including pilot. Three survivors were POW. One of them had died of his wounds few years after the war.

The plane on right wing was 43-38161 XR-O „Oombree Ago“ piloted by Lt. Raymond R. Heironimus. This plane was heavily damaged, but pilots managed to recover the spin and fly the crippled Fortress to France and crashland just behind frontlines. One crewmember was POW, eight returned (one of them WIA).

Five displayed planes were “just a few” of the total over 60 being shot down during the air battle over the Ore Mountains on September 11th, 1944 and also this is our way to honor the men who died in fight for our freedom and remember all victims of the air battle. 

This painting still has no title. Will there be a fitting suggestion?

Our sincere thanks to Eduard - Model Accessories for accepting plane from “our” air battle as a camo scheme for scale plastic kit (once again) and sincere thanks to artist Piotr Forkasiewicz for his dedicated work!


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