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Aircraft: 297673

 B-17 42-97673 at Langford Lodge,Base Air Depot No 3, AAF Station 597 presumably in early 1945. Note the WW prefix on the tail, this denotes this aircraft had been classed as War-Weary, as evidenced from the large amount of mission tally markers painted on its nose. This aircraft was later flown back to the USA to await the scrap-man  Notice it has a code of LN-E.  

NAMES: Lucky Lass

350 LN-E


"Lucky Lass" - Lt. Ivosevic Crew


1944-01-23   Denver
1944-01-24  Accepted into Inventory
1944-03-13  Hunter
1944-04-29  Grenier
1944-05-03  Assigned to UK
1945-06-20  Returned Zone of the Interior - Bradley
1945-06-22   South Plains
1945-12-10   Kingman, Arizona
1945-12-10  Kingman, Arizona

Pilot Info

Crew: N/A

Related Info: : N/A, N/A




War Weary Lucky Lass LN-E