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Aircraft: 338047

NAMES: Innocent Bystander (no noseart, name courtesy of Lt Pitts)
Hard Luck II ( should be Hard Luck III w/no noseart, name courtesy of Farnsworth/Meacham)



Innocent Bystander


1944-06-20   Cheyenne
1944-06-22  Accepted into Inventory
1944-07-16  Hunter
1944-07-26  Dow
1944-08-01  Assigned to UK
1944-09-11  FTR - Fighters - Tellerhauser, Germany
1944-09-11  FTR- Fighters - Tellerhauser, Germany

Pilot Info

Crew: 5 KIA, 4 POW

Related Info: : RAINE, JOSEPH H


    Jan Zdiarsky: The 338047 was NOT Innocent Bystander. That mistake was based on only one letter from a crewmember (Raine crew) dated 26th Aug. 44 and definitely the note about "Innocent Bystander" was NOT related to 43-38047. Raine crew flew that plane first time on September 3rd. 
And it was on time when they were still very young crew, using different planes for particular missions. Later they have flown  her (43-38047) on Sept. 8, 10 and 11 when they were lost. BUT NOT IN AUGUST 44. 
So, I can very seriously say, the 43-38047 was not Innocent Bystander, because on date when it was mentioned in the letter home, the crew flew another ships like Boss Lady 42-102657 and 43-38043 (the ship lost on Ruhland with Howard Schulte). So I believe, the Innocent Bystander note in the letter should be more connected to a particular person or as a crew nickname. My opinion is, it was not connected to a particular plane. Bud definitelly it was not related to 43-38047.
I am fighting against this mistake for ling time, but still without success.... ;-)